Best BBQ Gift Basket Ideas For Families, Christmas, Father's Day in 2024

20 Best BBQ Gift Basket Ideas For Families, Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day in 2021

Sometimes, the best gift of all is giving a gift. And what better way to show appreciation to that BBQ master in your life than with a barbecue gift basket? You'd be surprised by the amount of BBQ grill gift basket ideas that exist on the market these days, including ones for the barbecue! So be it a husband, son, brother, uncle, wife, sister, or whoever is important in your life and loves the grill, these gift baskets are a must-have!

We've searched around for the seventeen best barbecue gift basket ideas on the market, and we're sure you're going to be happy with the results. We'll go into a bit more detail on how you should go about selecting from out list down at the bottom of this article, but for now, let's look at our top seventeen! Be it for Christmas, for a birthday, a special holiday, or just because. We're sure you'll find something of your enjoyable!


The Top 20 Best Backyard BBQ Gift Basket Ideas Review

What We Like With This Set:

  • Award-winning rubs and sauces.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Bang for your buck, with plenty of seasoning and sauce per bottle.
  • The rubs and sauces provided amazing flavor profiles.

Does your Pitmaster ever feel indecisive on which rub to use, or what sauce to use? We completely understand and won't lie when we say this happened to use more often than we can count! If you want a great selection, at a great price, look no further than The Pit Master! Crafted from the same recipes that won Kosmo the 2015 World Champion Barbecue, this set is sure to delight.

Inside the box, you'll find eight rubs and sauces. The Killer Bee Rub and Killer Bee Chipotle Rub, both honey rubs, Dirty Bird, and Dirty Bird Hot, which are dry rubs, Cow Cover and Texas Beef which are beef rubs, and then the two sauces; Competition Sauce, their classic, and a Honey BBQ Sauce. This provides you a great selection of rubs, but only two sauces.

The sauces in particular are amazing. The Competition Sauce, while might be a little plain for the biased tastebuds, is a fantastic sauce that compliments anything you can imagine. Our favorite rub from the set was The Killer Bee Rub, as it got nice and deep in the meat and left a warm, honey flavor that's hard to describe.

This is why we highly recommend this set, even if the sauce is lacking.

What We Like With This Set:

  • A good balance of sauces and rubs.
  • The tea towel and baster were nice editions.
  • Very attractive packaging.
  • Plenty of sauce per bottle.

Grilling isn't always related to beef and chicken. Pork, seafood, even fruits, and vegetables can all be grilled! If you know someone who loves to experiment, and we don't blame them when it comes to experimenting with different flavors, meats, and of course rubs and sauces. So for all those experimenters out there, say hello to the Stonewall Kitchen Grilling Favorites Gift Crate.

Inside this handsome packaging, you'll find six sauces and rubs which include a Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce, Roasted Apple Grille Sauce, Bourbon Molasses BBQ Sauce, Maine Seafood Rub, Texas Rub, and then Carolina's Rub. The Carolina Rub is recommended for pork and chicken, the Texas Rub for beef, and no surprise the Maine Seafood Rub is for seafood. Along with the sauces and rub, you get a lovely tea towel and silicon baster.

What got us the most was a seafood rub, which you rarely see in most gift sets. It was worth it, though, as this rub provided a wonderful flavor that we can only describe as "hard to beat". The Carolina and Texas rubs were also superb. We can't forget the sauces either. The Bourbon Molasses was the favorite from the set, with Roasted Apple Grille a very close second.

This set is great because it provides a balance of sauces and rubs, along with a wonderful tea towel and baster.

What We Like With This Basket:

  • Five excellent sauces.
  • Wonderful and strong gourmet coffees.
  • A nice basket to carry everything.
  • Fairly large bottles of sauce.

Every good Pitmaster knows that some of the best sauces come from liquor companies. Jack Daniels is one such name that comes to the mind of both liquor drinkers and BBQers the world over. GiftProse had the same idea, that these sauces are just too good to not share, and present you with the Hit The Sauce' Gourmet Gift Basket!

If you're looking for sauces that really add to a barbecue, look no further than the five sauces provided here. You get the famous Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce, Budweiser Sweet and Smokey Barbecue Sauce, Historic Lynchburg Tipsy BBQ, and Bean Sauce as well as their Tennessee Whiskey Horseradish Mustard, and last but not least the Sierra Nevada Porter Mustard.

It's not just sauce, however, you also get three packs of assorted White Russian and Irish Whiskey-flavored coffees! A strong brew for your strong sauce! And it all comes in a neat and tidy basket! It should go without saying that we love the Jack Daniels sauce, but we also highly recommend the Budweiser sauce and the Sierra Nevada mustard. They're all must-haves!

