Revive Your Traeger Grill with New Traeger Replacement Parts

Revive Your Traeger Grill With The New Traeger Replacement Parts

You know it's time to replace your Traeger grill parts for new ones when you've been fantasizing over a new grill. By upgrading your old grill with the new Traeger replacement parts, it will look just as good as new. You can update the appliance with stainless steel components.

The stainless-steel parts are not only durable, but they'll also give a sleek, aesthetic look to your grill. For instance, the drip pan, heat diffuser, and firepot are components that are used continuously on the Traeger grill; therefore, having these parts constructed with stainless steel will last you for a long time.


Traeger Replacement Parts:

• Stainless Steel Fire Pot from Direct Ignitor

This is one of the essential parts of your pellet grill. You need to purchase one that is made of high-quality materials because if it's only made of standard materials, it will probably affect the cooking temperature. Moreover, the fire pot should be kept clean and maintained at all times.

It doesn't matter what type of Traeger grill you have, the fire port by Direct Igniter will be entirely suitable for the machine. The pot is made of sturdy steel, which can handle the high heat during BBQ. It has seven large holes for circulating air and guarantees long-lasting durability.

• Replacement Drip Pan from Traeger

A drip pan gathers all the juices from the meat, which can later be used as a sauce. So, a drip pan is essential for a delicious BBQ. More importantly, the HD steel drip pan from Traeger uses a heat baffle feature, which will prevent any flare-ups or accidental fires.

It is quite easy to install; however, you've to make sure to check the measurements of the pan with your existing grill for a perfect fit.

Other Replacement Parts for Traeger Grill

There are a few additions you can make to your current appliance for additional convenience. Although it is not necessary, it will come in handy for seasoned chefs or even hobbyists.

• Induction Fan Kit from Stanbroil

Typically, an induction fan is used for cooking the meat on both sides properly. If the meat is cooked on one side but undercooked on the other, then the induction fan is failing at its job. A proper induction fan kit will evenly distribute the flavor and heat every time you cook the meat.

The induction fan kit from Stanbroil is an efficient device that is suitable for most Traeger grills. It features four latches with a plug as well as a play wire, which will have the fan running again in no time.

Moreover, the fan contains a strong combustion fan motor with smooth nylon blades, which ensure long-lasting durability.

• Hot Rod Ignitor Kit from Stanbroil

Most hot rods burn out pretty quickly and are also quite challenging to fix. But the hot rod ignitor kit from Stanbroil is known for its durability. It is simple to install and operates efficiently.

The hot rod comes with a high-density 3-inch cartridge heating mechanism, and this will keep the fire going at a consistent rate in your grill. It has a 24-inch wire lead, which goes directly at the bottom of the fire pot with 200 watts or 120-volt connection.

• Traeger BAC236 Digital Kit Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential component when it comes to barbecuing meat. It will alert you how far your meat is done, so it's just as crucial as the grill or meat. As you're using a Traeger grill, it is better to have a thermometer from Traeger itself.

We recommend this device because it is a fantastic temperature control system, and it has a straightforward installation method. The thermometer features an LED display, which shows the accurate temperature of the BBQ. Even though it takes a while to reassemble and set up, it will not disappoint at the end.

• Fire Pot and Ignitor Combo by Grizzly Grills

Generally, the ignitor and firepot are bought separately, but if you want to save time, then the ignitor and firepot combo by Grizzly Grills is for you. The fire pot is quite strong and durable, and it won't break down quickly, unlike other models.

Both the components are constructed with high-quality materials that are compatible with Traeger grills and only take a few minutes to install.

• Auger Motor Kit KIT0020 From Traeger

This component is vital for maintaining a consistent temperature and stable fire. The auger motor can switch smoothly from hot and fast cooking to low and slow cooking. It will also consistently fuel the fire and move the wood pellets to the fire pot from the hopper at your preferred speed.

Moreover, it is constructed with durable steel for efficiency, and it is compatible with all types of Traeger grills.

• Digital Thermostat Kit from Stanbroil

Stanbroil thermostat kit is another innovative device, which is compatible with most Traeger grills. As we know, temperature control is vital to maintain if you want a tasty BBQ. This thermostat kit can easily replace the standard three-speed smoker control mechanism with its consistent and precise operation. 

The kit comes with eight different temperature settings ranging from 180 degrees to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a shutdown option for secure cooking, and an LED display to show the exact temperatures.

• HDW152 Grease Bucket for Wood Pellet from Traeger

To finish off the delicious BBQ meal in a proper way, you need to clean the grill off its oil and heat. The grease bucket from Traeger will efficiently collect all the grease and oil from the grill.

Moreover, it is made of high-quality galvanized steel, which is extremely durable that can withstand all the oils and heat from the grill without any hassle. This handy device is suitable for almost all Traeger grills.

Conclusion: Even if you don't want to change your grill, there's always the option of buying new Traeger replacement parts. The parts mentioned above are not only suitable, but their features and functionality will maintain your old grill for a long time.

With this list of different components, you'll be able to create delicious BBQ in no time. All of these are highly efficient, but the one we liked most is the Drip Pan from Traeger for its ability to gather all the juices in the tray as well as prevent any fires with its heat baffle feature.

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