Weber Original Kettle Premium Weber 14401001 Charcoal Grill 22 Review

Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-Inch

Weber Company has grown popular in the recent past due to the production and supply of its great products. This Weber original kettle premium Weber 14401001 model is among the top charcoal grills that place Weber on the top pages of media.

The design of this grill has been praised for decades without facing any dispute. It constitutes a substantial percentage of its areas of strengths. Both mobility and flexibility are featured smartly in this best smoker grill.


When you have planned and all that is left for you is to invest in a best smoker of your dream, Weber should ideally be among your priorities. It is a grill with all the potential to transform your grilling experience. Leaving this grill out of your budget is, therefore, something you should consider a sin to yourself.

It is sensible to justify reasons why you should purchase this equipment so as to consider your decision “sound.” Read on to find out why.

Why Should You Pay For This Weber 14401001 Charcoal Grill?

We recognize the worth of your money, which is why we must prove that this product will deliver money-worth service. First, hearing the name “Weber” is closely paired with excellent smoking abilities. 

We testify this on the basis of the reviews and feedback from previous consumers. To be precise, this is the main feature of Weber, and more specifically this model number 14401001.

The make is modern and complies to the technological standards of most homes today. It is meaningless paying for a grill that is sub-standard and that which does not lead to pleasure. When you grill or smoke with Weber 14401001 premium model, both the process and end-results are also premium class.

Both grilling and smoking capabilities are inclusive in this single model. In performing any of these functions, your convenience and comfort are the ultimate priorities of the brand.

There are many other reasons, apart from these few, why you should work tooth and nail to obtain this Weber grill. What you have to bear in mind is that the model takes the lead among the leaders. So there is zero possibility that you will ever regret buying this great grill.

Key specifications of Weber 14401001 Grill

Product Specification:

  • check
    Has 363 square inches of total primary grilling space.
  • check
    22-inch diameter.
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    Assembled dimensions are 22.5 x 38.5 x 27 inch.
  • check
    Item model number 14401001.
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    Item weighs 32.3 pounds.

Features and Benefits of the Weber Original Kettle Premium

The manner in which this Best Weber Smoker Grill is designed is rather unique and excellent for majority of grills. Porcelain enameled lid and bowl features the top part of the grill that are removed for way and efficient loading. 

These are perfectly compatible with the taste of the grill, giving it a round and wonderful shape.

Long lasting Nylon handles that are heat resistant to enable you grill through extreme temperatures without being affected by the temperatures. You can easily handle your Weber original kettle charcoal grill even if it is at the highest temperature, courtesy of the lid shield.

Additionally, aluminum vents are well fitted to perform an imperative function of regulating temperature. This greatly supplements the function of internal heat thermometer for the finest results

You can make use of this temperature control system to increase or decrease the cooking temperature to get exactly what you desire.

Company's 10 year limited warranty assures quality and long-term service with no worries at all. With this charcoal grill, idea service is guaranteed in fullness. In case of any problem arising from product manufacture, feel free to contact the manufacturer. 

If so affirmed within 10 years, you will get your full refunds or immediate replacement depending on your decision. (When I'm writing this review Weber gives 10 years limited warranty.) 

The price at which this kettle grill is sold is actually an uninvolving way of expenditure. The price is quite cheap and affordable, despite an array of great features and benefits. 

It looks great and compatible with your lawn which means you will obviously enjoy its use. Place your order from Amazon today and watch out for both short-term and long-term results.

The Most Probable Buyers of This Weber Original Kettle

  • Non-gamblers: People who are looking for the surest way of smoking and grilling free from regrets deserve this particular grill. The best smoker grill comes with a limited 10 year warranty which is a proof of quality service. In case of any problem arising from the product manufacture, you can easily return the grill for full refund of replacement.
  • Home-based users and lovers of smoking: These potential users are at an upper hand of benefiting because the grill features a unique and attractive design. The smoker fits perfectly in the lawn and appears great in the evenings. The primary smoking and grilling space is just enough for medium sized families.
  • Convenience seekers: One of your priorities is definitely to find a smoker you can use in a stress-free and hassle-free manner. Features such as easy ash-removal and cleaning increase user-convenience. The lid mountain temperature gauge also allow for user-convenience because chances of over-cooking and over grilling are minimal.
  • People who need to smoke and grill using single equipment: The use of a single unit for purposes grilling as well as smoking is enabled by this great grill. This versatile feature enables users to save a great deal of their income by simply purchasing one unit for both purposes. If you need to buy a single appliance and have all your needs catered for, we recommend this model of charcoal smoker.

What Shows That The Weber 14401001 Grill is Functional?

Weber is a company that has been reputable for quite a long time. The company is based in US and is trusted by all US citizens for meeting the needs of varied consumers. The company regards consumer needs more important than any other consideration. This is why they decided to avail this Weber Kettle grill.

We held an unstructured interview with a team from Weber. To our surprise, both employees and employers from the company were required to purchase and use any equipment before selling it.

According to our findings, every member should first of all be satisfied with the quality and functioning of such equipment. It is only then that the company can supply that appliance to the rest of the consumers. 

This was enough evidence that possibilities of scam and counterfeit products are nowhere close to Weber.

Pros and Cons of Weber 14401001 Original Kettle


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    The grill has excellent cooking abilities. 
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    Easy cleaning and ash removal makes the kettle grill user-friendly.
  • check
    Versatile grilling equipment for both smoking and grilling.
  • check
    10 year limited warranty is a proof of quality. (When I'm writing this review Weber gives 10 years limited warranty)


  • Three leg design is not very unstable.
  • The lid mounted temperature gauge does not function effectively.


In a nutshell, Weber original kettle premium Weber 14401001 model is among the best models produced by the company. The above review is adequate to inform your choice. Versatility and long-term service are also among the features that place this Weber grill at the top position above others.

If you are among the above mentioned prospective users, you have a chance to benefit from the above features. Getting one of your own is fast and easy. All you need to do is make an order from Amazon.

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