Best Grill Lights Review in June 2024 with Buying Guide [Top 10 Picks]

10 Best Grill Lights Review in 2021: Read Before You Buy

Ever craved a delicious grill at night? Pretty sure everyone has at least once. Now you can make a delicious grilled meal with no troubles. Just get a grill light. A grill light will enable you to do all the delicate work on top of the grill and actually let you cook without holding your cell phone light constantly.

Ok, but which grill light should you buy? After all, not every single light on the market offers the same performance.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best grill lights on the market so that you can make your ideal pick. Also, there will be a guide to help you make the choice.

So, let’s dive into the topic. 


Our Top 10 Picks for The Best BBQ Grill Light

Editor's Choice

1st Runner-up
Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill LightSirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light
  • 10 Ultra-BRIGHT LED lights
  • Easy to set-up, great battery life, auto-off feature
  • Waterproof cover and a "Grilling Tips" book included
  • Adjustable, zinc-alloy screw clamp
  • Fit for any gas, electric or char-broil grill handle
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Dimensions: 143 x 88 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces
2nd Runner-up
ACVCY Grill Lights for BBQACVCY Grill Lights for BBQ
  • Aluminum Alloy and ABS Material
  • 9.7cm Bending length
  • 10 PCS LED Lights
  • COB LED Light bulb
  • 100 lumens
  • 3.9-inch adjustable neck
  • Dimensions: 9 x 4.9 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.16 pounds

Benefits of Using Grill Lights

Here are some of the benefits of using a grill light.

  • Safety: I think this should be the most important reason. A light can help you do all the delicate work much more safely as you'll be able to see properly.
  • Speed: The light can also help you work things at a faster rate since you don't have to continuously squint at everything.
  • Accessibility at Night: This is definitely the motivating factor for people to buy grill lights. Darkness isn't a problem anymore, and you can grill whenever you want, twenty-four seven. 

Top 10 Best Grill Lights Review For The Money

There are many reviews on the market and all of these can make things confusing. However, fear not. I'm here to guide you through our list of top grill lights on the market.

Brought to you by LED concepts, this grill lamp has multiple mounting options. Each system is effective in safely securing the light on top of your grill. The magnet base is perfect for cast iron grills. It is strong enough to be firmly mounted but yields with sufficient force so you can easily remove it.

If your grill happens to be made of stainless steel, or if the top bit isn’t magnetic by any chance, worry not. The light is equipped with a clamp too. The clamp holds on really tight to whatever surface it is attached to. The ends of the clamp are soft rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging the grill either.

It comes with the unique "gooseneck" feature that lets you adjust the lamp freely. You can move it up or down, sideways, or even twist it around. It really doesn't matter where your food is cooking; the lamp can reach it. The "neck" is also quite robust so twisting and flexing it around won't damage it in any way.

This lamp houses an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light. LEDs are slowly taking over the market and quickly replacing other traditional lighting methods. This is because they emit bright light and consume little energy doing so. Using that technology, this lamp is also very bright and lights up the grill as if its day.

However, one flaw that this model unfortunately has is that it is not very resistant to the elements, particularly water. Water will short circuit it in a matter of minutes. So no, sadly you cannot grill in the rain. Nevertheless, it is quite robust and durable, and its stainless steel build makes it very long-lasting.


  • Dual mounting system
  • Rubber clamp prevents damage to the grill
  • Flexible "gooseneck"
  • Good longevity


  • Not waterproof

This model boasts a very bright light. Many LEDs are embedded into the lamp cavity, and the lens is made to focus all that light onto the grill. This makes cooking seamless. It feels like you're cooking during the day. You could see the light from a mile away. The brightness also means the light encompasses a larger area.

Unlike the aforementioned one, this is much smaller. Don't underestimate it though; it can still perform just as good as the others on this list. The smaller size does bring about a lot of benefits though, such as making it much more portable. It also makes packing the thing much easier than a bulkier object.

