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What materials should the smoker be made of?

The best charcoal smoker is going to have a porcelain enamel based lid/exterior for durability and protection. This material is more durable, and helps with maintaining proper heat levels throughout when grilling.

How do you maintain/control heat?

The best charcoal smokers do require more work than an electric or pellet smoker. In order to maintain heat levels, your smoker will have a mechanism (dampers) with air vents. This helps with air mobility and heat retention when smoking.

Do I need an external thermometer?

Your charcoal smoker will have a built in thermometer. However, for optimal grilling temperature and internal control, a manual thermostat is beneficial to have on hand.

What are the cooking grates made out of?

Again, each manufacturer will differ. However, the best charcoal smoker will have all stainless steel, removable cooking grates. And, the internal setting of your smoker is probably coated with an aluminum finish.

Can you hang meats when smoking?

This depends on the smoker you purchase. Many have a "hook and hang" feature, allowing for even heat distribution, and the rich, Smokey flavor when smoking meats for several hours.

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