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What can you expect from the best electric smokers?

When investing in the best smoker available you should expect, quick push-button ignition, a seamless interior, large grilling area, side-loading, and easy to use/functional design. The best electric smokers are also aesthetically pleasing for grillers.

What temperature rating can I expect?

The best electric smokers will have a variable temperature range. This is usually 100 degrees F to 250 or 300 degrees F for the best smokers.

What features/benefits will the best smoker feature?

Each manufacturer is different. However, some features you will get with the best electric smoker includes: Side loading wood chip tray, removable wire racks, high wattage/power, programmable temperature gauges, and more.

Are electric smokers large?

Yes. You will need to account for a fairly large space to setup your new smoker. You also have to account for smoking area, so give additional room to the sides of the smoker when setting it up.

What is the average grilling space?

The area varies with each smoker. You can expect anywhere from 500 sq in to nearly 900 sq inches. This will vary based upon price, manufacturer, and whether or not grates are removable.

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