Best Pellet Smokers Reviews – Buying Guide: What is the Best Smoker to Buy?

In this updated pellet smokers reviews, our focus is on making clear everything about the best pellet smokers and eliminating ambiguities. We have a list of favorite selections from the most reputable brands in the US and beyond. 

In addition to this, we have sufficient reasons to justify our selections and suggestions. Of course, we do all these with one basic purpose - to make you, the potential buyer, the surest consumer of the best pellet grills


The realm of smoking has continued to turn into myth-laden with the stretch of time. As of now, it is growing into a mysterious type day by day. Correspondingly, the need to upgrade the cooking setup of your backyard continues to broaden and you’d certainly not embrace defeat.

Cheap pellet smokers are countable among the earliest cooking equipment yet their potential to match the zest of enthusiasts remains unchanged.

In view of the complexity of smokers nowadays, we are doubtless this systematic review provides all details you require. Upon reading through it, yours will be a well-grounded decision. So, here it is:

Why Should You Trust Us to Get the Best Pellet Grills?

When looking for a good smoker, nothing else assures certainty than meeting and having a direct conversation with an expert. And for sure, no other expert is as experienced with top rated pellet smokers as we are. In this regard, the basis of our judgment is our own firsthand experience and love for smoking and grilling.

Notably, we are among the most updated reviewers giving the latest information on the leading competitive pellet smokers. To put it differently, all our reviews are based on full evidence. 

Therefore, the pellet smoker we recommend is most probably what you will find in the store. So this is where the absolute truth about pellet smokers resides.

This aside, we regularly make improvements and update you on anything to do with the best smokers. What then would compromise your trust in us? Considering all things in general, we are your ultimate source of direction to get the pellet smokers. We always promise not to betray your trust in us.

History of Pellet Smokers

What we currently recognize as advanced pellet smokers have their genesis in simple pellet stoves about 5 decades ago. The need for alternative sources of heat started from the 1970s oil crisis. Consequently, wood pellets came into existence.

Thereafter, pellet smokers came into use when the two men (Jerry Whitfield and Joe Traeger) experimented using pellet-burning stoves. They recognized a significant difference between the pellet-burning stoves and conventional wood stoves, though both of them outwardly appeared relatively similar.

Markedly, the pellet stoves were motor-driven and were powered by an auger. This aided in delivering the required quantity of pellets to a fire pot from the storage hopper. In the fire pot, a fan facilitated combustion by blowing the warm air out of the stove.

The Latest Pallet Smoker

As time went by, both pioneers continued to integrate improvements which have led to the present-day pellet smoker. That is to say, pellet smokers evolved from automated grills to the true set-it and forget it with relatively enhanced controllers.

The initial analogue smokers with three-position controllers comprised of settings for smoke, bake and grill. This was followed by multi-position controllers which featured 8-10 temperature settings and LCD display at 25 degrees’ Fahrenheit increments.

Pellet Smokers Today

Most of the present-day pellet smokers make use of PID algorithmic technology. Users are now able of setting the smoker at 5 degrees’ increments. With this, it becomes easier to achieve the most precise cooking you desire.

Additionally, many of the current pellet smokers have integrated probe thermometers. These meat probes are advanced in such a way that users can easily program them to lower the cooking temperature when food is ready.

In a nutshell, the present pellet smoker is quite advanced in terms of efficiency, convenience and even versatility.

Top 5 Pellet Smokers

We are committed to helping you make a quick choice and remain clear on it. Thus, we have identified five best but a little bit different smokers for you. Definitely, our selection is considerate of multiple and diverse consumer needs. 

However, we have not compromised quality and convenience in any way. In fact, the difference among them is notable, yet also does not compromise your desires.

1. Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

This pellet smoker is outstandingly characterized by its portable Wi-Fi control and remote operational mechanism. Moreover, experts have utilized modern technology to enhance portability using foldable legs.

Other elements inclusive are meat probe, rib racks, convenience tray having utensil hooks, a peaked lid among other numerous accessories. In the final analysis, this smoker is quite convenient for both home use and other activities and festivities. Read more...

2. Traeger TFB42LZBC Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Among the best wood pellet smokers, this model tops on the list. Most significantly, this grill is fueled up by complete pure hardwood pellets which in turn enriches food flavor.

