Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review: Perfect for Easy Grilling

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

Old Smokey electric smoker basically features a tin-can shape with all basics of an electric smoker integrated. On our first encounter with this smoker, we were particularly amazed at the level of creativity employed in designing it.

We went ahead to experiment with this smoker and it became apparent that it is great for slow cooking and roasting. Using the smoker is neither complex nor a difficult task. 


You simply need to load the wood chips on the heated plate to create a dense smoke. In this model, food is loaded above the drip pan and not a water smoker.

For additional information about this smoker, we have details on different areas you may be interested in. Before you get to the features of this product, read on to find out why this product is worth your purchase.

Why Old Smokey Smoker is Worth Purchasing

If there is a brand that has been making smokers for quite a long time and it still hopes to do it forever, it is old Smokey. Since 1930s, the brand had realized the needs of consumers and started availing conventional appliances. Through gradual improvements, we now have this great electric smoker from Old Smokey.

Old Smoky electric smoker is versatile equipment with the ability to prepare 30 different types of food. It is good for smoking, grilling, cooking, roasting among other ways. This multipurpose nature of the equipment is an advantage because you will never be stranded once you buy this smoker.

In addition to versatility, Old Smokey offers most of its product at a cost-effective price that is convenient for most individuals. In return, what you get is a smoker that you don’t have to doubt. Its outward construction and the manner in which the smoker functions balance beginners’ needs and the need of seasoned users.

Therefore, whichever your level of experience, you will always feel good Old Smokey smoker.

Product Specification:

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    The smoker measures 15" in diameter.
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    Upper grill diameter is approximately 14.5"
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    Lower grill diameter is approximately 12.5"
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    Heating element is rated at 1250W at 120VAC
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    Product dimensions: 15.5"w x 15.5"d x 29"h
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    Product weighs 25.1 pounds
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    Item model number: OSES
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    Item color: Grey
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    The main material is steel.

Features and Benefits

This uniquely designed electric smoker from Old Smokey comes as a great relief to all your past hassles. If you are planning to purchase an electric smoker, we recommend Old Smokey for these reasons:

  • The design is simple and easy to use both for the beginners as well as the pros in smoking. Its simplicity is not just limited to ease of use. It also involves less fuel consumption in comparison to other smokers of similar nature. Contrary to what might easily be thought about this smoker, it is cheap and readily available in the market.
  • 1250 watt heating element ensures maximum production of enough smoke for a complete and perfect barbeque. Directly above the heating element, there is a smoke plate. This plate serves an important function in smoke production which in turn enables you to achieve great BBQ.
  • Instead of a vertical water smoker, this unit has a drip pan plays a role in preventing flare ups. Using this drip pan makes cleaning easier as opposed to the use of water pan. For this reason, we term the smoker as user-friendly. The dripping also ensures that the food remains moist, which a great secret to successful smoking.
  • It is also worth noting that this electric smoker is regulated by a thermostat. This allows you to cook using different styles at different times. This feature further increases versatility of the Smokey electric smoker.

Lastly, the vertical, round and flat shape of the smoker makes it attractive, easy-to-to use. There are no sharp ends hence accidents are minimized and safety maximized. These, together with other features are all meant to give you everlasting joy. Your task is to set aside a few coins and budget for this great smoker.

Potential Customers of the Old Smokey Smoker

  • Regular users and beginners: As we have identified earlier this smoker is easy to use because of its simple design. Regular users have experience and would probably enjoy using this smoker. On the other hand, beginners won’t find any challenges using this smoker because of the simple design.
  • People of average income: The smoker sells at a relatively cost-effective price compared to similar smokers on the market today. Though its features are not that much complicated, it is great for those seeking an appliance for basic use. Later on, you can plan for a more complex smoker while without having to suffer.
  • Consumers in need of a perfect substitute: From the features describe above, you realize that this smoker is versatile, long-lasting, user friendly, yet not expensive. You might be having a similar smoker which lacks some of these features. In this case, you can choose to change and live a happier life without much financial involvement.
  • Consumers in need of safety and convenience: Old Smoker is perfectly designed with safety in mind. There are no sharp edges which can cause accidents. The handles are also safe and easy to grip. Other elements such as loading system are conveniently designed, which should inform your choice of the best smoker

How to Know That Old Smokey Works

The age of Old Smokey directly correlates to our interaction with the brand. This is one of the oldest brands specializing in kitchen appliances among the companies we know first. By simply looking at the product, it is difficult to guess that indeed it works well.

For instance, the handles are removable, a feature that you have to test practically. When we first heard of this model, we figured out how it was and later learnt that it was indeed bigger than we thought. Its features such as the thermostat, cooking grates and the dripping pan had absolutely no defects.

We had initially tended to underestimate the heating element until we felt its real impact. It is indeed powerful and outdoes many other smokers we had known in the past. 

Ever since we experimented with this smoker, customers have consistently reviewed it positively. Which is still a confirmation of what we had observed at first.

Pros and Cons of the Old Smokey Smoker


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    Is a low budget smoker and a great source of discount.
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    It is handy and convenient to use.
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    Simple design is great for beginners.
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    The heating element and the design ensures even distribution of heat.
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    It is a versatile equipment.
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    Can be used anywhere.



At this point, it becomes apparent that very few smokers can actually defeat our ultimate choice Old Smokey smoker. Perhaps, it is because of the experience that this brand has in producing the best kitchen appliance. Certainly it takes the lead; others follow especially those smokers that sell at a relatively similar price as this.

Notable features of this equipment include easy-to-use nature, safety, versatility, capacity, quality of the design and many others. These are what you are obviously looking for. Now that you have found your ultimate choice, why not grab it today. Then the days to follow will be of no hassle at all.

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