KitchenAid Grills vs Weber and NexGrill: The Ultimate Fight

KitchenAid Grills VS Weber and NexGrill: The Ultimate Fight

Summer weekends are all about sunshine on your back, kids playing behind you, and neighbors judging your cooking style on your grilling machine for the umpteenth time.

It's the time for serving great grilled food to your family, friends, and occasionally annoying neighbors.

In this article, we bring you the perfect solution to your criticism-free afternoon with the ultimate fight, aka Kitchen Aid Grills vs. Weber and Nex Grill, so that you can choose the better weapon for the barbecue blast.


Get to Know Reigning Champ: KitchenAid

KitchenAid grills are manufactured by NexGrill under a different name.

They share several features; however, KitchenAid's grills should be the benchmark while comparing it to the other two grills. They're like the flagship appliances. It'll cost you, but the performance would be well worth the investment.

Here, we specify two KitchenAid grills to show you why it should be considered the benchmark.

KitchenAid 720-0787:

  • It has three burners rated at total 36,000 BTU
  • Main grilling area of 483 square inch
  • Also has two side tables
  • Grill grates are stainless steel
  • Even heat design
  • Electronic continuous ignition
  • Side burner adds more convenience

KitchenAid 720-0745:

  • It has four burners totaling at 48,000 BTU
  • The grilling area is of 522 square inches
  • Stainless steel wrapped grill grates
  • 15,000 BTU/hr infrared sear station
  • Infrared real-burner at 13,000 BTU/hr
  • Grilling power at 76 BTU/hr per square inch of grilling area
  • Electronic continuous ignition
  • Convertible to natural gas

First Contender: Weber Genesis

For comparison, there are two proper genesis grills whose specifications are mentioned below.

Weber Genesis II E-310:

  • Three burners totaling at 38,000 BTU
  • Primary cooking area of 513 square inch
  • Infinity ignition
  • It has a grease management system
  • Also, flavorizer bars
  • Even heat cooking system
  • Two side tables
  • iGrill 3 compatible
  • All parts are durable and long-lasting

Weber Genesis II E-410:

  • Four burners totaling at 48,000 BTU
  • Primary cooking area of 646 square inch
  • Infinity ignition
  • Heat design is even
  • It has flavorizer bars
  • iGrill compatible
  • Two side tables
  • Grease management system
  • Durable and reliable parts

Second Contender: Nex Grill

Typically, Nex grills are all the same as gas grills. Nonetheless, we listed its specifications at a glance for you to judge.

Nexgrill 4-Burner:

  • Four burners totaling at 60,000 BTU
  • Burners are stainless steel tubular
  • Primary grilling space is 462 square inches
  • Total cooking area of 644 square inches
  • Electric ignition (AA-Battery)
  • Stainless steel wrapped cooking grates
  • Enclosed cabinet
  • Runs on propane gas

First Fight: Kitchen Aid Vs. Weber Genesis

Many features differ within these two grills. To make it easier for you, we chalked up all the differences and some similarities.

Fuel Type:

Color Options:

  • Weber Genesis comes in black color or stainless steel color.
  • However, KitchenAid grills are only in stainless steel color.

Cooking Area:

  • KitchenAid grills have less square inch at just 483 in the cooking area.
  • In this case, Weber leads this criterion by boasting a cooking area of 513 square inches.

Ignition System:

  • KitchenAid has an electric ignition.
  • Weber Genesis II also has an electric ignition, but it is called infinity ignition. Moreover, Weber guarantees their grills will light up every time.

Grill Bars:

  • KitchenAid grills have stainless steel grates. Also, KitchenAid has round rods like most grills.
  • On the other hand, Weber Genesis has porcelain cast-iron grates or angled stainless steel as their bars. Moreover, Weber has flavorizer bars that let the grease flow away from the burners and not drip into the fire.


  • Both types of grill offer the same number of burners as well as similar BTU's for similar models.
  • KitchenAid grill needs a side burner, whereas it is optional for Weber Genesis.

Grease Management System:

  • KitchenAid grills do not have a drip pan so grease can flow over into the burner.
  • Weber has a drip pan that channels away grease from the burners. As a result, no flare-ups in your grill. Before that, however, grease usually burns to smoke and sizzle, which then creates a smoky flavor into your food.


  • At an additional cost, Weber offers iGrill three, app-connected thermometers, which can help monitor the cooking temperature of your meat. Besides, the app has great recipes and cooking tips. 
  • KitchenAid grills are not compatible with such apps or techs.


  • Weber uses better quality parts and is durable for a long time. It also gives a 10-year guarantee (subject to change at any given time) on all parts.
  • KitchenAid offers warranty only on select parts, however, has a seven day a week customer service to help you set up and operate your grill, and also share cooking advice.

Second Not Much Fight: KitchenAid VS NexGrill

There is hardly any comparison between these two grills as both are quite similar in parts and features and few differences.

  • Both grills have a side infrared sear burner.
  • Also, these two come with limited warranties.
  • They use stainless steel wrapped grilling grates.
  • Although NexGrill is a cheap product, KitchenAid competes with Weber in the price range.
  • The NexGrill weighs less than 100 pounds with less metalwork for an outdoor grill.

More features that are the same in functions are listed above in their specifications.

It is a very short fight as both come from the same manufacturer.

Winner-Winner: What a Griller

According to our preference, we declare Weber as the champ in this ultimate fight of KitchenAid grills vs. Weber and NexGrill.

Weber Genesis can be your best griller to showcase at your gatherings. It has many features that will compliment your cooking style.

Moreover, it is a very safe choice as it keeps a note of grease drips and, more likely to save you from fire hazards. Coming on top in two essential categories makes it an excellent choice for professional and newbie grillers alike.

Thus, you should choose a functional yet safe weapon for your barbecue blast.

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