What We Like With This Toolbox:

  • Not many other gift sets come in a toolbox.
  • A wonderful and hot selection of sauces and seasonings.
  • The Bloody Mary mix was a great and spicy treat.
  • Some mild options to provide just enough heat for everyone!

If you want to kick your barbecue up a notch, as Emerald used to say about anything he cooked, you're not going to go wrong with this set. With seven items all neatly packed into a toolbox, you know someone means business when they pull our a toolbox for their barbecue. Don't let anyone you know be that one person who didn't show up without a toolbox!

Inside you'll find an Asian Ginger BBQ Sauce, Kansas City All-Purpose BBQ Rub, Jalapeno Honey Mustard, Brown Sugar Honey Mustard with Real Bacon, All American Burger Seasoning Mix, Blazing Chipotle BBQ Sauce, and finally a Zesty Garlic Bloody Mary mix. You can guess that this set is all about spiciness with everything providing mild to high heat.

Kicking it up a notch has never been this hot! The Asian Ginger and Blazing Chipotle are a must-have item from this set, providing a very hot but really delicious finish. The two honey mustard jars also provide that spicy kick we, and you, crave while still being sweet. The seasonings were also a great editions and provide those with more sensitive tongues a great sensation without the pain. And the Bloody Mary mix was a great touch.

Coming in a toolbox, this is a gift that will sure to delight!

What We Like With This Set:

  • Attractive package.
  • Great selection of goodies.
  • Fairly reliable sauce selection.
  • Enough tools to get your working at the grill!
  • The recipe book has some really great ideas.

While sauces and rubs are great, at least we find them so, it's likely not for everyone. Sometimes, you just want a generalized barbecue gift set. Well, we have the set for you! For the Master of the Barbecue comes with a staggering seventeen different gifts all wrapped up in a great package. If you're looking for a mother's day or father's day gift, this is the one you're going to want.

Inside you'll find Wise Barbecue Potato Chips, a Clink N' Light lighter, tongs, a spatula, an 11'' silicon basting brush, a smoked gouda cheese round, Crowning Touch Sweet N' Hot Mustard, a wooden cutting board, Louisiana Hot Wing Sauce, Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce, Snyder's Pretzel Twists, Mediterranean Chicken Grill Marinate, roasted and salted shelled peanuts, and Grill Mates Bourbon Steak Marinade.

Finally, you'll receive Jack Snacks New Orleans-Style Chips, corn-on-the-cob skewers, and the recipe book Best Ever Barbecues. Quite a lot in this humble package, including everything you'd want to start grilling along with plenty of snacks! Truth be told, none of the sauces were stand-out to use as they are common supermarket finds. But don't let that discourage you!

This set is absolutely perfect for giving a well-rounded gift set to someone. You can ever forgo gift-giving and buy it to take to parties or games!

What We Like With This Basket:

  • The basket is eye-catching.
  • A vast assortment of goodies.
  • Four wonderful and flavorful sauces.

A set we're sure some of you were expecting. As we said before, sometimes the best sauces come from liquor companies. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, being two of the biggest names in whiskey, have produced their own sauce for decades now. And if you want to sample it, and some other goodies while you're at it, enjoy the Jim Beam & Jack Daniels Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket!

With an incredible seventeen items in the set, all neatly packed in a gloss red basket, you'll have a hard time finding what you like best! You'll find in the basket Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce and Marinade Mix, Jim Beam Mustard and Hot Wing Sauce, Chicago Blend and Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Coffees, Jack Links Original Beef Jerky, chunky salsa, pretzel sticks, Beth's Chocolate Chip Cookies, and three pepper water crackers.

Lastly, you'll receive tortilla strips, chocolate fudge popcorn, smokey cheddar cheese triangle, Clay's Old Fashioned Fudge, Cajun-flavored pretzels, and Grillin' Hot pad sets. In our opinion, the sauce alone makes this set worthwhile, but so too does all the munchies you'll find in the basket. This is a perfect gift to bring at outdoor parties or family gatherings, and makes an excellent gift for father's day and mother's day.

With enough treats for everyone, ours was Clay's fudge, this is sure to be a gift worth remembering! It would have been nice to have included some rubs, but then there likely wouldn't have been enough places left for all the goodies.

What We Like With This Basket:

  • A quite attractive red bag.
  • Tons of goodies.
  • Wide assortment of barbecue accessories.
  • The bag can be personalized.
  • The sauce and rub were excellent.

Ever had the need to grill-and-go? Need a gift idea that has a wide, wide variety of goodies? If this sounds like you or someone you know who barbecues, try the Master Of The Grill Gourmet BBQ Gift Set! While the price tag is rather high compared to other sets, we can assure you that this price is more than worth it!