Again, just because it's small doesn't mean it is lacking. It may have a "neck," but you can still adjust the light fixture easily. So, no matter where you're cooking, you can just flip the light over there. This is in particular useful in the case of larger grills where you can have a lot of things happening at once, and your light can't cover the entire area.

Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. That means no grilling in the rain. You can grill during a drizzle, but it's still risky. The casing is not watertight, and thus water can seep in and completely mess up the circuitry inside there.

Therefore, you should be careful about that. However, it is cold-proof. Many lamps fail in colder air, but this one doesn't. Enjoy a grill on a cold day.

Operating this is pretty easy too. You just hook it up and turn on the switch. There aren't any complicated motions to getting this started. However, you do need to be a little bit careful since the on/off switch is a bit too sensitive and you might switch it off when you don't mean to.


  • Very bright
  • Compact design
  • Cold-resistant
  • Adjustable head


  • Not waterproof
  • Oversensitive switch

Manufactured by ACVCY, this grill light is a system of a pair of light fixtures. Instead of having an ultra-bright single point as a light source, having two gives you a lot more range. So, if you're working with a large grill, where you do several different jobs all at once, this even distribution of light is beneficial.

It also sports a great and versatile mounting system, a clamping mechanism and a magnetic mount. With cast iron grills, I suggest using the magnets, as they are easy to stick on and grab on tight. Clamps are for non-magnetic types of grill, and they are a little more tedious to fasten and secure well.

It could very well be the best bbq light, as it is very bright. It makes use of LEDs too, so the light emitted is quite efficient and much more long-lasting than other types of lights. The lens increases the range even more by fanning out the light further from the source. However, the brightness still doesn't diminish much from that.

Despite all these features, the lamp itself isn't really big. In fact, you could pack it in just about any bag or backpack and carry it around with you wherever you go. This opens a whole new dimension for this. You can take it camping or hunting, and even use this as a reading light when you are traveling.

The set can even stand the test of the elements. Any outdoor device should have the capacity to withstand drizzle or two, or maybe some cold. And so does this. It is well insulated to resist short-circuiting from the cold, and the case is watertight to shrug off a little rain seamlessly.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Dual lights
  • Multipurpose
  • Good mounting system


  • The magnet may come off if not careful

This one is a medium-sized grill light. It has an adjustable neck that lets you move the thing around freely and effectively. The length of said neck is long so you can fix it in the middle and move it around from end to end. You can fix it high over the grill without the smoke getting in there.

The light beam itself is useful as it is broad. This is because the lens was made to disperse the emitted light all over the grill. Many lamps have the issue of emitting a narrow beam of light. This means you have to move it around the grill to get work done. With this one, you can put it in the middle and let the light span over a large area.

However, the downside to this dispersing is that the light comes out a little dimmer than that's expected. That's because the lens spreads a relatively small source of light over a large area, stretching it out and thinning the overall intensity. This could be amended by fitting in a much brighter light source.

Nevertheless, the lack of a brighter light source does have one benefit; it greatly extends the battery life of the thing. The lamp, being an LED-based light source, efficiently uses battery already and the slightly lower light makes it last for a long time. Sure, you might have to squint a bit to do the finer things, but the battery lasts for a year.

When it comes to resisting the elements, this model really stands out as it is not only waterproof, but it also cold resistant. That means no matter the weather; you can grill. It works under the rain, and it even works in the snow. That makes it an ideal light for camping and hunting activities as well as grilling.


  • Easily adjustable neck
  • Broad light beam
  • Resistance to rain and snow
  • Efficient battery use


  • Relatively dim

While lacking a "neck," this model of grill light is still adjustable. The light fixture is fitted with a pivot. The pivot lets you fix the light high above the grill where it can't be harmed by the smoke and heat from the grill, and the light won't get in the way of grilling either. You place it all the way up and then swivel the lamp down to work.

