Best Grill Grates Review in May 2024 with Buying Guide

10 Best Grill Grates Review in 2021: You Should Read Before Buy

Who doesn’t enjoy some grilled meat? Or a barbecue? But wait, what if your grill grate got rusty, or broke?

You need a replacement, and fast! Don’t worry; we got you.

In this article, we are gonna directly address your problem. For we are going to review the best grill grates on the market here. And to help you choose among them, there will be a buying guide too.

In addition, we’ll answer some of the most-searched questions about grill grates on the internet.

So, let’s begin. 


Top 10 Picks for The Best BBQ Grates

Editor's Choice

1st Runner-up
Weber Hinged Cooking GrateWeber Hinged Cooking Grate
  • Curved hand grips
  • Fits for Weber 22.5 inch
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
2nd Runner-up
Weber Series Gas GrillsWeber Series Gas Grills
  • Porcelain cast iron
  • Fits for Spirit E-310/320/330 and SP-320 gas grills
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 0.5 x 11.9 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

Benefits of Using Grill Grates

There are so many reasons why you should definitely use a grill grate. Here are some of them.

  • Versatility: With a grate, you don't really need the whole grill set. Just the single grate set can give you the whole experience. If you don't like it, you can swap it for another.
  • Affordability: They cost less than a whole grill machine and still give you grilling experience. That's definitely a big reason they are so popular.
  • Performance: Some grates are definitely on par with grills, and some can offer even a better performance than the grills.

Top 10 Best BBQ Grill Grates Review

To save you the trouble looking among the countless options, here we have listed down the finest items in the market that we found through our deep research.

Brought to you by Weber, this model is a cast iron grate coated with porcelain enamel. This protects the otherwise vulnerable iron inside from corrosion, a common challenge for all metalware. However, the enamel is nearly impenetrable, as it protects the grate even from the salty air near seawater.

The inner cast iron gives it the rigidity and durability, while the coating outside gives it the protection from the elements. This means that your cast-iron grilling grate is physically and chemically protected all around. Hence this cast iron grate will last you a long time, months if not for years before finally tarnishing.

However, without the enamel, rust easily eats away at the iron. In fact, it doesn't even last for a month or two. That can happen if you are careless while cleaning. Even a couple of scratches can spell certain doom for your grate as wet air can enter and eat away at the metal from within. Be careful when you clean.

While it is often a complaint in the case of cast iron grates, the non-stick property is not a problem here at all. The porcelain enamel coating has a smooth and polished surface. This makes it have excellent non-stick property. You can use the stickiest sauces and yet it’ll come off just like that.


  • Enamel protects it from rust
  • Non-stick surface
  • Robust
  • Long-lasting


  • Tends to rust fast if the enamel is chipped
  • Need to be cleaned carefully

Another model by Weber, this one is made of plated steel – simply steel coated with a metal that resists corrosion. Basically, it is a discount version of stainless steel. The investment on this is quite low, however as soon as the coating wears down, corrosion immediately destroys the grate.

This hinged grate is easy to work with though. Setting up is very simple, and it comes with an adjustable hinge. This makes it easy to adjust whenever you need to. It pretty much fits into any grill machine as a result of its hinge adjustability. That makes this model one of the best replacement grill grates.

One of the glaring issues of plated grates is that you have to clean it carefully lest you scratch the coating off and expose the inner metal to the hostility outside. However, the metal coating is immune to scraping. It only wears down by slow corrosion, so it is more of a time factor. Scrub away with no worries.

You can enjoy lengthy grills on this one. Hence it is also among the best bbq grill grates. Barbecues need a lot of time to slowly cook the meat. Thus, this model is perfect for this. Certain meats, vegetables, and poultry cuts also need lengthy gentle heat. If you like those types of food, get one of these.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fits well with most grills
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Suitable for lengthy grills


  • Rusts faster than stainless steel
  • Vulnerable to corrosion after coating wears off

For Weber’s Genesis Silver model of the grill, this grate is perfect. It fits like a glove, and thus it is definitely one of the best replacement grill grates out on the market right now. Even with similar grill setups, it fares quite well if you make a few adjustments, such as using clamps or something similar.

Being constructed from cast iron, it is of a strong build. Yes, it is weighty, but it is also very robust. It is an amazingly heavy duty grill grate, and you bet it will not deteriorate anytime soon. The physical aspect of it is practically invincible, and if you coat it right, it should last you many years.