Inside the bag there are fourteen different items which include Cheers to Cheese Beer Cheese Dip, Flamin' Hot Beef Steaks, Jardines Corn Relish Dip, smokey sweet barbecue sauce, bacon rub spice, Kettle Barbecue Chips, Pennysticks Pretzel Twists, grill wipes, stick lighter, patty press, basting brush, cotton hand towel, and two mini-barbecue grill mats.

You get the whole set in a lovely red bag which you can even have a personal message imprinted on. Impressive, no? The sauce is very tasty, and we felt that the bacon rub could be used on more than just bacon. You also get some useful accessories for your grill, along with a wide assortment of goodies to keep you or a loved-one going!

What We Like With This Basket:

  • Made in America.
  • A vast selection of treats.
  • Good barbecue tools.
  • The sauce and rub were genetic but still pretty good.
  • Seasoning for burgers was excellent.

One of the biggest sets on here, with a staggering twenty-two items. Gift Basket Village is a company operating out of Florida whose goal is to provide handmade baskets with hand-selected goodies and treats. With how popular barbecue gift baskets are, is it no surprise that they made a set of their very own?

Inside the basket, you'll find a mix of goodies and treats that include Smokehouse Bacon and Cheddar Nuts, seasoned almonds, seasoned pretzels, cheddar cheese, garlic and herb toasted crackers, Wisconsin Cheddar With Onion And Chives, spicy beef summer sausage, roasted garlic summer sausage, smoked almonds, Beer Can Chicken Rub, garlic burger mix, onion blossom dip, maple peppercorn grilling rub, sweet BBQ sauce, and tongs.

Finally, you have a snack mix, burger set which includes spice chipotle, hearty garlic, and three peppercorn blend, and as a final touch, you receive artisan baked layered tiramisu and chocolate-filled wafer cookies. Quite a lot of treats and goodies to pick out! We recommend the nuts, as they taste fabulous. The sauce and rub, while a generic brand, wasn't half-bad. Neither was the barbecue equipment included in the basket.

While expensive, this is a really nice gift set that'll be perfect for anyone you know regardless of how skilled they are in barbecue.

What We Like With This Package:

  • Handsome box.
  • A good mix of treats and barbecue equipment.
  • While generic the seasonings and sauces were excellent.
  • The recipe guide has a great selection of recipes to try out.

As the name might suggest, sometimes you need a gift you can give at any time and for any reason. Why not the gift of barbecue? Unlike most of our previous sets, this gift box aims to provide a good mix of both barbecue sauces, seasoning, and equipment mixed in with snacks and other goodies. All wrapped up in a nice and handsome box.

Inside the box you'll find a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, hot wing sauce, skewers, stick lighter, dipping mustard, barbecue snack mix, barbecue kettle chips, steak seasoning, roasted peanuts in the shell, and a recipe book. You have a total of ten different items, and they're a generic brand as opposed to any recognizable name-brand. Does this make them bad? Surprisingly no!

The sauces were wonderful, with the sweet and tangy living up to its name. The hot wing sauce, meanwhile, had a nice kick like the mustard, and the snacks were tasty. The equipment in the box felt very sturdy and we don't feel like they're going to break on your or anyone you know anytime soon. And with an affordable price tag, this is truly the gift for any occasion!

What We Like With This Basket:

  • Made in California.
  • Handpicked to ensure you get the best goodies.
  • Large variety.
  • Affordable.

Looking for just a simple gift basket, one without ties to barbecue? Well, too bad! We don't have a simple gift basket to offer you, instead, we have a gourmet basket! We know that not everyone receiving a gift basket, even if they love to barbecue, wants a basket filled with sauces and spices. Instead, they might just want the goodies.

Wine Country Gift Baskets, based in California, is one such company that caters to everyone's gift basket needs. Included are sixteen tasty treats which include Ahmad English Tea, cracked peppercorn crackers, vanilla sea salt caramels, smoked gouda cheese spread, hot honey crunch mix, East River Bruschetta Italian Toast, J&M Caramel Sea Salt Cookies, a chocolate brownie, chocolate hazelnut wafer cookies, and cheddar cheese straws.

You also receive butter toffee tuts, Craze Extra Thin And Crunchy Seeded Crisps, La Spiga Ciokkini Cookies, Alehouse Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard Dip, salted peanuts, and Walkers Shortbread cookies. It's a lot, but it's worth it! The price is fair for a gift basket of this time, and you can trust that Wine Country Gift Baskets only pick the absolute best treats when they prepare to assemble their baskets.

