10 Best Grill Cover Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide in 2024

Best Grill Cover Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

We like to protect the things that we like, don’t we?

If you have a grill machine at home, we can tell that you must really like BBQ.

Well, many threats point at your beloved grill machine. And the worst is that presented by weather conditions.

Weather is invincible and none has the ability to control it. Therefore, you have to buy the best grill cover in order to trying your best to protect your machine from this known enemy.

A good grill cover will save your grill from manifold damages. It will keep your machine in its own little space, completely safe and perfectly dry. And in this regard, we bring you good advice. Read forth.


Our Top 10 Picks for the Best BBQ Grill Cover

Editor's Choice

1st Runner-up
Grillman Premium 58-Inch BBQ Grill CoverGrillman Premium 58-Inch BBQ Grill Cover
  • Fit the most popular brands like Weber, Char-Broil or Brinkmann
  • Heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford material
  • Wind Resistant, Waterproof, UV-resistant and Tear-resistant
  • Free replacement guarantee for life!
  • Uniquely secure fitted
  • Size: 11 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.95 pounds
2nd Runner-up
Weber 7130 Genesis II CoverWeber 7130 Genesis II Cover
  • Fit for Genesis II, Genesis 300 and Genesis II LX 300 series
  • Heavy-duty polyester fabric, Premium
  • Water & UV resistant
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.9 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds

Why Use a Cover for Your Grill?

Grill covers are extra protection that your machine needs in order to get protection from the sun, water, and humidity. If you live in a tropical region, your grill will be in danger of getting damp due to the rain and moisture. And as we all know, machines and liquids don’t really go well with each other.

However, if you live in a dry region, the air will always be very drying. It will suck out the natural moisture from the elements of the grill and make the machine more susceptible to dust and breakage. If too much dust accumulates in the pesky corners of the machine, it will start to malfunction.

Therefore, buy the best bbq grill cover you can find so that you don’t have to waste time and money on this more than once.

10 Best Quality Grill Covers Review for the Money

Grill covers are mandatory if you want to keep dust and moisture away from your machine. If a grill cover is not used, to even consider that your machine will retain its functionality by the end of its first anniversary, will be a stretch. Look at the quality of the covers, not the price.

Here are some of the best rated grill covers for you. 

Starting off, we have a heavy-duty grill machine. With dimensions of 58 x 24 x 44 inches, this grill cover will protect your machine in all types of weather, be it indoors or outdoors. All the handles and straps on it are padded so that the cover has the right adjustment with the machine.

This cover will fairly fit all types of grills that are of the same size, but it has the highest compatibility with machines that come from the following brand names; JennAir, Brinkmann, Holland, and Char Broil. This is not to say that there is any discrimination against other brands.

But since these are the most famous grill machine brands in the market, the company has used these shapes to design their covers because they cover the basic shapes of all other grill machines in the market from any other brand.

VicTsing 3 is made from 600D polyester - the most durable material for these machines in the market. The fabric is a good indication of the quality of the material, and so it is important that you take this into account along with the size. ‘D’ denotes the thickness of the material, and 600 is the exact measure of thickness.

This is the ideal measurement of thickness for grill machines, as they save the machine from dust, wind, and moisture of any force. Whether it be a rainstorm or a gale, your machine will stay in place without getting caught up in the weather calamity. The stitching is immaculate.

Notice the interior has double bound seams all along the lengths, with durability like none other. The cover also has UV protection so that it can retain its color and texture for years ahead.


  • Made of durable 600D polyester material 
  • Fits machines of all popular brands
  • Weather-resistant 
  • The price should be within your budget


  • Vulnerable stitching

Whether you own a Weber, a Brinkmann, or a Char Broil, you will have the full patented protection from this premium grill cover. It measures 58 x 24 x 48 inches, which is the standard size for most popular grill machines in the market.

These covers are made from an oxford material lined with PVC to give it more tensile strength.

Most companies in the market use polyester, which has been used for centuries. But now a better element has come by. This oxford material lined with PVC is by far the best bbq grill cover material in town. Along with repelling water and resisting the damage from sunlight, these covers are also resistant to tugs and tears. 