However, you are sort of stuck in the middle of the grill. That's because it can't be turned left or right. Yes, that's definitely a big minus, but for smaller grills, it really doesn't matter. Even for larger grills, if you stick to the middle, or wherever you have mounted the light, you should be fine.

And on top of that, to compensate for the lack of its ability to be swiveling side to side, it comes with a light beam that spans wide. So, for medium-sized grills, it should be enough to just mount it at the center.

The LED lights are bright too, so they usually reach end to end. Even for larger grills, you have to move quite away before the light starts to dim.

Mounting the lamp is also quite easy. It comes with an ultra-secure clamp and pretty much hangs on to any surface. The ends of the clamp are rubbery, so they also provide very good traction of almost any surface. It holds on tight, and the grip is amazing, so you don't have to worry about it slipping off.

Operating this is relatively simple. There is an on/off button that you can use to turn it on or off whenever you want. However, some people have had trouble with this. That's because the button is too sensitive and thus might turn on or off even when it’s not what you wish. Be careful of that.


  • Adjustable pivot
  • Bright light
  • Clamp is secure


  • Pivot only operates up and down

Manufactured by Grilluminator, this model is quite easy to work with. It operates well and turns off and on easily. While some have complained that the power button is oversensitive, I think if you're careful the first couple of times, you'll get the hang of it. A sensitive power button also means less pressure exerted on the light.

Just as with the operation, installation is easy. You just take it out of the packaging and then you make use of the clamp. The clamp has to be screwed in to tighten over the surface you are fixing the light to. That's it. There aren't any installation procedures or anything. It is straightforward and simple. Takes a minute or two.

The clamp used is also quite strong and holds onto the surface very tightly. Unlike conventional clamps, the part of the clamp contacting the grill surface is coated with a soft rubbery material. This makes the grip quite strong as you can't slide it off. It also prevents damage to the grill from the tightening of the screw.

It packs a lot of LED units into it so that the light emitted is very brilliant. In fact, with narrower grill sets, you don't even have to adjust the light. The sheer intensity is enough to illuminate the whole grill. Even with bigger grills, it lights up almost the entirety of the working area and only needs minor adjustments.

The light is also water-resistant. You know what that means, you can grill away in the rain. However, don't submerge it. Just because it can handle flowing water doesn't mean it is watertight. It can handle moisture and a drizzle or two, or maybe even a splash. And frankly, that's all you need.


  • Easy installation
  • The clamp is rubbered at the ends to improve grip
  • Bright LED lights
  • Water-resistant


  • Lenses can warp in higher heat

The lighting on this is unique in that it sports dual lighting. Yes, there are two lighting fixtures that you can fix wherever on the grill. The dual lighting system, therefore, covers a much larger area compared to that of any single point lighting source. This means this model is quite suited for the larger grills.

On top of bearing a dual lighting system, it also houses a flexible neck. This allows you to move the light end of the instrument around freely and get a good deal of range.

Again, this is more useful if your grill has a larger grilling area and you need to tend to a lot of items at once. The neck also lets you maneuver the light out of the way when you don't need it.

The neck, however, is not the most heavy-duty object. Be careful and don't twist it around too much, or it might snap. The overall finish is a bit flimsy too. It isn't really made for rough use, so I advise that you be careful operating that thing lest you break. With care, it can still last for a long time.

And the lights are jam-packed with numerous LEDs. And that makes them very bright. In fact, for small and medium grills you don't even need the second light. One light is more than enough. In fact, with the second light, it's almost as if it's the day. Even for the largest grill sets, this is more than enough.

One glaring flaw that this light unfortunately has is in its lens. The lens is made of relatively cheap plastic and thus is vulnerable to heat. The heat will definitely evolve from a grill, and the surrounding area will be heated as a result.

Consequently, it affects the lens of the grill lamp. The lens won't melt, but over time it will warp and grow opaque and thus obscure the light.


