Best Portable Gas Grills in 2024 Latest Picks For Camping

7 Best Portable Gas Grills in 2021: Latest Picks For Camping, RVs, and Tailgating

We all love having a BBQ party at our backyard while cherishing quality time with our family and friends. But, have you ever thought about taking the grilling experience to the road?

It may seem like a difficult job to do. However, if you decide to get yourself the best portable gas grill, that task will be a walk in the park.

A gas grill is well-known for providing ease in grilling and freshly cooked meals, and then you add the factor of portability, which brings a game-changing scenario.

Hence, if you are a grill enthusiast who's looking forward to making their life a whole lot easier, then you've come to the right place.

This article contains detailed information about the most top-rated portable gas grills along with factors to consider, which help in decision making. So, without further ado, give yourself a good read.





Surface (sq in)

Burner BTU

Dimensions (in)

Weight (lb)



Cuisinart CGG-180TB



18 x 17.5 x 11.5



Char-Broil Grill2Go X200Char-Broil Grill2Go X200



23.7 x 15 x 13.6



Flame King RV Mounted BBQFlame King RV Mounted BBQ



22 x 11 x 17



Coleman NXT LiteColeman NXT Lite



18.2 x 16 x 11.2



Cuisinart CGG-049 Searin' SphereCuisinart CGG-049 Searin' Sphere

14" diameter


15.2 x 18 x 15.5



Napoleon TravelQ ProNapoleon TravelQ Pro






Solaire AnywhereSolaire Anywhere



13 x 21 x 12


Benefits of Portable Gas Grill 

The best portable gas grill comes along with features that ensure complete convenience. Being able to take the great experience of grilling from your backyard to almost anywhere is something that every BBQ enthusiast hopes to achieve.

If that reason doesn't hook you in, then have a look at some of the significant benefits of owning a portable gas grill.

  • Quick and Easy: This particular grill will not give you any headache. Leniency will come knocking at your door because there is very little preparation required. After everything is settled, all of you have to do is twist those knobs and relax.
  • Ideal Temperature: Since you only have to do some twisting, getting the right temperature doesn't get any easier. When it comes to comparison with a charcoal grill, not only does a gas grill ensure precise levels of heat, but it is also less time-consuming.
  • Not So Messy: The best part about a gas grill is the cleanup process. You don't have to go through the hassle of bringing in charcoal briquettes and having to clean them later on. Just turn the switch off, apply a good rub on the steel grates, and you are good to go.

7 Top Rated Portable Gas Grills Review

No matter how many tabletop gas grill reviews you go through, it is excruciating to get the right model. Mostly, it is because there so many attributes and different brands involved.

However, we have gone through an extensive load of surveys and run live tests to provide you with the top seven portable gas grills in the market.

This model from Cuisinart is probably known as one of the best-rated tabletop gas grills. The reason is backed up by the variety of features the product possesses. Let us begin with its cooking grate, which is porcelain-enameled. Not only will this be easy to clean, but the grate will distribute heat in a balanced manner.

Even though this is a small portable gas grill, the model ensures a substantial capacity of 145 square inches. The product comes along with a 5,500 BTU Burner. All you have to do is give a little twist, and you will get yourself a head start for the electric ignition. The immense heat intensity will always ensure top-quality cooking.

Moreover, there is also a built-in temperature gauge inserted, which will provide you a great helping hand in controlling the heat. The weight of the grill is around 17 pounds. Hence, you are not just getting a lightweight product, but you're also getting something that is compactly designed. 

These factors make the product extremely lenient for transportation. Speaking of the design, there are two durable legs inserted. These legs provide durability and stability in the base area of the grill. Moreover, they are also foldable.

Hence, you can easily fold them when it comes to traveling and carry them in a briefcase-style handle wherever you go.

Construction of this product is formulated in such a way that it falls into the category of the best stainless steel portable gas grills out there. So, you can be assured of the fact that this model from Cuisinart will last for years to come.

Additional features involve an integrated lid-locking system, which will ensure that the structure will stay intact and secure when while you are on the go.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Built-in thermometer to keep track of the temperature
  • Security provided through the integrated lid lock feature
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Grease builds up and spills quickly at times

Are you looking for the best portable gas grill for camping, tailgating, or even the beach? Char-Broil has the answer to your needs. It comes with a compact design that will allow you to take the product anywhere easily.