Maintenance is really easy here too as the surface is smooth and non-stick. So, you don’t need scraping anything. You can just gently wipe the grime off with a cloth. Alternatively, since the grill grate holds heat well, you could blast the thing with heat and burn the grime out. Either way, cleanup is simple.

The cast iron also means that it has great heat capacity. Therefore, it is one of the best grills grates for gas grills. Unlike charcoal grills, gas grills often struggle to reach a high temperature, and so, having a material that holds onto the heat provided lets you maintain a high thermal output without much difficulty.


  • Excellent as a replacement grate
  • Heavy duty
  • Retains heat well
  • Works great with gas grills
  • Maintenance is easy


  • Expensive

Finally, a Weber product made from stainless steel. The selling point for stainless steel is simple; it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Contrary to the myth, however, it is not rustproof. Nonetheless, it is still very resistant to corrosion. In fact, of all the types of grill grates, it is the stainless steel ones that stick around the longest.

Despite being a stainless steel grate, it carries a perk that is usually only associated with cast-iron models; the ability to sear food, especially meat. This searing makes the exterior chewy while it leaves the interior tender, a contrast coveted by many. This attribute definitely makes it one of the best bbq grates.

It also has the desired non-stick property. So, you can rest easy and cook almost anything on it. And then you can pick it off the grates with no issue.

There is a limitation here, in that you have to wait until an oil layer, called a patina, forms over the grill before you can expect the non-stick property. Basically, it needs to be seasoned.

As a replacement for the initial grate of the Weber gas grill, it holds out really well. It is a great replacement grill grate. So much so that it almost makes the whole thing appear new. And guess what? Your stainless steel grill grate will last for years! So, no more replacements needed in the near future.


  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Sears the food well
  • Very durable
  • Good as a replacement grate


  • The non-stick layer forms only after seasoning

Manufactured by Hongso, this grate is composed of cast iron. And to protect it from the elements outside, it is coated with a protective layer of thick enamel. The layer is also applied really well and is resistant to wear, whether from scratching or scraping or some other type of damage.

Setting it up is really easy. You just pop it on the grill. And it fits perfectly fine with a wide range of grill models, such as the Dyna Glo, Weber Charbroil Grill, etc. Hence this model is also an excellent replacement grill. In fact, many people think that this is actually better than the original; thanks to its superior properties.

However, you do need to season it to gain the non-stick property that is only valued regarding these types of grills. Seasoning basically means that you add oil and heat it for a couple of times until a layer deposits on the grate. This can take a considerable amount of time and preparation. But after that, nothing will stick to your grill.

Being made of cast iron, it carries the properties of it, being an all-around sturdy and steady grate. It is durable and robust, and thus physically, it is very resilient. Another property of cast iron it carries is its ability to retain heat. This lets you slow cook or cook thinner pieces of meat.


  • Thick enamel coat
  • Setting up is simple
  • Fits easy
  • Extremely durable
  • Good heat retention


  • Needs to be seasoned

This set sports a unique design. Technically it is less of a grill and more of a ribbed panel with holes to allow the heat to pass. This design is very efficient and distributes heat very evenly. Thus, you never have to worry about overcooking your food. All of the heat will reach every part of the food and cook it evenly.

Another very sought after property is searing which gives the food a chewy exterior. The inside, however, remains tender. Altogether this is a very good combination to have. This grate also distributes heat extremely well, and that means no portion of the food is charred, only seared. 

When it comes to composition, it also boasts a unique build. It contains aluminum. Now aluminum corrodes faster than iron but the layer of oxide it forms acts as a sort of enamel for it.

Anodizing means thickening that layer, and that's exactly what this grate is made of, anodized aluminum, arguably the best grill grate material. Its thick layer effectively makes it rustproof.

The layer of oxide is also durable, scratching does nothing. So, don't worry about any cleaning accidents. Cleaning is easy! You can use a brush or cloth. If food sticks, you can scrape it all off. Usually, there will be no debris coming out from the cleaning. Even if you scrape the oxide layer off, a new layer will form.


  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Anodized aluminum is immune to rust
  • Immune to scraping
  • Sears well
  • No charring


  • The surface can be a little sticky

Developed by Hisencn, this cast iron grill grate was made to be the ideal replacement grill. It looks just as good, if not better than the original. The fitting is excellent on most grills. As a matter of fact, it fits over a wide range of charbroil grills, up to ten different types.