What We Like About This Box:

  • Great selection of rubs and seasoning.
  • Very nice looking box.
  • Not expensive in the slightest.

Want to try something more young, hip, and urban? We were as surprised as you that such a thing exists with barbecue. Turns out, there is quite a lot of cultural exchange when it comes to barbecue, especially in cities. We'll save the history lesson for later, and instead, let's look at this gift box and see if it holds up!

You only get five items in this set, three dry rubs, and two seasonings. This includes Chicago Steak And Chop, Kansas City Classic Rub, Athenian Herb Dryglaze, Vermont Grill Dryglaze, and Santa Fe BBQ Dryglaze. This set is absolutely a must-have if you want or need to experience new taste sensations!

With flavors to-die-for, it almost makes up for the fact you don't get a whole lot in this set. It's not bad by any means, but it is small.

What We Liked With This Box:

  • A neat gift to help you make your own sauce.
  • Plenty of ingredients included.
  • Three simple recipes to get you started.

If you're up for providing a gift that keeps on giving, why not offer your loved one or yourself the gift of chemistry? Grow and Make, based in Portland, have decided what better barbecue gift to give than one that makes you think? With sixteen ingredients, it's time for you or them to learn how their sauces are made and to see if they can top store-brand sauces!

Your ingredients include apple cider vinegar, distilled white vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, liquid smoke, brown sugar, yellow mustard powder, paprika, sea salt, black pepper, chili powder, turmeric, garlic powder, cayenne, crushed red pepper, and onion powder. As for tools, you'll find three glass bottles, funnels, sanitizing powder, blank labels, gloves, and of course the instructions.

This is a fun kit that lets you be in charge of making your own sauce. Just be warned that you're going to have to try whatever sauce is cooked up, even if the results don't look very appetizing.

What We Like With This Set:

  • Plenty of useful accessories.
  • Includes apron and mitt which aren't seen often in gift sets.

Everyone knows that Pitmasters tend to get a bit, or quite a lot, excited about barbecue. If you know someone who just has to shout out their love for barbecue, or you happen to be that person yourself, might we recommend this lovely barbecue gift set? Because if you love something, why not shout it from the mountains?

This set is jam-packed with nine items including a Barbecue King Oven Mitt, a chef's apron, stainless steel three-piece BBQ grill set, a grill light with gooseneck, match-shaped BBQ lighter, and I (heart) mug with your choice of wording, Cugino's Tomato Lime Salsa Delicious Dip, TABASCO Jelly Beans, and a colorful pouch full of hard candy.

While lacking the sauces and rubs, but still having some goodies, this gift basket is perfect for the one who loves barbecue as much as it is for the one who's just starting out.

What We Like With This Box:

  • Handsome box design.
  • Three different wood chips: cherry, apple, and hickory.
  • Includes a smoke box.
  • The thermometer reads accurately.

Barbecue isn't all about grilling. Plenty of times, barbecue encompasses smoking as well. If you want to learn more about smoking, check out our articles on that topic! If you have someone who is a smoke master as opposed to a Pitmaster, why not gift them something really special? How about a seven-piece set geared just for them?

The Wood Chip Smoking set has everything a new, or veteran, the smoker could want. You get three different types of wood chips, stainless steel smoker box, specialty meat thermometer, instructions, and hickory-smoked sea salt! For novices, the instructions are going to be life-savers. For veterans, they can try out new wood chips to see what each new flavor can offer.

We prefer the cherry wood ourselves, and are happy to report the meat thermometer worked on finding that sweet spot where the head was just right. This is a set we highly recommend to anyone interested in smoking their meats.

What We Like With This Set:

  • Good mix of food and barbecue tools.
  • Excellent sauces.

It seems Christmas comes by faster and faster each and every year. If you know someone who loves barbecue, and don't want to get caught without an appropriate gift, look no further than this lovely, and rather hefty, Christmas BBQ Gift Basket. It may be strange to gift barbecue tools for Christmas, but it'll mean the world to the person who loves their barbecue.

This gift basket contains fourteen pieces, including a spatula, tongs, fork, grill brush. two bottles of Stonewall Kitchen's Barbecue Sauces in the Bourbon Molasses and Roadhouse Steak flavors, three tins of Stonewall Kitchen spice rub, a Father's Day mug, a jar of wholegrain mustard, Nunes Farm Roasted and salted Pistachios and Cashews, Cucina Olive Oil Chips, and finally a small package of flatbread.

The tools were nice and strong, while the sauce was also very nice, as were the rubs. Something you'd expect from Stonewall Kitchen's products. This is our pick for the best Christmas gift, so why wait? Pick yours up now before the rush!