Plus, with the dual stainless steel latches and a cast aluminum construction, this model from Char-Broil is perhaps the sturdiest and equally reliable gas grill ever manufactured.

It consists of 200 square inches of stainless steel capacity, which will never give you the feeling that you're grilling with a portable product. The model provides more than enough space for you to cook the heartiest of meals for your family & friends. 

Moreover, you won’t have to go through the hassle of bringing in unruly or heavy propane cylinders because the grill runs well enough with immensely lightweight cylinders.

A highlighted feature of this model would be its TRU-Infrared System. This unique attribute delivers a necessary balance when it comes to cooking so that it increases your efficiency. The system minimizes flare-ups as much as possible to increase safety while grilling.

Furthermore, the feature will maximize the usage of propane gas, which will decrease your fuel costs.

Safety is a necessity when it comes to grilling. Most of the commercial portable gas grills tend to ensure as much protection as possible. But, Char-Broil takes it to the next level by inserting heat-resistant handles.

These cool handles are a thing of beauty as it allows you to take your cooked food off the heat quite smoothly without conceding any scalds or burns.

To put the icing on the cake, the product comes along with a hood-mounted thermometer and push-button ignition. This will ensure superior control over the product. The temperature gauge will make sure that you keep track of the heat level, and the ignition button will provide ease of accessibility.


  • Has a unique TRU-Infrared cooking system
  • Consists of a lid-mounted thermometer
  • Complete cast aluminum construction
  • Substantial capacity
  • Sturdy legs and heat-resistant handles


  • Complaints about regulators leaking

This is a classically designed gas grill that has tons of features to offer. It is the best portable gas grill for RV due to the versatility the model provides. You can easily make the grill stand on an ideal surface and also mount it on the back of your RV for a hassle-free and lenient experience.

Also, you get to have an additional upper deck space along with 214 square inches of capacity. This ensures you with two major benefits: one is the fact that you will be able to make enough burgers for the whole crew to go. And, the other gain is that the process won't be time-consuming.

For controlling the heat levels, there is a built-in flame controller inserted. This allows you to adjust the temperature and provides you a different and unique experience in control, which most brands do not provide. Hence, you will always achieve a precise level of heat whenever you sit for a grilling session.

However, the model is powered through the RV’s self-contained gas system. So, you might have to buy an additional hose. The model is formulated in lightweight materials. It weighs approximately 22 pounds. Hence, you will be able to move around with the product effortlessly.

Moreover, you won’t be facing the strains of carrying a grill for a certain amount of time. Such user-friendliness with the added factor of a reasonable price is something that you should go for.

Safety is ensured with the double lid-locking system. This creates an impact-resistant feature for the model because when the lids are sealed, your parts will not be damaged internally no matter where you go. Furthermore, this attribute provides a sense of security, which will ensure a better life for the product.


  • Bracket system is pretty unique
  • Heat distribution is done evenly
  • Lightweight makes transport easy
  • Lock pins for protection
  • Affordable


  • No thermostat inserted

Without any shadow of a doubt, Coleman is the best portable bbq gas grill in the industry at the moment. Starting from its features to the design, everything about this model speaks volumes. It is an ideal propane choice of picnicking, camping, and tailgating.

For a small product, it is having a capacity of 168 square inches. 8,500 BTUs of heat density will be delivered across every inch of the surface. Moreover, the heat distribution technology is a bit different in this model. The process entirely facilitates fuel combustion.

Hence, you will have enough space and perfect heat intensity to produce some delicious meals for the whole gang. The InstaStart button is another highlighted feature in Coleman. This ignition technology will deliver an electric spark that will light up the burner, and all it takes is one single push of a button. 

You do not have to go through the stress of bringing matches or lighter, because there is no manual ignition required. Moreover, the chances of flare-ups are completely minimalized due to this factor. You are allowed to swap the grills grates for stove grates or griddles through the usage of interchangeable cooktops design.

Even though the other grates and griddles are sold separately, it is an interesting feature that brings a whole new option to the table. Another detachable feature would be the dip tray. This particular tray collects all the grease drippings to make sure the surface does not get sticky.

