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Best Instant Read Thermometer in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Nowadays, it is almost absurd not to be using the best instant-read thermometer for cooking. We don’t live in prehistoric times anymore that you can just toss away the quarry onto the fire and be done with it.

Nor do you have to find an excuse for claiming that you are already a cooking expert to tell the perfect temperature.

No matter the circumstances, temperatures do matter when it comes to cooking. It should be a concern because the right temperature enables you to get the most perfectly tender lamb chops or the juicy T-bone steaks that you have been dying to taste.

Here we have compiled a list of the top-rated instant-read thermometers that money can buy.








Intelitopia Meat ThermometerIntelitopia Meat Thermometer

Temperature Range: 32~572 ℉

Bluetooth range: 145-195 feet

Dimensions: 100 x 85 x 40mm

Weight: 460 grams


Habor Digital Cooking Kitchen ThermometerHabor Digital Cooking Kitchen Thermometer

Temperature Range: -49~392°F

Response Time: 5 seconds

Dimensions: 1.2 x 10.4 x 0.6 in

Weight: 0.16 ounces


Cooper-Atkins DFP450W-0-8Cooper-Atkins DFP450W-0-8

Temperature Range: -40~450°F

Response Time: 6 seconds

Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.5 x 0.4 in

Weight: 0.32 ounces


Surround Point DigitalSurround Point Digital

Temperature Range: 4~392℉

Response Time: 4 seconds

Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 1 in

Weight: 3.2 ounces


SMARTRO ST43 DigitalSMARTRO ST43 Digital

Temperature Range: 4~482°F

Response Time: 2 seconds

Dimensions: 8.9 x 0.6 x 1.4 in

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Why Should You Use an Instant Read Thermometer?

What is an instant-read thermometer? Unlike regular thermometers, instant-read thermometers are digital and have the benefit of giving you results right away with perfect accuracy. So, you don’t have to waste an extra minute waiting for your thermometer to hit the last mark or to re-calibrate it.

As mentioned above, these thermometers are your best friend when it comes to providing accurate temperature readings. 

Meanwhile, analog thermometers can take time and can be tricky when it comes to giving the right results. On this account, it takes patience and repetition to get a correct reading from analog thermometers.

Besides, instant-read thermometers are basically a no-brainer, which is why they are so important. Their usage goes further than just measuring temperature for grill and barbecue. Thus, their usefulness far exceeds that of traditional cooking thermometers.

How Does It Work?

It is not rocket science to figure out how to use instant-read thermometers. While you can simply stick the thermometer probe into the food to get the reading, that’s not all. 

At first, you need to be mindful of placing your thermometer in the correct area. If you are trying to get an accurate reading of meat, it is best not to aim for the center since it is not always successful.

The real deal is to hit the probe into the coolest and thickest spot while avoiding any contact with the bone. Also, try to push the probe fully into the meat instead of stopping at the center. Then wait for 3 to 5 seconds for the thermometer to display its result.

5 Best Instant Read Thermometer Reviews 

Buying thermometers shouldn’t be so tricky, especially when you are well informed about the topic and read the reviews. So without further ado, let’s get started with our reviews for the best instant-read thermometers!

Intelitopia Meat Thermometer makes for a phenomenal gadget. It includes six stainless steel probes to help you gauge the temperatures of six different kinds of foods. Again, these probes are color-coded for easy identification, so you do not mix them up.

It can be meat, baked goods, or liquids such as milk that you want to measure, and you can effortlessly do it with the help of these six probes.

Of course, even with six different probes, you need to be wary about the temperature too. Here, temperature reading can reach near perfection accuracy of 99%! With that, the temperatures can range between 0°C to as high as 300°C!

With a level of such accuracy and high-temperature range, you won’t even have to worry about getting any reading wrong.

Accordingly, this thermometer is packed with additional features. It has a smart wireless system, thanks to its Bluetooth functionality. That’s the reason why you can even connect it to your smartphone with the free app, “Tempmeter”.

This allows you the convenience of monitoring the temperature while you are away from the food. Now you shall not face anymore hassle to get up constantly and check the temperature up close.