What We Like With This Basket:

  • Massive selection of snacks.
  • Lovely basket.
  • American made.

Who said there was too much of a bad thing? Wine County Gift Baskets makes our list again, selling once again not something barbecue related per-say, but still a wonderful and massive gift basket. You get well over twenty different snacks, making this set perfect for parties and as a gift with its selection of cheese, meat, chips, crackers, and cookies.

Of course, lacking a barbecue angle, there isn't much to repeat as it's similar to the last Wine County Gift Basket that made our list. That being said, this is a gift basket that's worth it for anyone with a sweet tooth!

What We Like With This Basket:

  • A wide selection of goodies.
  • American made.
  • Basket is very nice.

Gift Basket Market, based out of Florida, once again hits our list. And like Wine Country Gift Baskets, this is another basket that's more based on food as opposed to barbecue. Which still makes it quite the stunning looker seeing it filled up with goodies. Inside the basket, you'll find Gourmet Focaccia Crisp Crackers, cranberry cheddar gourmet cheese, Wisconsin swiss cheese, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and green olive and pimento cheese dip.

You also get jumbo cashews and peanuts, Nik Naks Cocktail mix, dipping mustard, beef salami, all-beef summer sausage with cranberries, mint chocolate wafer cookies, and finally cranberry bog frogs which are sweetened and dried cranberries and cashews smothered with caramel and chocolate!

A great basket for gifts and for parties, but not barbecue. But hey, sometimes these are the best choice for those who barbecue and don't want an extra spatula as a gift this year.

Best BBQ Gift Baskets for Dad

How To Know What To Buy?

Seeing our top seventeen, you might be asking yourself which set is the right set. After all, no one really needs an extra spatula year-after-year. Well not to fear, as we have a handy little guide to help you decided which of the gifts above are right.

Interested In Barbecue? General Gift Set:

If someone you know, or you because we won't judge, are interested in starting to barbecue but have never done it before, we recommend one of the generalized gift sets like from Wine Country Baskets. This provides plenty of treats and above all else, makes a wonderful gift. Why this over a more specialized gift? They need to know if they like barbecue, of course!

Nothing is worse than buying a gift basket or set and then having to return it because the person isn't interested anymore. The same goes for barbecue. Sounds great on paper, but in practice can be a chore for someone who's unaware of what to do. If they are truly interested in smoking or barbecue, don't hesitate to move onto the next step.

Trying To Barbecue? Gift Sets With Tools:

Good barbecue tools like spatulas, tongs, etc aren't hard to come by, but can be inconvenient to get a hold of. This is why gift sets with tools are always welcomed by those still learning the ropes. Not only are these tools affordable but are also durable! While durability and affordability are wonderful, nothing beats free snacks either!

So, a set with snacks and tools is a good idea when someone is barbecuing for the first time or first couple of times. After all, the right tools for the right job make the process go much faster.

As they learn the ropes, they can gradually start to expand their inventory of barbecue equipment. So for these learners, the tools and snacks are much more important than sauces.

BBQ gifts baskets for dad

Already Barbecuing? Sauces and rubs:

Finally, if the Pitmaster in your life is a seemingly master of the barbecue, get them some sets that include different flavors for your smoker, your meats, and your sauce. You can even get sets that allow you to experiment with making your own sauce, which is quite the fun hobby and also a great way to lose an afternoon by spending it trying to come up with new sauce flavors!

Introducing new flavors by sauces and rubs helps to foster creativity, as different dishes can have their tastes radically altered, For better or for worse, as anyone who has ever sampled a "new" sauce can attest to.

Final Words:

Above was our seventeen best gift basket, gift set, gift box, whatever you want to call them their gifts! Having played, sampled, and cooked with each of these sets, our personal favorite was the Artisan DIY set. Not only could you make your own sauce, which was loads of fun and we spent too much time just playing with that, but you can also make your sauce with loved ones and family!

Besides The Artisan set, we also highly recommend the first set from our list, The Pitmaster. With a great selection of sauces and rubs, it's perfect to change the flavor of your barbecue. While it would have been nice to have had more sauces, what we had was honestly more than enough! We also hope that our little guide was also helpful. After all, never fun to give a gift that no one likes!

Barbecue gift baskets aren't usually something that springs to people's minds, if they even think about it to begin with. Despite being quite a niche, there is still a thriving market that caters to those wishing to buy barbecue gift baskets or sets or boxes. In truth, these gift sets are much better than a new spatula or just a gift card.

There are of course much more barbecue gift sets out there, so if you want to find your own, keep in mind our handy guide above as you search for that perfect present!

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