And, you can easily remove the plate to ensure disposal which is mess-proof. To provide additional assistance, there is an Even-Temp burner inserted in this model. This will help you out in radiating heat evenly through the grill's surface to bring consistency in performance.

The construction of the model is formulated in a combination of aluminum and steel. But, the X-Factor in this product would be the enamel coating, which ensures easy cleanup.


  • Detachable oil tray
  • Latch provided for transport
  • InstaStart ignition button
  • Compact in size and highly durable
  • Heat is distributed thoroughly by the Even-Temp burner


  • Construction quality is referred to as being consistent along with the legs

This particular gas grill consists of a unique infrared burner. And, the best part is that the burner is coated in ceramic. Hence, you will be able to reach a heat density of over 1000 degrees. Now, that is a lot of power we are talking about for a compact sized grill.

The model is 20 pounds in weight. So, you can be assured of the fact that it is the best portable gas grill for camping and so much more. Moreover, the stainless steel design ensures that the product does not get affected by high impacts. Hence, you are achieving sturdiness and leniency all in one package.

Speaking of stainless steel, there are V-Shaped grilling grids inserted in this model. This is an attribute that sets Solaire apart from the rest. These are no ordinary steel grills that are commonly found in the market. Such grids enhance the flavor of the food you're cooking and also reduces the number of flare-ups.

So, not only are you secured from sudden flares, but you are also attaining an exquisite flavor for your food. We will now move on to the overall capacity of the product. The surface is approximately 155 square inches. This may not seem enough for you.

But once you purchase the product and put it into action, you'll see that the grilling space is substantial enough. It can fit over eight 4-inch burgers.

Lastly, you have an electronic push-button system. This will allow you to have greater accessibility when it comes to ignition. Moreover, the model uses 1-pound propane gas cylinders. Hence, you do not have to go through the hassle of carrying around any additional weight.

Solaire certainly is one of the best portable gas grills due to the performance and easiness it provides.


  • V-shaped grids
  • Customized infrared burner with ceramic coating
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Weighing only 20 pounds
  • Electronic push-button ignition


  • Sharp edges could cause harm

Cuisinart is the best-rated portable gas grill in this list. Not just because of its aesthetic sphere design, but also because it consists of numerous attributes which will provide a great helping hand in your everyday grilling life. There is no assembly necessary for this particular grill.

Installation is extremely easy, and you do not need any extra set of matches. The model weighs only around 13 pounds. So, it is compact enough to fit anywhere leniently and not so hefty to provide difficulties in transport.

Hence, you can be assured of the fact that Cuisinart is one of the best portable gas grills for camping, beaches, patios, decks, and the list goes on. There is a propane burner in this product that comes along with push-button ignition. With a single push of a button, you will be able to produce 10,000 BTUs of heat level. 

Even though you will be able to buy a larger tank if necessary, the model runs well enough with a 1-pound propane cylinder, which ensures more portability. Searin' Sphere construction of the model is a beneficial factor. You will be able to rotate the hood backward to gain complete access to the cooking grate.

Since it is attached underneath, you will easily be able to use the lid locks to latch to the back. This ensures more security when it comes to carrying. To make this model even better, the 14-inch in diameter cooking grate is entirely porcelain-enameled.

The material will provide the area with an additional layer in protection and enough space for you to cook a large number of meals. Moreover, the cooking grates are dishwasher-safe. So, you won’t have to provide extra scrubs to eliminate those residues.


  • Great heat distribution
  • Porcelain-enameled grill grate
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Spacious enough to cook all sorts of meals


  • Doesn’t come along with an adaptor for the propane tank

Napoleon’s TravelQ Pro model is the last product on this list. There are plenty of reasons why this machine is known to be the best portable bbq gas grill. Let us begin with the fact that right after the unboxing, the assembly is as easy as it gets. You do not have to bring any extra set of materials to construct the whole thing.

The next reason would be the immense capacity of 285 square inches. That is enough to accommodate over 18 hamburgers all at one go. Cooking grates of this model is coated in heavy-duty porcelain iron. This will ensure the grids do not get affected by rust and will do a great job at retaining heat.

Moreover, there is a built-in temperature gauge inserted for monitoring of heat levels. The exterior design of the product is formulated in cast iron. Therefore, the product is extremely sturdy and durable. Even though it is considered heavier than most portable grills, it can withstand the highest of impacts.