Being a cast iron grill has its challenges, though, being extremely vulnerable to wearing down from the effects of corrosion. So, this grill grate is made with an enamel coating to keep the air out.

However, the porcelain used here for this isn't the strongest. It tends to break off, and that could mean rust eating away at everything inside.

Unsurprisingly, due to its vulnerable enamel coat, cleaning is tough. You have to be very gentle; otherwise, you might chip away the porcelain. Then corrosion would destroy your grate. The thin bars on the grill grate, while an even distributor of heat, are difficult to clean as well.

However, I like the fact that the grate is non-stick. The enamel coating has a good finish, and thus no food gets stuck on the grates. Therefore, you don't really have to scrub the grates too much to get rid of the food residue. Using high temperatures to burn off the grime is also an option.


  • Is compatible with a wide range of grills
  • Thin bars distribute heat better
  • Non-stick surface
  • Good finish


  • Porcelain enamel wears down fast
  • Cleaning is cumbersome

This model from Hisencn is made of stainless steel, a good finish, and is of very good quality. It is excellent at the one job stainless steel as a material is known for, repelling corrosion. In fact, it can easily shrug the rust associated with the damp and oily conditions you cook in.

As a replacement grill grate is also a good thing to have. It fits like a glove to the grill models it is described to fit, and it fits fairly well with other models too. It'll feel like you have a brand new grill set. The grates are also long-lasting, and they hold their "brand new" polish for months.

Stainless steel grill grates often cannot hold the heat down for long, and this prevents them from searing things. However, with charcoal grills, the temperature reaches extreme heights so the food can be seared easily. You also get the food done fast.

The tool is quite heavy, something uncharacteristic of a stainless steel model. So be careful lugging it around. However, the weight comes with benefits in that it is very durable. It can take a beating and still come out in one piece. The steel is good quality and will definitely last.


  • Long-lasting
  • Good finish
  • Conducts heat really fast
  • A great replacement grill grate


  • Unsuited for gas grills

I think this has to be one of the finest replacement grill grates. It is better than most of the the grates I have reviewed till now.

Thee grates were made to mimic the properties of the last grate and do more. If your old grill is getting rusty, get this and worry no more. It's literally an upgrade. This thing is made to fit Weber grills.

In spite of being a stainless steel grill grate, it tends to hold in heat instead of letting it dissipate. That's because it has a good thermal capacity. The higher capacity lets you sear food with this grate. This makes the food chewy and adds a contrasting texture, which is why it is highly demanded. 

An ode to its stainless steel build, the surface is smooth, and thus it provides the oh-so-coveted non-stick property, letting you cook the stickiest of foods with no worries. Cleaning non-stick grates is also easy as you can wipe everything away with a cloth. You also have the option to burn the grime away if you want to.

Also, these grates are very durable. The model is a heavy-duty grill grate after all. And while yes, lugging it around is a little tedious in the long run, it is worth it as the steel won't bend. Over use, lighter and thus thinner steel grates tend to warp from all the heating and cooling. Thickening it solves that issue.


  • A good upgrade to old grills
  • Good searing effect
  • Heat capacity is fair
  • Non-stick smooth surface


  • Costly

Due to its smaller and circular size, having a fourteen-inch diameter, it is a great tool to take when traveling. You can pack it in and cook on the go. The portability of this makes it a great tool to have when you're camping. You can whip it out and start cooking whenever you need to.

Don't scoff at it just because it is tiny though, it is made of stainless steel and thus is very strong. The stainless steel makes it considerably lighter compared to an iron piece of similar size too. The bars are thick and sturdy and can take a lot of strain. The thickness also makes it hard to warp them.

Unsurprisingly, such strong physical attributes make it last for a long time. In regard to chemical defense, stainless steel pulls through as well. We all know that stainless steel is almost rustproof. Thus, you can use it for years without a single tarnish. While it does eventually corrode, it is after a long time.

It also has a good non-stick surface, as a few stainless steel grill grates do. This allows for easy cooking as nothing sticks. However, it also means that clean up is easily done. And since this is stainless steel, you can scrub away all you want without fear of damage. You could use a brush too.


  • Portable
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits well with intended grill


  • Cannot cook too many things at a time
  • Heat retention ability is poor

What Makes a Perfect Grill Grate?