They can handle it all; rain, drought, wind, and even human impatience. If you are on the lookout for a good, durable grill cover that will last you right through the merciless taunts of your meddlesome children’s hands, then this is what you need. The cover will be attached to your grill with hooks and loopy straps.

These can be tightened to make the perfect bodysuit for your expensive machine. In any extreme outdoor condition, you will be able to tighten the knots and make the fit firmer. And in regular weather, you will be able to give more space to your machine by letting some natural fresh air in, whenever the weather permits it.


  • Comes with adjustable hooks to fit machines of all sizes
  • Made from an advanced oxford material 
  • Has PVC lining for more durability 
  • Can pull through all types of weather 


  • Material is too thin 
  • Starts fading in a few months 

There’s nothing like a clean place for some good old barbecuing. If you are looking at this article, we already know you fit the category. We also know that your grill machine is worth something to you beyond the monetary value of the item. So, you need to protect the machine in whatever way you can.

Start with a good, strong grill cover. There’s nothing like a good cover to protect your machine from getting dusty when you don’t have time to tend to it. This cover is designed for the machines that are kept outdoors. Therefore, it is made with a premium material which gives it the right kind of resistance in field duty. 

This LiBa BBQ unit is one of those high quality grill covers that are always highly sought out in the market. Everyone knows about them at this stage. Made from the tear-resistant polyester material, this grill cover is able to protect itself and the grill machine from the stinging rays of the sun.

In order to ensure a snug fit with your machine, this cover has long Velcro straps that can be used to wrap the machine up comfortably in it. The regular dimensions of the machine are 44 x 60 inches.

This machine is made from a 100% breathable material. The material will help a constant flow of air to reach the machine, thus keep it smelling fresh while also filtering dust out. 


  • Perfectly snug fit 
  • Supports Weber Genesis series particularly
  • Helps to keep the dust, moisture and heat away 
  • Tear-resistant material


  • Fades quickly due to the UV rays

If you are a grill enthusiast, you will definitely be very concerned with the safety of your grill. You have spent a lot of money buying the grill. And you of course wouldn't want to throw it all away and watch your grill slowly lose its life before your very eyes, would you?

Grill covers are very essential, so you have to go premium with them. Look only into quality grill covers, like this classic one by Ravenna. This cover has dimensions of 58 x 24 x 48 inches. Make sure that you know the dimensions of your grill machine properly before going out to buy it.

If your machine is a model from the Weber Genesis II Gas Grill E-310 series, then you are out in the clear. You can buy this cover with eyes closed because it has been designed by taking this very series into account. Machines from other popular brands like Brinkmann, JennAir, and CharBroil will also be compatible with this cover.

Heavy polyester with a special UV ray-stabilizing element has been used as a coating on it. With a laminated back, it has both water-resistance and mildew-resistance. Also, the hem chords of the product are elastic, and these can be easily adjusted.

The chords make sure that they fit the grill cover properly, without leaving any extra space in it. Moreover, there are extra spaces in the cover for fitting around the padded handles.


  • Extra padding in the cover, for the handles 
  • Resistant to air, water and mildew 
  • It is made of a breathable material 


  • The design doesn’t cover the legs of the machine

You want to keep your grill outdoors for the whole family to enjoy the food fresh out of the grill, but are scared about the safety of the grill under the normal conditions of the weather, huh?

No fear, Yukon Glory is here. This premium piece is a top rated gas grill cover that is currently available in the market.

The cover ensures a secure fit with the machine and helps to keep all foreign particles away from it. Whether you fear dust, water, or seasonal peaks in the temperature, your machine will be well protected against the harshness of the air around it. But unfortunately, this cover is not compatible with every model and brand in the market. 

Only consider buying this cover if your one is any model from the Weber Genesis E and S series. These are the most popular machines in the market; therefore, their shape and structure has been kept in mind while designing this cover. If you have a different machine, then bring a measure of its dimensions with you.

If the size matches, then you may as well purchase it. It is a really durable cover, and it also has Velcro straps that you can use in order to adjust the tightness of the cover. The color of the cover is a solid black, which will look very aesthetically appealing in any type of background.