You can even set your desired temperature of every food from the app. Then the notification system will instantly inform you when it’s done. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting burned nor getting grimy smoke on your face! It has a large LCD to help you stand aside and see the reading from a safe distance.

Regardless of its price, this is easily the best digital instant-read thermometer around.


  • Six colorful stainless probes
  • Bluetooth Smart System
  • Wide LCD


  • Expensive

Reading temperatures hasn’t been faster than it is with Habor Digital Kitchen Thermometer. It has an impressively fast response time of four seconds and an accuracy level of ±1.8°C to complement it!

Don’t underestimate its small size because this thermometer can take care of anything. The food it can handle are steaks, turkey, fish, bread, chocolate, candy, coffee, beer, yogurt, and whatnot.

Next, its temperatures can range between 9.44°C to 200°C. This is a good temperature range, especially if you are a beginner to using thermometers in cooking. 

Similarly, the bright LCD really makes the temperature reading pop out for easy viewing. So, feel free to take it outdoors for picnics or grill and make use of it on your cooking because this is surely the best instant read bbq thermometer.

It also features a convenient probe, which measures 4.8 inches, and it is easily collapsible too. With a sturdy elongated probe like that, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands scorched from the heat! Its telescoping feature gives greater ease of use too.

On the other hand, its feathery weight and the magnetic back lets you easily stick it to fridge doors.

At the same time, its energy-saving mode gives it the benefit of being efficient and utilitarian. It shuts off itself after 15 minutes of remaining idle, so say goodbye to worrying if it is off or not. With such a simple yet effective design, you can use the thermometer anywhere you like.


  • Fast response time
  • Energy efficient
  • Telescoping probe


  • Not as accurate as it claims to be

Cooper Atkins DFP450W-0-8 Instant Read Thermometer exemplifies high value for an inexpensive cost. The temperature range of -40°C to 232°C makes it quite an exception.

Additionally, with an accuracy range of +/- 1°C, it can be hard to argue about any inaccuracies. Apart from the amazing basic functionalities, this thermometer has more to offer for being one of the top-rated instant read thermometers!

It comes with a super quick response time, which is as low as 6 seconds. The crystal clear LCD also provides lots of conveniences, like displaying reading in bold letters and the adjustable temperature settings. 

As you reach to set its temperature, you are going to be informed quickly with its alarm feature! The display would keep flashing until you take notice of it.

Accordingly, it is NSF, CE, WEEE, and RoHS certified, so this means it is carefully designed with hygiene and safety in mind. To illustrate, it banishes the chance of mercury being spilled. It even has an anti-microbial additive to fend off bacteria from growing.

So, how many thermometers can you name that considers such important issues? Among its numerous features, this thermometer also has a battery-saving mode. With a 10-minute automatic shut off, it is capable of conserving energy.

Hence, you can be assured that this product is durable not only because of its build quality, but it has waterproof and dishwasher-safe features too. Furthermore, you can definitely feel adventurous to experiment and use this thermometer any way you want.


  • Certified for safety
  • Alarm feature
  • Good value for money


  • Takes time to show the reading

In this day and age, we are lucky to be blessed with versatile tools such as the Digital Thermometer Talking Instant Read. Even if it is just a thermometer, it has the profound effect of making our lives just a little bit easier. With this device, you are guaranteed to take your cooking game to the extreme.

Impressively, this thermometer has a temperature range of -50°C to 300°C. With almost no guesswork, you can easily take a temperature reading with total precision! It can vary only by +/- 1°C at temperatures from 20°C to 200°C and +-2 degrees when it comes to the rest of the temperatures.

However, you can easily alleviate the readings by considering the temperature deviations. Also, this tool can give you results in just about 4 seconds! You won’t even have to think about battery wastage with its automatic on and off function.

Additionally, you can easily switch temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit with a push of a button. These practical features really help to create delicious recipes such as pot roast and baked ribs that you have been yearning to make.

