Gideon Best Hand Crank Meat Grinder Review (June 2024)

Gideon Best Hand Crank Meat Grinder Review

If you have ever tried to use the old and bulky meat grinders used by your grandparents used, chances are that you are less bothered when it comes freshly ground meat. However, many of you would agree with me that they loved the sausages and meatballs that were prepared using the same old and hard to use grinder. Here is the best hand crank meat grinder review for you.

Nevertheless, when you think of all the hassle involved in setting it up and cleaning meat grinder, you are likely to lose interest. What if I told you can prepare the same delicious sausages in the comfort of your home with half the effort?


Oh, so now you are interested. Well, here is the deal. Unlike the old days where manual meat grinder was hectic to use, today it is easy to find a manual grinder that is easy and safe to use. One of the manual meat grinder available on the market is the Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder.

This Manual Meat Grinder from Gideon is a handy tool that can allow you to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal on a daily basis while taking out the hard work involved. This grinder is packed with advanced features that are hard to find on other models. 

Let’s us look at some of the reasons why you might want to have this handy tool in your kitchen.

Products Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10.9 by 6.7 by 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Type of grinder: manual
  • Color: white

What Makes Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Stands Out

Solid Construction:

This grinder is constructed using heavy-duty stainless steel and plastic materials for enhanced performance and durability. Remember this grinder requires you to turn the knob manually to grind the meat. 

To do this you will need to apply a reasonable amount of force, especially when grinding beef and other tough meat varieties. 

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This model handle, blade, and attachments are constructed using heavy-duty materials that can handle the pressure enabling it to withstand repeated use. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a heavy-duty meat grinder for a busy kitchen.

Powerful Suction Base:

When looking for the best manual grinder the first thing you should look at is the performance of the suction base. Remember, the quality of the suction base of the grinder will determine the performance you will get from the unit. 

One of the reasons that we prefer this model is that it doesn’t compromise when it comes to the suction base performance. This unit has a powerful suction base that keeps the meat grinder firmly attached for enhanced performance. 

By simply turning the knob, this grinder will attach itself to any type of surface allowing you to grind the meat with ease.

Safe and Ergonomic Design:

The design of a meat grinder plays a major role in determining the results. Of course, you would want a grinder that helps you to grind the meat in the shortest time possible, right. 

The manufacturer understands the user needs and has designed this model with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to grind the meat while keeping you safe. 

The blades full enclosure eliminates chances of injuring yourself while using the grinder similarly, for your convenience this unit has a meat pusher that enables you to push the meat into the grinder.

This will ensure that your fingers will not find any reason to be in the feeder. Besides, the hand crank feels comfortable in your hand allowing you to turn it effortlessly.

Compact and Portable:

Another reason that you may consider purchasing this model is the compact and portable design. If you have a small kitchen and you are concerned about purchasing something that will take much of the available space, you do not have to worry. 

This unit features a small footprint as well as a sleek design that doesn’t take much space. Additionally, you can dismantle it easy for storage or transportation. 

If you have a party planned outdoors, you can carry this handy grinder and impress your friends with fresh and unique meat creations.

Easy to Use and Dishwasher Safe:

Using Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is simple. You simply need to place the meat or vegetable in the chute and turn the hand crank. With minimal effort, the meat and other ingredients will turn into a finely ground paste that is ready to cook. 

This model will help you to create a variety of delicious meals including fresh gourmet burgers, sausages as well as meatballs. Besides, you can also use this grinder to grind fruits, vegetables, garlic, ginger etc. 

Another impressive feature we love about this model is that it is dishwasher safe. This will minimize the effort needed to keep this unit clean.

So, now you have your own meat grinder, and you need a smoker to smoke or grill. There are many types and brands of smoker, grill available in the market.

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Who is the Product for?

This Gideon Manual Meat Grinder is a great choice for individuals who have plenty of time to prepare and cook their food. If you have a tight schedule and hardly find time to cook this model might not the best buy. 

We love its low price and portability that makes it a great choice for people who are on a budget but would want to get a portable meat grind that they can carry wherever they need. 

Moreover, this model can help you to grind almost anything except bones. Similarly, because of its compact size, it makes a great choice for people who would want a model that fits in a small kitchen including that on expedition boats and recreational vehicles.

Does the Product Work?

Looking at the customer reviews and rating, the product performance seems to satisfy most of the client’s needs. 

However, we didn’t stop at the reviews, we tested the product ourselves to come up with our own evaluation. We were impressed by its ease of assembly, lightweight as well as compact design. The performance was also beyond our expectations.


  • Stainless steel blades for enhanced durability and sharpness
  • Compact and portable design
  • Grind meat, vegetables, and fruits
  • Safe for use
  • Dishwasher safe parts mean minimal cleaning


  • Cannot cut through bones

Conclusion: Many features make this one of the best hand crank meat grinder available on the market. It is inexpensive making it affordable for most people and has a portable design allowing you to carry almost anywhere. 

Moreover, this grinder is Eco-friendly and safe to use. Overall, we loved its performance, especially when considering its low price. We hope that our detailed guide has given all the insights that can help you decide whether you would like to have this manual grinder in your kitchen. All the best!

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