This Yukon contender is very sleek and, due to the polished appearance. It appears to be in the best condition even after months of use. We have been astonished with the results as well.

Additionally, you get gifts with this cover. You will get a grilling mat and a meat and poultry thermometer for measuring the temperature of meat and poultry. The temperature of the meat must be checked to ensure that they are still edible.


  • Strong, durable cover that can fight battles with the harsh weather
  • Has Velcro straps for tightness adjustment in varying weather conditions
  • Resistant to water and moisture


  • Starts ripping around the corners 
  • Becomes mouldy on the inside
  • Stinks of mildew 

You can never tell what kind of weather you’ll get tomorrow. So, it will be in your best interest to get a cover that can handle it all. Since grill machines are mostly kept outdoors, the covers have to be rigid enough to kick up a strong resistance against air, water and wind.

Moreover, everyone loves barbecue parties, and therefore, your grill machine will probably be admired by all your family and friends who come to visit you. Now would it look good to them if the cover is all faded and blotchy? No, it wouldn’t. This adds to the duty of the cover - fade defiance.

The UV rays of the sun must not be able to penetrate the fabric and drain out its color. Such a machine is this one by iCover. It ticks all the boxes mentioned above, and more. The item is made from the imperishable oxford polyester, and that too, with the undulating PVC coating around the sides.

This material is weather-resistant, and the stitches are stretchy - this makes for an amazing combination as it ensures hardcore protection against all threats in weather zones of high unpredictability.

Its cover measures about 60 x 22.5 x 41 and has Velcro straps at both the sides in order to prevent the machine from being forcefully exposed to high wind. Strap it up and your machine will be well protected even during a rainstorm. 


  • Made from especially resistant material 
  • Has a big mesh air vent at the front to ensure breathability whenever the weather permits it
  • Wide Velcro straps to keep the cover secured in place


  • Starts drying out around the corners after 1 year of use
  • The seams are not watertight 

Enemies of your beloved grill machine must be dealt with caution. The harshest enemy to attack will be an unbeatable one - the weather. It will not only damage your grill, but will also ruin the wires, the handles and everything that keeps your grill running. This is why you need to put up a strong barrier against it.

The Char Broil Grill Cover we have here is the perfect material for you to protect your grill machine with. It is suitable for machines that have 2 burners. Nothing will be able to penetrate it. The material is polyester, with a thickness measure of 300D. 

It also has a PVC coating on top of it, which helps it to stay safe against all the unpredictable attacks of nature. The material is very breathable and durable. You will never have to lift up the cover to find a layer of mildew messing up the hygiene level of your machine.

This grill cover will fit anything that you have in the dimensions of 32 x 26 x 41.5 inches. The material is heavy and resistant to tears and tugs. There are convenient straps at both sides of the cover that hold it up close to the machine.

During a heavy rainfall, you will have to tighten the knots a little more to ensure that none of the flying debris finds its way into the machine at some awkward angle. 


  • A polyester material of considerable thickness is used
  • PVC coating adds to the resistance power of the material
  • Many straps and loops help to tie down the cover to the machine


  • The grill machine can cut into the cover from the inside 

This is the best looking grill cover in our entire list. Unfortunately, this company has found out that are too many covers made for Weber Genesis E and S series, so they have decided against making covers for them. They have instead, made covers for the Spirit 200/300 series from Weber, and the Genesis Silver A/B series.

The material of the cover is very supreme in quality. It is made from a shiny material that doesn’t let dirt and mud cling to it. You will be able to see the water droplets trickle down its length without getting absorbed at all, the material that so thick and lush.

Needless to say, these covers also have a very strong resistance against the burning UV rays of the sun. This saves their jet black color from fading under the piercing strength of the sunlight in all seasons, all around the year. Additionally, you will get some free attachments with this cover.

Apart from a grill brush, you’ll also be getting BBQ tongs worth 20 bucks inside the package, courtesy of the company.

What makes this cover more worthy of purchase is that it comes with Velcro straps along the sides. These straps keep the cover secured to the machine, and close off all the small corner and openings through which air and dust might have been let in.