  • Dual lighting system
  • Even one light is bright enough
  • Flexible neck


  • Magnetic mount only
  • Lens warps from heat

The mounting system is great on this. While it lacks a clamping mechanism, you can still fix it on all cast iron grills. Cast iron grills are quite widespread, and the reason you can mount it on them is because of its "magnetic" mechanism. The magnets themselves are quite strong and won't droop off from your grill.

This guy also has a dual lighting system and thus employs a pair of LED bbq grill lights, which means that the range of the lighting is greatly increased by this. Hence it is perfect for your large grill set. And even the individual light fixtures are so bright that even one is enough for smaller grill variants.

The model is constructed from stainless steel. Therefore, not only is it strong and quite resilient, but it is also rather light, at least in comparison with iron builds, which can quite a bit heavy. The lightweight build of the grill light makes it easy to carry around and mount wherever.

Another reason why it is so lightweight is because of its small and compact design. While it may be a little less impressive to look at, don't scoff at its size. It can output light that is definitely on par with many bulkier grill lights that are on the market right now. The smaller, more manageable size also makes it easy to pack and store.

Despite its compact design, however, it still employs a "gooseneck" which essentially is a long flexible neck that you can freely move around. You can pretty much flex or twist it in any direction you want. The neck is rather robust as well. It is a little short though; the whole lamp system was made to be compact after all.


  • Compact size
  • Dual lights
  • Lightweight
  • The strong magnetic mounting system


  • "Gooseneck" might be too short
  • No clamping system

This model uses LED lights. Many LED lights are housed into this and combined with the focusing lens; it makes an excellent light source. The light emitted is many lumens higher than that of many lamps. Barbecuing on the grill in particular needs bright light and this is one of the best bbq grill lights.

While it might be a brilliant light source, the instrument itself isn't that big. It simply consists of a light fixture, an adjuster and a mounting system. This compact design allows it to be easily portable. Packing and storage are easy as well, making this instrument perfectly suited for outdoor activities.

Setting up the device is likewise easy, thanks to its relatively simple design. It's exactly what you expect, just mount it on the grill to get started. Operating is simple too, as you literally can do it at the push of a button. The power button on this just sensitive enough so you can easily operate it and not set it off unintentionally.

One of the consequences of using a grill is the heat. It is a cooking process, after all. It is an issue that many grill lights face. While they're not damaged too badly, many have the issue of their lens warping from the heat. The lens on this model, however, is built to be resistant to the heat and doesn't warp at all.

An issue that like many grill lighting systems this one faces is the lack of waterproofing. While it can put up a fight, it is only meager, and thus I recommend you not try it in the rain. The lack of waterproofing means that it will malfunction in the rain or even snow. So be mindful of that when you grill.


  • Suitable for barbecue
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy use
  • Small, compact design


  • Vulnerable to rain

This thing is one the best barbecue grill lights on the market right now. It is suitable for both gas grills and charcoal grills, and that gives it great versatility. Gas grills are often exempt from making use of a grill light because of technical reasons, but this model takes that into consideration.

It also sports a unique mounting system in that it uses neither magnets nor clamps of any kind. Rather than these, it employs a much simpler method, a velcro. 

Applying and removing a velcro is much easier than using a clamp, and it is more versatile than a magnet system. Therefore, it could be argued to be the best fastening system.

Adjusting this device is also rather easy as it can be maneuvered every way. But instead of using a "gooseneck," it uses two functions. There is a pivot that lets you alternate between moving the light up and down, and a swivel function on the light fixture. The conjunction of these two features lets you point the light wherever you want.

In spite of offering all these great features, the light itself is quite small. Built to save space, this light is compact, only a couple of inches long. Nevertheless, its smaller dimensions, don't limit it in any way, and every feature is housed into this quite efficiently. The size makes it more portable and much easier to pack and store away.

You'd think that this would have one flaw right, well, no, other than being on the expensive side, it really is the best of the best and definitely worth the price.