Besides, this device has got some crafty features. One of its noteworthy features is the talking function that can mimic a virtual assistant. The voice instantly lets you know about the set temperature once it has reached. This comes with a very handy feature, especially when you are using it at night and outdoors.

Thus, this little accessory is excellent for chefs or amateurs alike! Perhaps this can be the best instant read cooking thermometer that you have always wanted.


  • Talking function
  • Switching temperatures
  • Instant temperature reading


  • Flimsy build quality

If it is a gourmet meal you plan to make, look no further then SMARTRO ST43 Digital Thermometer to guide you. If there were one word to describe this thermometer, it would be “superb”. It is all because this device only delivers superb results with perfect accuracy and excellence.

Thus, it is possibly one of the best kitchen thermometers in the market. Its responsiveness is unmatched because this can display temperature reading in just two seconds! For further accuracy, you can wait for about 3-7 seconds. The 3.4-inch foldable, slim probe helps to accentuate it even more! 

Not to mention the way it is crafted with food-grade 304 stainless steel, which makes it ideal for professional use! The probe can perfectly penetrate the food to get the temperature right away.

Likewise, it comes with an ergonomic design and a wide temperature range between 20°C to 250°C. It is shock-resistant, cleans easily, and can display temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

At the same time, it provides a wide range of options from which you can check the temperature. For instance, it can be grilling, baking, brewing, frying or smoking, etc. Now, you can make anything without any worrying or striving to avoid overcooked food.

This thermometer is also technologically advanced to feature LED-backlit display and touchscreen. The touchscreen enables you to unlock the screen or to hold the current temperature reading. And the automatic turn off battery saver mode is also very useful to have as usual.

Similarly, the large 1.8-inch display also helps everything in the process from the sensitive touch system to the crispier view of the LED screen.


  • Touchscreen and backlit display
  • LED screen for a clear view
  • Good temperature reading


  • Switching off problems

Features to Consider Before Buying

We have all been there trying to figure out and consider all the features and countless specifications before buying. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, not especially when it comes to instant-read thermometers. On this account, we present this buying guide to help you understand them better.

1. Temperature 

Should we say more about this? The whole point of thermometers is to measure the temperature. It is no wonder why a thermometer with a high-temperature range is a must-have in any kitchen. 

If you are checking the meat temperature, a temperature range between 0°C to 200°C will suffice. In the case of meat, the temperature varies with the kind of meat, texture, and the recipe that you are cooking.

However, if you are bold enough to make food that requires higher temperature reading, go ahead because you should go for thermometers with a temperature range from below zero to 260°C or above.

2. Reading

In regards to accurate reading, what you want to do here is avoid heat loss. For that, you need to be careful about keeping the temperature consistent. So, don’t go keeping the lid off the pot or grill for too long because it lets the heat escape and can create irregularities to the temperature.

Now, the sooner you take the reading, the better. Hence, don’t wait for the steam to escape and cool off before you attempt to do it. Just stick it quickly on the food while being aware where you place it, and then wait a couple of seconds for the thermometer to register the reading.

3. Quality and Durability

This is obvious since we always strive to get our hands on the best quality products. In that sense, you should be careful about the quality and durability of your thermometer too. After all, we want a thermostat that can handle heat and moisture from high temperatures.

Therefore, it is more than necessary that you get a well-built digital thermometer. Buy the kind that is durable enough to withstand any temperature or any kind of environment, even if it is outside. Of course, it is helpful if the thermometer has other features such as being waterproof or shockproof.

4. Extra Features

You will be bewildered to know how many different kinds of thermometers are there in the market today. The additional features they contain can make them multi-functional and multi-purpose at the same time. Therefore, its capacity can go beyond just temperature reading. 

For example, you can get thermometers nowadays that have wireless and Bluetooth features. If you are an avid camper and cook dinner outside, maybe the ones with backlit displays seem enticing to you.

Besides, who wouldn’t want a thermometer with backlit displays?

After all, it is such a helpful little feature. Then you have thermometers that take precision to the extreme! They can show you temperature close to the smallest decimal; this is definitely useful for professionals.