Additionally, its operation is even made easier with the digital elite controller which works like an oven. Users achieve mobility with this smoker using its front wheels, while the smoker is sizable for most home users. Read more...

3. Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker

Camp Chef pellet grill and smoker is used to accomplish grilling, smoking and baking a wide variety of foods. It has accessories such as the Rack, Sear Box, Pizza Stone and Front and Side shelves, which makes your grilling process heightened. Its patented ash clean out makes your cooking neat and organized.

The smoker is offset-made, featuring a design in which food smokes in a long and horizontal chamber. This in turn increases your BBQ capacity. Read more...

4. REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill Technology

The pellet smoker features a great design and ability to maintain consistent cooking temperature. As a matter of fact, using this smoker only requires you to set your fire and forget.

Additionally, the smoker is characterized by high quality results marked by a six-year warranty. Moreover, the hopper capacity of this REC TEC wood pellet grill is 40 pounds. Read more...

5. Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler

This a strong pellet grill with a total cooking surface of 700 sq. inch. It comprises of cast iron grids coated with porcelain for both protective a quality purpose. Equally important, the smoker uses a digitally controlled and efficient burn system.

It also uses 100% natural wood pellets which significantly enhances food test. Added to the fact that the smoker is durable, its entire design is innovative. Read more...

Buying Guide: So What Should You Look for When You’re Buying Your Pellet Smoker?

At this point, you are in dire need of a smoker for whichever purpose. Before you start exploring the market, there are a number of points you have to put into consideration before bringing your pellet smoker at home. 

In the first place, why would you buy a pellet smoker anyway? This question will guide you in smoothly navigating your priorities and ultimately coming up with an informed decision.

Unlike a purchaser who has little or no information is likely going to end up in regrets. Certainly, you don’t want to go that direction because you are not a looser but a winner. Now, take some seconds and look at a few things you will attentively consider to get the exact smoker.

1. Ease of Use and Convenience

Usability of a smoker, or any equipment, will affect you wholesomely. You might come to realize after purchase that you made a blunder for buying a smoker that you cannot use. For this reason, make sure the model you choose is considerate of whoever will be using the smoker.

Furthermore, if you are stranded between two smokers, remember your level of expertise as well as where you’ll be using it. Experts can enjoy using even complex smokers with advanced operational mechanism. For the newbie, better look for something simple, you will upgrade with time.

2. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is a significant part of your decisions, especially when making decisions to do with your finances. First of all, it is worth noting that cheap is often expensive. However, this does not apply in all circumstances.

In effect, cheap can simply mean cost-friendly which does not dig deeper into your budget. Nevertheless, most expensive smokers consistently manifest advanced functionality and features. In this regard, your goal is to get exactly what will fulfill your needs and demands without necessarily overpaying.

This is why we recommend that you make comparison between different brands and choose that which satisfies you completely. At this point, you can now buy from a brand that sells smokers at a lower cost.

3. Online Reviews and Rating

The reviews and ratings about a smoker are directly proportional to the quality and convenience of that smoker. Because we review various smokers and rate based on our expertise and prevailing facts, you have all reasons to trust us. 

They are consistent reflections of what previous customers of similar smokers have experienced as far as the smoker is concerned.

Additionally, a smoker that is good has a better stars rating as compared to a lower quality smoker. Now, when you are about to buy a smoker and meet negative comments from customers, you might have to rethink your decision. This is especially when such comments concern quality and the level of functionality.

However, we don’t advise choosing perfectly reviewed smokers only because they may be hard to come across. Bottlenecks are opportunities for improvements. Your task is to be as clear as possible with the features that interest you most.

If there is no limitation that directly affects your desires and needs, it might be wise to base your decision on the strengths. In other words, always have a positive mind when considering a smoker to buy.

4. What is the Intended Purpose of the Smoker?

What you intend to do with your smoker also counts a lot when going to the market. Of course, we acknowledge the fact that most smokers are multi-purpose. However, that does not necessarily imply that any smoker can perform any function.

Specialty of the pellet smoker is what counts. You might be intending to intention to use your smoker primarily for grilling. 

Thereupon, make a selection from the top rated pellet smokers that grills better than it smokes or bakes. In the same way, if your ultimate intention is to smoke, buy a smoker rather than a grill.