Overall, this is a premium cover that will accompany your grill in all kinds of weather extremities.


  • Very heavy-duty and shiny material 
  • Resistant to water, dust, cracks and the sun
  • Comes with free accessories that will be very helpful during and after grilling
  • They stay secure due to the fastenings of Velcro straps


  • Some of these covers come with cracks - carefully check yours before paying 

The main purpose of a grill cover is to protect the grill machine. However, there is no denying the fact that looks matter. If guests come over to your party and see the faded cover that you have out on your grill machine, what will their impression be? Also, your grill machine deserves better. It warrants something that does not fade.

The Unicook heavy-duty cover is an example of this. It is made with an upgraded material which is not just polyester, but a special fade-defying fabric coated with vinyl in order to add to the original strength of the material.

This is a magic material that holds on to its color even if the sun burns directly at it. The cover is waterproof, and resistant to cracks and tears. As a result, it will last you many years without ever having to give it a thought. This is one of the best quality grill covers of all time for any gas grill.

Moving on to the handles and straps - these are also made with the same fabric to ensure an even texture and appearance. There are handles at both the sides, which makes it easy to take off the cover and put it back on as necessary. Because of these, you won’t have to risk getting any tear in the material.

The fastening straps are 1.5 inches wide and they are very convenient to securely tie down the cover so that there are no gaps to let air or moisture enter. Also, there are wide air vents at both sides, which lets just the right amount of air to pass through the material to keep away any stuffy smell or mildew formation.


  • Very thick and protective
  • Conveniently wide straps for fastening the cover securely to the machine
  • Mesh air vents at both sides make the material breathable 
  • Will easily fit any grill with up to 4 built-in burners 


  • The legs of the grill machine remain exposed

Duck covers have nothing to do with ducks. Not that they promise to either. They will only protect the machine that you may perhaps use to grill your deliciously marinated ducks.

DuckCovers have 3 different types under the same model name. The one we got here is what they have called ‘Elite’ and from what we understand, rightly so.

This Elite Duck Cover is made of polypropylene, which is a non-polar element like polyethylene, but the only difference is that it is much stronger and much more resistant. 

Durability of the material is ensured by its capacity to resist the intrusion of water and UV-rays. However, it doesn’t do a very good job at it. The material is resistant to slight weather change, but it can’t withstand weather upheavals like big rainstorms and harsh sunny skies.

It is constructed of a lightweight, enduring material that is very easy to put on; no tugs will be able to tear it. After you pull it over the machine, use the Velcro straps for giving it a tight fit. The width of the straps is 2 inches, which is convenient enough to help you secure the cover over the machine without fearing the wind.

The cover is 67 x 27 x 48 inches but is available in more sizes as well. If you have an unconventional machine that you are facing difficulty in getting a cover for, then this is your final stop. Get in touch with this company, because they might just be able to help you find a suit for your unconventional appliance.


  • Comes in various sizes
  • Resistant to all types of weather
  • Has ultrasonic, durable seams
  • Has 18-inch nylon straps and loops


  • Not as waterproof and fade-defying as promised 
  • The material is thin and eventually tears will appear on it even if it is not handled frequently 

Things To Consider Before You Buy 

No purchase is simple nowadays because there are hundreds of products available in the market today. You have to know the ins and outs of the products that you are spending your money on.

This is why we have created this list of features for you. Now, read on to know what makes a grill cover worth the purchase.

1. Measurement 

The size of the grill cover matters a lot. Before you go out to buy the grill cover, you have to make sure that you have taken proper measurements of the machine. Buy a grill cover that fits the grill just right.

You can’t choose a size smaller or a size bigger than the machine. A small cover, first of all, won’t fit. The grill machine is not just a big square chunk. It is a complicated machine with handles, shelves and bolts that stick out from the machine.

A small sized grill cover will get stuck and may also cause some damage to the machine as you struggle to put it on.

On the other hand, you will have to put up a fight with the extra cloth on the big cover every time you wish to take it off. A lot of air will be let into the machine, and with it, a lot of moisture too. The moisture will cling to the surface of the stainless steel, and eventually cause mold to grow on it.