On the other hand, there are ones with an infrared feature. You might have heard about the one with a motion sensor too. It might not work like a Switch controller as you wish it did. Nevertheless, these thermometers are serious about getting the job done.

However, you have to keep in mind that you have to pay extra cash for the inclusion of additional gimmicks.

Testing the Accuracy of a Thermometer

Accuracy is the most significant factor when it comes to measuring temperature. After all, this is what determines the right temperature. Without correct accuracy of heat, it can potentially turn your barbecue party into a disaster. So, how do you avoid such a fate?

• Calibrating the Device 

For starters, you want to make sure that you calibrate the device before putting it into use. If you doubt that your thermometer isn’t working properly, you should send it to the manufacturer for factory calibration.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not it is accurate, it’s time that you take things a step further and put your thermometer to the test. You can test several ways to know if your thermometer is working correctly. One of them is the “Ice Water Test”, which is the simplest one of them all.

All you have to do is fill an empty glass with ice cubes or crushed ice (preferable) and then pour cold water into the glass. Stir and let the mixture sit for about 20 seconds, which is enough time to let the room temperature adjust.

Then, insert your thermometer probe for about 2 inches into the glass. Stir with the probe for about 15 seconds to get the final reading. Remember, you don’t want the examination to be sitting there idle against the ice or glass surface. Nor let it remain in the water because this can lead to inconsistent reading.

top rated instant read thermometer for grilling

• Boiling Water Test

Secondly, we got the “Boiling Water Test”. If you are feeling extra meticulous about this method, you can make conditions such as atmospheric pressure and altitude level into account. It is also helpful to bear in mind the difference between soft and hard water.

Here’s an example: hard water usually boils at 120°C in a taller pot, but with shorter pot can boil it at 105°C. Anyhow, for the “Boiling Water Test”, you will need to check the boiling point first.

Next, fill a pot with 4 inches of water and boil the water thoroughly with high heat. Then, put the probe into the water for about 2 inches and gently stir for about 10 seconds to get the reading.

• Inaccuracy Issues 

So, what happens if your thermometer is still inaccurate? Besides, how do you understand inaccuracy in the first place? To put this matter to rest, it is okay if your thermostat can vary the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. Even expensive high-quality thermometers can show such temperature deviation.

This is perfectly natural; all you have to do is consider the temperature difference when you take the reading.

The only time you should think of replacing or upgrading your thermometers is when your thermometer is an old model and has enough wear and tear to show higher temperature variation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best instant read thermometers:

Q1. What if the temperature is dramatically different?

If the temperature shows too much difference, it could be due to a few factors. This includes that the thermometer has not been inserted properly, or it has been pushed far into the meat, so it is touching the bone in the process.

Its electrical components can be exposed to water or moisture, as well. Hence, these factors distort the temperature.

Q2. Is there any way to adjust the thermometer?

Yes, it depends on the manufacturer if they make it possible for you to adjust and calibrate the thermometers yourself. However, in some units, it is not possible. So, expect a few degrees of variations if that is how they set the thermometer tolerance. For more information, always check the instruction manual.

Q3. Is it okay to leave the thermometer in the oven?

You shouldn't leave the thermometer in the oven. Indeed, some thermometers are specially equipped for this job.

But these models have probes that are made out of high-quality stainless steel and can work in temperatures up to 400°C. In the case of your standard digital thermometer, it can be damaged or malfunction if left in high temperatures for too long.

Q4. How do I measure the temperature of solid frozen food?

Measuring solidly frozen food is quite a tricky business. You want to be able to reach the center of the frozen food, but it not an easy task with typical probes. Therefore, you would need a specific kind of investigation for this job. One such investigation is the corkscrew probe that can easily penetrate the frozen food.

Conclusion: The purpose of using thermometers is to reduce extra guesswork and to cook more efficiently so that you are fully aware of what you are up to when you are serving your dish.

With some little research here and there, you can surely search for the thermometer that fits your needs. We hope that we helped you find the best instant read thermometer with this article. Good luck!

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