Lastly, varied user categories benefit differently from different types of smokers. For instance, bigger families and restaurant owners would optimally benefit from a bigger-sized smoker. 

Conversely, smaller and medium-sized families stand a chance to derive satisfaction from smaller and convenient smokers.

5. Brand Reputation and Quality of the Smoker

Your money is worth of a good and satisfactory smoker. For no reason should you buy a smoker that will dumb you and betray your desires. Therefore, prior to buying a smoker, be sure that your brand of choice is undoubtedly outstanding.

Looking at the best pellet smoker reviews, you realize that specific brands are recognized for high quality products. In fact, talking of a brand like Camp Chef is inseparable from the word quality pellet smoker.

Not to forget, highly reputable brands are certified, well known, which means that they are not ready to dissipate their name. That is why, many a times, they have a product warranty as a way of assuring quality of their products.

What is a Pellet Smoker and How Does Pellet Smoker Work?

A pellet smoker in the present-day context refers to a thermostatically controlled smokers or grills with a pellet feed command system. This system relies on the temperature sensor inside the cooking box for adjustment and regulation.

In other terms, a pellet smoker functions in the same way as oven. All you have to do is simply set the cooking temperature and its cooking system auto-kicks on and off to maintain your set temperature point. 

An LED display is also integrated to show your set temperature. The best competition pellet smokers allow for easy toggling between your set temperature and the actual temperature readings obtained from the internal thermostat.

There might be a slight fluctuation when switching or off the controller. However, most advanced touch-pad controllers are better able to withstand fluctuations as opposed to the indoor oven.

Most recent pellet controllers come with integrated probes thus, allowing you to monitor the internal temperature of your BBQ. Of late, pellet smokers come with wireless remote control and monitoring from using your Smartphone or tablet.

Is it a Smoker or a Grill?

The question as to whether pellet smokers as simply smokers or grills has trended for quite some time. Finally, we have found the answer. Because of its multipurpose nature, manufacturers have consistently advertised this equipment both as a grill and a smoker.

Considering the role that each one will plays best place this equipment in its category. Searing is one function a grill performs best. But does this pellet equipment sear and steak better than a charcoal grill? Or even a gas grill with a sear burner?

Certainly, this equipment lags behind on this particular function. Because a charcoal grill selling at around $20 will sear better than this pellet equipment. But when it comes to smoking, this is where the smoker overwhelmingly wins.

For this reason, it is wiser and rational thinking of it as a superbly-designed indirect heat convention smoker. It is therefore, more of a smoker than grill, based on the function it performs best. However, this definition doesn’t eliminate it from the list of possible grills.

How to Use a Pellet Smoker?

Using a pellet smoker is somehow technical if you are a beginner. This is because there are many things you have to do with your smoker right from assembly to the end of food preparation. Let us delve through the steps of using pellet smoker one by one.

Assemble the Smoker:

  • Start the assembly process by attaching the legs. This is done by laying the smoker on its back and fixing the legs. Ensure that the legs with wheels are attached on one side and are opposite to each other. The wheels should be attached facing out. Stand up the unit and tighten the all its hardware.
  • Attach the chimney and chimney cap by installing it directly to the grill. Be sure to tighten the hardware. Then you can adjust the height of chimney cap as you deem appropriate in summer and winter. We recommend that in the summer, you adjust the gap at approximately 1-½”. In the winter, ½” is ideal.
  • Install the heat deflector and the drip tray, followed by the handle, the shelf, grease bucket, warming rack, cooking grate and ash cup.
  • Clean out the pot knob and the burner prior to starting the grill. Remember to close the burner clean out pot and lock it before actual grilling.

Fill the Auger Tube:

Once you have assembled your pellet smoke, the nest step is to fill the auger tube. Similarly, you will have to fill it when it has run out of pellets. To accomplish this, here is the procedure.

  • Fill the auger tube until the pellets reach the burner. To do this, turn the dial to the FEED position and hold in the bypass button for about 3 seconds.
  • The auger will remain on for less than 5 minutes, during which the pellets will have reached the burner.
  • Open the burner clean-out by pulling the knob on the right side of the grill.
  • Wait to hear the dropping of pellets into the cup. At this point, you can close the clean-out port by simply pushing the knob on the right side of the grill.
  • Now you can select your preferred cooking temperature. Ensure that the ash cup is in its right position.