In this section, we’ll tell you about the features that make a grill grate perfect.

• Non-Stick Property

This is arguably the most coveted property of a grill grate. No one wants to cook on a grate that holds onto their meal longer than they should.

Cooking can produce chemicals that tend to stick on to other materials, especially if you heat them to a very high temperature. That needs to be prevented.

The non-stick property is also useful when you are cleaning. The chances are that a lot of food material has accumulated on your grate. And obviously, they don't want to budge.

With a non-stick surface, they'll be gone before you know it. However, with a surface that sticks, you might need to scrape it off.

Cast iron is a rough surface and initially, non-sticky properties are non-existent in it. However, if you cook with it a few times, oil deposits on its surface and that gives it a non-stick property. If iron is coated with protective enamel, said enamel could be conditioned to possess non-stick properties when in manufacture.

With stainless steel, the non-stick property comes quite naturally. The surface of stainless steel is very smooth, and thus it is quite difficult for things to stick to it. Hence steel can have that property without any conditioning.

However, said ability could and will slowly diminish with time.

Best Grill Grate Reviews

Top 10 Best Grill Grate Reviews

• Resistance to Corrosion

While non-stickiness is a desired trait for a grill grate, the resistance to corrosion is probably the most important, especially when you consider safety reasons. Rust is bad. Think about it, a cut from a rusty nail sends you to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Rust is an ideal place for bacteria to grow, so it needs to be stopped.

Cast iron fares terribly against rust. Not only is it unhealthy to eat off of a rusty grill, but also unsavory. The rust also weakens the grill grate, and slowly but surely, a rusty grate will snap. To protect the iron from this, a porcelain coating is used. The coating is designed to keep all the elements out. Just be careful to not chip it.

Plated steel is better because it's harder to chip its protective coat. Stainless steel is excellent at resisting corrosion. In fact, with stainless steel, you don't even need any protective barriers at all. It is just that good. But stainless steel isn't immune to rust. Over time, it will degrade, albeit very, very slowly.

Anodized aluminum gets a special mention here because of its marvelous ability to be immune to corrosion. Naturally, aluminum corrodes fast but the layer of oxide it forms blocks off further exposure. By anodizing, you can thicken it to make an impenetrable barrier. This makes anodized aluminum rustproof.

• Heat Conductivity

This refers to how soon the heat is transferred to the whole grate body. With a good conductor of heat, you need no preheating, and that is usually what is preferred. Usually, metals are good conductors, so preheating is never an issue. But you do have to stand around and wait if it conducts a little slow.

Steel is a better option than the cast-iron here. Cast iron has a larger heat capacity. As a result, it takes a long time for the temperature to be high enough before you could cook anything on it. On the other hand, steel heats up fast and can be ready within minutes after the heat is switched on.

• Heat Retention

The reason I separated heat retention from heat conductivity is that they are inversely related. Ergo, if something heats up fast, it cools just as fast. A material with good heat retention stays hot for a long time after the heat source is moved away from it. And here cast iron wins.

With stainless steel, the heat disappears as soon as you remove the heat source. While this might seem convenient, it does make searing difficult. For searing, you need a slow output of continuous heat, something a slow cooling cast iron grate can provide.

Stainless steel can sear food but only minimally. And it can only be done under a charcoal grill. Gas grills don't cut it. They are simply not hot enough. Cast iron grill grates can, however, sear on gas grills too. Then simply accumulate enough heat to cause the searing effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. It doesn’t fit my grill; what do I do?

Don’t worry if it isn’t a hundred percent fit. You can use extensions or even clamps to make the thing fit.

Q2. How do I clean it?

Use a cloth, and wash. Or burn the grime if it is non-sticky. If it’s an enamel coated cast iron build, be careful about scraping.

Q3. Do I need to season my grill grate?

Only cast iron grates might need seasoning.

Q4. How long does it resist corrosion?

Cast iron grates go the fastest, maybe a year or so. Stainless steel only starts tarnishing after two or three years. Anodized aluminum stays almost indefinitely.

Q5. Is my grate suitable for a dishwasher?

Yes, all grates mentioned here are dishwasher safe.

Final Words: I conclude this by saying there is no objective “best one”. You must find one that suits your lifestyle and the ways you use it.

Hopefully, our best grill grates review can help you find your ideal pick. Wish you luck for the purchase!

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