Lastly, it is waterproof and cold-proof so grill away in the rain, or in the snow, without any difficulty what-so-ever. It is durable and long-lasting and arguably the best choice of all the products on the market.


  • Firm velcro mounting system
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Adjustable
  • Compact
  • Suitable for both gas and charcoal type grills


  • Expensive

Buying Guide: Before You Buy LED BBQ Grill Lights, What to Look for

Our bbq grill light reviews isn’t enough to find the right light. There are some other important things you should look out for before you buy a light. The things to look out for as listed as follows.

1. Illumination 

Arguably the most important factor to consider. Almost all lighting systems employ LEDs and thus make use of efficient, bright lighting. What usually matters is how many are housed into the lamp and the lens focusing capacity. The light needs to be quite bright as you need to cook safely.

2. Adjustability

Again, another rather key feature to look out for. With smaller grills, this isn't usually a big deal though, since the work area isn't really that large. With those, you are best off fixing the light up at the middle of the grill and just letting it be. With large grills, however, you need the adjustability.

3. Resistance to Weather

Weather is another factor to consider. If your light malfunctions or short-circuits at the slightest touch of moisture, maybe it's time you get a new one. Rain is a common weather phenomenon, and thus it needs to be waterproof.

At the very least, it should be resistant to water, if not fully immune, so that you can cook with no worries.

4. Battery Life

While not that important for people who grill infrequently, it can be a deal-breaker for those who grill something every other day.

Normally most grill lights use batteries, and you have to replace them after a certain duration of use. There are more advanced versions that employ a charging mechanism too, but that usually needs frequent charging.

5. Resiliency

Finally, we'll be talking about the robustness of the lights. While most grill lights are made of stainless steel, which is a quite resilient metal, it really depends on the final finishing and fixing whether it will stand against the test of time and actually last.

Some have a very weak infrastructure and a stainless steel facade. Watch out.

Safety Tips 

Remember the importance of safety when you work. Here are some safety tips.

  • Don’t Look at The LED Light: Do not look directly at the LED! No matter what. Yes, it might just temporarily blind you but the damage caused can take years to heal. Most LED grill lights are much brighter than what the human eye can handle, and so the eyes are usually oversaturated. This can cause irreparable damage to the retina of the eye.
  • Turn the light off: Make sure that the light is switched off before you tinker with it. Yes, LED lights operate on low current, but you should remember that there are a lot of LEDs housed into a single light. Electric shocks range from a mild jolt to a lethal current, so be very careful handling the grill light and make sure it is turned off.
  • Beware Of Rain If Your Device Isn’t Waterproof: While not at all a risk for waterproof grill lights, the possibility of an electric fire gets a mention because many customers use grill lights that aren't waterproof. 
Best bbq grill light reviews

Best bbq grill light reviews

For these types of grills, even a little water can short circuit the light and set it ablaze. Always be careful to not let it be in contact with water. If a fire does start. use a carbon dioxide extinguisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use it in the rain?

Only if the thing is waterproof. Don't try to use one that isn't or even is resistant. You'll short-circuit it. Better be safe.

Q2. I don't have a cast-iron grill, can I use a magnet mount somehow?

Yes, you need to install and extension that is a magnetic material. Many stainless steel grills can have a material that's built-in so you can magnetically mount the light on top of it.

Q3. How long does the battery last?

The good ones last over a year, even when used regularly. However, the ones mentioned here should have batteries that last at least a half year.

Q4. Can I use for other purposes?

Of course. Take to camp or hunting. Use it as a reading light. Most grill lights are rather versatile.

Q5. Is it adjustable?

It definitely should be. Especially if you have a large grill. Fear not, most grills are adjustable so you shouldn't have an issue with that.

Final Words: Hopefully, these will help you find the best grill lights. Know exactly what works for you, and you won't be disappointed.

And if you have any further questions, let us know in the comments.

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