2. Appearance 

A grill cover must look good! You don’t want an ugly rag to cover your expensive grill machine, do you? We don’t even have to tell you about this. But we just want to point out that there are many types of clothes with which these covers are made. Don’t buy something solely based on the looks.

Touch the cloth and make sure that it’s not the sort that will start growing up fuzz balls. The ideal grill cover is made with cloth that is soft, cool, and smooth. It shouldn’t start leaving out threads that get caught up in the small nooks and bolts of the grill machine. That could result in a disastrous situation; think about it.

Also, make sure that the color is sun-friendly so that it doesn’t start fading with time. 

3. Type of Material

Whether you are a frequent “grilling person” or an occasional one, you will want to buy something that lasts.

So, before you decide to invest your money, you must ensure that you are in the right mindset. What does that even mean?

That means that you need to think about quality, strength. durability. The stitching must be taut, and the material must be a little heavy. This will cost you a few more bucks than the regular clothed covers, but it will be worth it.

Look for polyester covers. Then find the letter ‘D’ on them, which is the indication of the thickness of the cloth. There will be a number beside this D. The higher this number, the thicker will be the material. 600D is the starting point. This is the ideal thickness you want your cover to be.

With this level of thickness, the cover will not try to take flight whenever there’s some wind in the air, neither will it suffocate the machine and cause the warm air to get trapped in and cause it to smell stuffy.

4. Fastenings 

Tie it down. Keep it from budging. This is mandatory. Any unexpected gale might take your cover away, making your grill machine completely exposed to the wind. Velcro straps, buttons or a cinch string will be able to keep it in place.

Best Grill Covers Review

5. Water-repelling

Your grill and moisture - machine mishap. This is a superhero movie and the grill cover are the hero you need. You must choose a grill cover that is waterproof.

6. Sun Protection 

You must not ignore this. Sun protection does seem like an avoidable topic, because we so often forget to put sunscreen on, but remember, for the grill cover, this could be fatal. The sun is very strong, and it glows a burning strength at color.

The appearance of your grill cover can completely be damaged by the power of the sun’s energy. Therefore, you must find out if the grill cover is immune to the sun. And buy it only if it is. Otherwise, your outdoor grill machine will have a faded cover that looks blotchy and age old.

7. Warranty

A grill cover of quality will always come with a warranty. Warranty is a tell-tale sign of whether the grill cover will be able to stay fresh and colorful under the stress of all the weather threats we have just mentioned above. Because manufactures only provide warranty for the items that they have faith in.

Although it is a very small thing, you must not be willing to waste the money by being careless with this. A better idea would be saving money by buying a reliable cover once. You can save money and with it, you might even go out to buy more chicken, and throw a BBQ party in honor of your profitable investment.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need a cover if I keep my grill indoors?

No, if kept indoors, this is not mandatory. However, it will collect a lot of dust by laying around unprotected. So, you will have to go through the trouble of frequently wiping the machine clean with a cotton cloth every few days.

Q2. Are the mesh air ventilation windows necessary? 

If you live in an area where it rains a lot, then particularly choose the covers without the window of mesh. If you live in an area where the air gets very dry, then you will have the need for mesh windows very much.

Q3. Can I buy a grill cover without knowing the dimensions of my machine?

Yes, but only the covers that have a lot of loops and Velcro straps. Also, it’s good to have a guess at the shape. Going too far away from the actual size of the machine will render even the straps and hooks unusable.

Q4. How to prevent mildew from growing? 

You need to light a big fire in the middle of a dry area, and let your cover dry out around it. Then use a rough, old grill brush to brush off the dried mildew. After this, wash it with a powerful detergent and it will be usable again when it dries. Take care to not pull too hard at the cover or it might tear.

Q5. Can I stitch up my ripped cover and continue to use it? 

Yes, but that will not give you enough protection from water and dust. You will need to get a new cover pretty soon, there’s no working around it.

Final Words: Hope this article was able to save you the trouble of further research. We have tested some products ourselves and collected information on the ones we couldn’t get our hands on by reading all the best grill cover reviews we found.

Make an educated judgment on your purchase, and you can’t go wrong. Best of luck!

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