Emptying the Hopper:

The grill comes with a hopper drain to instantly drain the pellets from the grill hopper. Follow these steps to safely empty the hopper:

  • Unplug the grill from the source of power.
  • Using hanged bucket or a box, catch the pellets coming from the tube on the rear side of the hopper.
  • Lift the pullout lock on the left side of the hopper and then pull the hopper clean-out knob.
  • Remove the auger guard out of the hopper. Ensure that the grill is off to remove the auger.
  • Sweep the pellets remains in the hopper and drain them too at the drain hole.
  • Replace the auger guard.
  • Push the hopper clean out knob in and then lock it in place using the pullout lock.

Cooking Process:

Once you have properly filled the auger tube with pellets, you are ready to start cooking. At this point, you need to select your preferred cooking temperature from the 13 cook settings. They range from low smoke to high smoke with figures from 175 to above 500.

By simply selecting any temperature among these, the smoker automatically switches to startup mode. Its digital readout will display the reading.

“START” for about 8 minutes during its startup cycle. After the 8 minutes’ elapses, readout will display the internal cooking temperature inside the grill.

Conveniently, you can change the dial at any given time either within the startup cycle or during the cook cycle. This allows you to re-select better cooking temperature settings. Out port when the grill gets hot.

For preparing meat to grill you may need a grinder.

Shutting Down the Grill:

When you are through with your cooking, turn the dial to the shutdown setting. The digital readout will immediately display the reading “DOWN”. 

While in this mode, the fan remains on for exactly 10 minutes. In so doing, it finishes up the burning of any pellets remaining inside the burner. It is during this period of time that the grills down.

After 10 minutes, the digital readout and the auger will also turn off. At this point, turn off the main power switch. Before using the grill, turn the power switch off and on.

Now, you are done with cooking using the best wood pellet smoker. What remains is your decision to purchase from Amazon. Trust that our reviews give the ultimate direction towards fulfilling your needs and desires.

Pros and Cons of a Pellet Smoker


  • check
    Pellet grills are versatile. You can use them to perform a wide range of kitchen tasks including roasting, grilling and smoking among others.
  • check
    Pellet grills preheat fast. It’s designed in such a way that it avoids flare ups.
  • check
    Its thermostatic control in the cooking chamber sends accurate and precise signals to the controller thus regulating pellet delivery.
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    There’s no fear of uneven cooking or overcooking because it works like an oven.
  • check
    You can obtain a variety of flavors using pellet smokers including hickory, maple, alder, pecan, cherry, mesquite apple, bourbon etc.
  • check
    Some brands offer cold smokers to the users as an additional accessory. This is perfect for cheese or Nova Scotia-style salmon.


  • Pellet grills entirely depend on electricity which limits their portability. For this reason, you need an inverter or a generator in case you have to use in the absence of electricity.
  • They are marketed as grills. On contrary, they lack grill marks. This might get against consumer expectations.
  • Pellet grills are more expensive than most other types of smokers and grills.
  • An increase in their cooking temperature reduces the amount of smoke generated.
  • The higher the cooking temperature, the lower the rate of smoke production while smoking. So the best smoke generated will be at 250 degrees.

Electric Smoker vs Wood Smoker vs Pellet Smoker

Basically, there are considerate differences between electric smokers and pellet smokers. In the same way, there are differences between pellet smokers and wood smokers. 

Although the differences are numerous, what we have outlined in this article only surrounds important aspects. These include of ease of use convenience, temperature control, price, flavor and safety.

We have described these differences as follows:

1. Ease of Use and suitability

Electric smoker is perfectly convenient because it’s automatic and requires less involvement as compared to wood or pellet smoker. Wood smokers require a lot of involvement such as chopping wood while electric smoker simply requires electricity.

Additionally, using pellet smoker is much easier compared to wood smoker. Both pellet smokers and wood smokers, however, are technical when it comes to the loading process. For the electric smokers, the loading process is easier and faster.

Lastly, electric smoker is simply “set it and leave it smoker”. On contrary, wood smoker and pellet smoker requires commitment before and during the cooking process.

2. Versatility

Both electric and pellet smoker are versatile when it comes to performing different types of cooking. You can use them for grilling, smoking, roasting and baking among other tasks. This is because of a range of options available on the wood smoker.