Furthermore, the handle of the model is made in nylon materials to ensure you with an excellent grip and an anti-skid experience. There are two burners installed which provides 12,000 BTUs of heat density. The advantage of having dual burners is that you can set one zone for indirect grilling and the other zone for direct grilling.

This means you will be able to grill a steak on one side and lay to rest on the other side. Extra features include durable legs that can be placed on any surface easily — locking lids to ensure superior protection. Side handles with bars for additional spacing.

Most importantly, this model comes along with a cart for more convenience. The cart has wheels that will allow you to transport the grill leniently. These are the reasons why Napoleon’s TravelQ Pro is the best portable gas bbq grill in town.


  • Two stainless steel burners
  • Balanced heat distribution through porcelain-coated grids
  • An incredible amount of space
  • Includes a cart
  • Temperature gauge inserted on top


  • A bit too heavy for a portable grill

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying

If you go on to purchase a portable gas grill on your own, you will be facing a lot of difficulties if you do not consider these factors:

• Size

This factor solemnly depends on how much you cook. If you are someone who cooks on every family gathering, then having a maximum capacity of 300 square inches would be the ideal choice.

But, if you are a couple of people who go on short camping trips with their significant other, then having something which provides a cooking space within the range of 100 to 150 square inch will do the job just fine.

• Burner Numbers

The best camping gas grill comes along with one to three number of burners. Go with the number which fits your cooking necessities. Having more than one burner is beneficial, but it can get costly due to the extra gas required.

• Weight

This factor is relevant if you are someone who loves to hit the road often. A lightweight gas grill is only great if you take it outdoors every once in a week because that is when it is utilized the most. Your ideology of the best portable camping grill’s weight will not matter much if you do not use it regularly.

• Material

Types of materials you have to consider are a model's exterior design and the cooking surface. The grids of the best camping bbq grill are crucial because this is where all the grilling is done. They are formulated in porcelain-coating, cast iron, heavy wire, or stainless steel. 

Porcelain-enameled and stainless steel are the types that should be invested upon because they are strong in longevity. On the other hand, heavy wire and cast iron may be durable, but they have the highest potential of getting infected by corrosion.

Choosing stainless steel will be the ideal option for the material of the exterior segment because they are sturdy and lasts for a long time. Cast iron is a good option, but why take the chances of facing rust, right?

• Foldable Legs

Now, this factor is not entirely necessary. But, these types of features do provide additional leniency when it comes to transport. You have no idea how much a difference a single inch can make. 

How to Maintain

Maintaining a gas grill can be tricky. But, if you follow these instructions, you will be ensuring a healthy life for your product:

• Covering

When the grill is not in use, do keep it covered. Even though you might have to buy a cover for your model separately, the value is worth every penny. Covering the product will ensure it stays protected from becoming dirty or worse, getting infected by rust.

• Regular Cleanups

This is a necessity if you don't want your machine to wear out. After every grilling session, wipe the exterior body and brush the cooking grates. Another good idea would be to turn on the grill at a high heat level for 15 minutes straight every once in a week to get rid of the excess residues.

top rated portable gas grills

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in this section, you must be looking for the most common answers which relate to owning a gas grill. Take a look at some of them.

Q1. Which model is the best grill for camping?

The Cuisinart CGG-180TB would be an excellent choice for camping. Due to its compact design, sufficient space, great heat density, and foldable legs to provide further assistance in transport, it is considered one of the best out there.

Q2. What’s the TRU-Infrared technology?

It is an exclusive technology that is formulated by Char-Broil to ensure heat is distributed evenly. This will make sure you gain consistency and more quality in food.

Q3. Will you be able to cook a turkey on a propane gas grill?

If the headspace of a lid is sufficient enough to accommodate an entire turkey, then you should be good to go.

Q4. Are gas grills ideal for indoors or outdoors?

It is much safer if you use a gas grill indoors because these type of grills does not emit smoke.

Q5. Which type of grill is better? Propane or Charcoal?

Well, that depends. But, propane does get an edge for accessibility and easier cleanups.

Final Words: The reason we choose a gas grill is because of complete leniency. However, if you wish to get the best portable gas grill, then going through this article will surely provide a great helping hand.

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