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Pit Barrel Cooker Reviews

Best Barrel smokers are simple smokers that are made from retrofitted steel drums. Barrel cooking has been there for a pretty long time. Today, there are many brands available in the market that are both simple to use as well as affordable.

The brands that are commercially available consist of meat hooks, cooking racks, and a charcoal basket. The meat hooks help in getting the meat suspended vertically for enhanced capacity. 

They help in holding a steady and constant temperature and are ideal for cooking for a long time. These brands are fully capable of producing proper and perfect cooked meals.

If you enjoy cooking outdoors, then you will certainly love Pit Barrel Cooker Package. This barrel smoker can produce a flavor that is just amazing and delicious. This Barrel smoker comes with a larger cooking capacity at the least cut off from the pocket. It confers very delicious results along with ease of use.

This product has an extremely high construction quality as it is comprised of durable steel in addition to porcelain enamel coating. The product comes with bulk capacity. Along with stainless steel turkey hangers, you can go for hanging two full-sized gobblers for preparing all at once.

Product Specification –

The pit barrel smoker has a dimension of 21 x 21 x 31.1 inches. The product comes with a weight of 57 pounds whereas the total shipping weight comes around 63.9 pounds.

Pit Barrel Features –

The Pit Barrel contributes to being a portable cooker which you can make use for making perfect food every time. If you are considering purchasing this barrel cooker, here are some of the features of the product:

1. Versatile Options for Grilling

A wide array of settings is required to grill different types of meat. This is where the barrel cooker comes in handy. The package comprises of still grill gate which assists it to function like the grill

It also makes use of the depth and additional temperature control. It is possible to use the same for searing steak and cooking at a higher temperature with the removal of the lid.

2. Portability

This product is considered to be compact and lighter in weight. Thus, it is much easier to transport the same via van, truck and even SUVs.

3. Cooking With the Aid of Hook-N-Hang Process

It offers a delicious taste as it enables the meat to be hung in the center, ensuring that it possible to cook with penetration of fog or smoke which can be created by the dripping of juices on coals. Optimal distance amidst grate and heat can be beneficial in the reduction of hot spots.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Pit Barrel Cooker

Who Is The Product For?

If you are looking for a perfect combination of BBQ and smoker, this bbq smoker and cooker is the best option for you. Considering the metal hanging process, it confers a cooking environment of your own. This product is an excellent choice for users who are looking for faster cooking options. You can cook food f any quantity with the assistance of this product.

Proof That the Best Barrel Smoker Works

I am using a Pit barrel smoker for almost 8 months. I must admit that this product is capable of cooking food in no time. It is very simple to make use of it. Meat hangs in a vertical manner in the barrel which sets it apart from the rest. 

Interior meat heats, surface crisps heat in an even manner since there are no hot conduction points that are caused owing to meat that is lying on the grate. 

I have found the great usage of this product during parties and get together and I must admit that this is the most impressive smoker I ever had.

I realized, the best thermometer and also the best meat grinder need together for smoke meat. So, you just need to arrange them for speedy cooking.


The benefits of using this pit barrel cooker is inclusive of:

Read To Use Used From the Moment You Buy It

One of the most worth mentioning features which make this product stand out of the ordinary from the rest is you do not need to waste time reading instructions and manuals in order to set up the cooker. You are ready to go as soon as it is delivered.

No Lack of Humidity Issues

Most of the smokers and grills comprise of water pan which requires being filled consistently with an eye to avoiding lack of humidity problems. 

However, pit barrel cooker is an exception to the rule. During loading, moisture is collected inside the barrel itself. Hence, there is no requirement of constant refills and water pans.

Faster Cooking Time

All you require doing in order to cook food at a faster rate is reading instructions which are conferred with the package. You will be capable of grilling various types of rubs and meat at a faster rate in comparison to any other smoker or griller.

Huge Capacity

With a very high capacity, this cooker can be used for making 8 slabs of ribs at a single time.


Here are few drawbacks of this product:

  • If you are a person who has the habit of controlling temperature with a high precision, a pit barrel smoker is going to be an issue. The product has a very high temperature in the beginning, after which it sinks down and rises back again.
  • Even after following instructions in the manual, placing and hanging meat can be a hassle.
The final verdict:

It is safe to conclude that this cooker and smoker is a product which is more than worth the price. Along with a wider range of durability, application, and versatility, this product is a must for you if you love ribs and well-cooked meat. 

It can be an amazing choice for you if you are looking for a functional cooker of premium quality.

Just because this is a great product for advanced users, does not indicate that beginners may find trouble in using it. You are really going to enjoy cooking even if you are a newbie to the world of grilling and BBQ. Every product comes with some drawbacks and so does the pit barrel cooker.

However, considering the plethora of features and benefits that come with it, you are sure to get benefited from the purchase of this best barrel smoker.

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