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What kind of lump charcoal is there?

Kiln dried lumber, saw mill scraps, and limbs (non-processed wood) are the types of wood typically used in making lump charcoal. Depending on what it is used for, the best option will vary for each purpose.

What lump charcoal is best for grilling?

For the rich, Smokey flavor, the natural (or the limbs) would be the best lump charcoal variety. They are going to produce a thicker smoke when grilling, which means a richer, earthier taste for the meats you are smoking with the charcoal. 

These lumps don't last as long and they do wear away quicker when grilling, so more is required when grilling with them.

How do you start the lump charcoal?

You are not going to use lighter fluid when starting a fire using lump charcoal. A paraffin fireplace starter blocks, starter cubes, propane sticks, weed burners, and other natural ignition sources are available. 

It is best to avid the lighter fluid which is toxic, and is not going to produce the rich flavor you want when grilling with lump charcoal.

Why use lump charcoal?

Apart from being all natural and safer for the environment, it has a shelf life which is far superior than other sources for fuel. If you store the best lump charcoal properly, it has a shelf life which is indefinite. 

But, even with inferior lump charcoal, you can expect to get a shelf life of anywhere from 10 to 15 years, so you do not have to worry about it drying out or getting spoiled even if used several years after you purchase it.

Can you cook indoors with lump charcoal?

No. Due to the CO (carbon monoxide) levels being so high, and the fact that you can't smell it, this is highly toxic when the lump charcoal is being used in an indoor, contained setting. 

You need proper levels of air flow when grilling with lump charcoal, so it is best for it to be used in a contained, outdoor setting which has plenty of free air flow surrounding you when grilling.