Generally, versatility varies from smoker to smoker. Here, we rank the order of versatility from electric smoker to pellet smoker and lastly, wood smoker.

3. Flavor and Smell

Wood flavor is the goal of every BBQ. When it comes to the aspect of flavor, wood smoker produces a perfect flavor and smell. On contrary, pellet smokers are suitable in the production of good flavor but not as god as wood smokers.

Of the three smokers, electric smokers are the least in terms of flavor. In this regard, electric smoker is the least and wood smoker is the best. Pellet smoker is averagely placed in between the two smokers.

4. Temperature Range and Control

Pellet smokers have a wide temperature range compared to any other smoker. They allow for easier temperature regulation and adjustment. However, for the charcoal smoker, this is different. The user has to be there to regulate the temperature because it depends on the burning of the wood.

Even though, temperature regulation also varies significantly between an electric smoker and pellet smoker. Regulating electric smoker is somehow easier as compared to the regulation of pellet smoker.

Temperature range is higher in electric smoker than any other smoker. However, pellet smokers are capable of sustaining high temperatures because they can reach 500 degrees or above.

Read about meat thermometer here.

5. Cost

It is not surprising that pellet smokers are costly compared to any other smoker. It is hard to come across a smoker selling anywhere lower than $500. Others sell even beyond $1000. The high price is due to the high mechanism involved.

On the other hand, electric smoker is readily available at a much cost-effective price. You can easily get one with any amount between $100 and $500. Conversely, wood smokers are relatively lower than both electric and pellet and electric smoker.

6. Safety

When it comes to safety of using a smoker, electric models obviously take the lead. In fact, you can use most of them indoors without any worries. They are insulated and generally user friendly.

On the other hand, pellet smokers and wood smokers are best suited for outdoor use. Using them in the indoors might easily lead to dangers such as accidents. Even though electric smokers are the safest, pellet smokers are far much safer and secure compared to wood smokers.

Who are Best Suited for Pellet Smokers?

Pellet smokers are best suited for a multitude of users. Because of a number of features they comprise, it becomes to easier for users to apply it in various contexts. For this reason, we have identified the following user categories as potential users of pellet smokers:

  • People with multiple needs: One of the most important factors to consider when planning buying a smoker is the exact use. For individuals with multiple uses such as restaurant owners, pellet smokers offer the ultimate convenience. By simply buying a single smoker, you stand a chance to smoke, grill, and bake or indeed do anything with it.
  • BBQ Competitors: We have proven from our research that BBQ competitors, in the recent past, have benefited from pellet smokers. In fact, the results have been consistently good. Therefore, BBQ competitors are the potential users of pellet smokers.
  • Smoking enthusiasts: Smoking enthusiasts derive much satisfaction from the process of grilling and smoking among other kitchen activities. If you are so much in love with BBQ, you stand an excellent opportunity to reap from this smoker. Using this smoker, enthusiasts will enjoy regulating temperature, filling the smoker and so on. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t take much time before you learn how to cook with electric pellet smoker.
  • Financially stable users: As we have noted above, pellet smokers are quite involving when it comes to investment. Nevertheless, it is a sure and perfect investment that is worth prior planning. Once you’ve planned and adequately budgeted for it, your BBQ transforms to a totally different level.

Now, you might not want to embarrass yourself with sub-optimal equipment. Instead, if you are financially capable, better set aside a good amount of money and obtain a pellet smoker. Thereafter, you wave bye at all inconveniences and regrets.

Top 10 Pellet Smokers Infographic Design

top 10 pellet smokers


To wrap up the debate about pellet smokers, it is worth noting some of its outstanding features. First, this smoker uses pellets and can function both as a smoker or a grill. It performs multiple functions. However, because it lacks settings for an ideal grill, we have categorized it as a smoker, for which functions it performs the best.

In writing this review, we have analyzed factors to consider when planning buys your model. These include cost, online reviews, purpose, and brand reputation among others. These are the guidelines towards achievement of your ultimate needs.

In comparison with other smokers, though best pellet smokers might not take the lead in all aspects, it’s a convenient smoker. The manner in which it functions is perfect and convenient for almost all categories of users. Despite its high price, buying this product won’t let you down.

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