Best Natural Gas Grills For The Money in 2024 (Top 7 Picks)

Top 7 Best Natural Gas Grills for the Money in 2021

Gas grills are in favor now because summertime grilling season is here! Moreover, it’s always a bonus to get more grills for barbeque sessions. And what can be better than crossing out the traditional grill styles and moving towards different ideas?

Instead of using the regular charcoal and propane associated grills, we suggest you opt for the natural ones. This is because natural gas grills are safer, easier, and fall on the inexpensive side. So, you can look forward to a great experience with grilling!

In this regard, we have tried saving your effort and time by providing a detailed analysis of some of the efficient natural gas grills. This will aid you in your search for choosing the best natural gas grills wisely.





Surface (sq in)

Burner BTU

Dimensions (in)

Weight (lbs)



Weber Summit 7270001 S-470Weber Summit 7270001 S-470



38.6 x 30.5 x 52



Weber 66015001 Genesis II E-315Weber 66015001 Genesis II E-315



59 x 29 x 47



Dyna-Glo BlackDyna-Glo Black



52.8 x 22.6 x 46.5



Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS1Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS1


74, 000

28 x 62 x 50



Lion 40 Inch Stainless Steel Natural Gas GrillLion 40 Inch Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill



25 x 63.5 x 48



Broil King Signet 320Broil King Signet 320



62.2 x 23.2 x 48.4



Blaze 32-Inch 4-BurnerBlaze 32-Inch 4-Burner



35 1/2 x 56 1/4 x 22 1/8


Benefits and Drawbacks of Natural Gas Grill

There are two sides to every coin. Similarly, it goes for the natural gas grill, as well. Natural gas grills are efficient in their scope of action, but they may come with some drawbacks also. Before purchasing, make sure you are acquainted with all of these beforehand:


  • The fuel is inexpensive compared to charcoals and propane grills
  • There is no worry of scarcity in the middle of grilling as natural gas grills are attached to the gas system of the house, unlike propane grills. So you don’t have a fear of running out gas frequently
  • You get to decide how much of gas should be distributed, so there is manual control instead of automatic control
  • Easier to use and clean up


  • Not lightweight or easy to carry
  • The gas line of the house should always be available for fuel supply

Hence, considering all the pros and cons of the natural gas grill, you should make your purchase wisely. Thus, you can choose the best grills for the money by understanding all the benefits and drawbacks associated.

7 Best Natural Gas Grills Review

While there are tons of gas grills to choose from, it is always better to pick the one that best suits your needs. To make things easier, we’ve allotted some of the ideal natural gas grills for you to choose from.

If you're looking for an exceptional quality natural gas grill under the optimum budget, Weber Summit is the one. This gas grill has some of the best features you’ll ever find; hence, it’s an ideal option for professionals.

This Summit gas grill is developed with a high-quality and durable cooking system. It makes grilling very easy and comfortable. It includes the gas supply hole, which is very convenient for use.

Likewise, the ideal feature of this gas grill is the amount of space it covers. This is almost 70-inches width and 30-inches of length. Thus, this gas grill makes it super convenient for grilling.

It comes with the usual features of a typical Weber grill like natural convection of airflow and high control of the heat. It is also equipped with a reliable burner ignition system and high-quality stainless-steel burners. There are overall four burners and six AAA batteries that are remarkable at an affordable price.

Accordingly, the Weber Summit varies from other Weber grills by a variety of unique features, including a side burner, a sear station burner, a smoker burner, and a rotisserie burner as well. This makes it convenient to use for any purpose related to variations of grilling.

Moreover, it also comes with a built-in smoker box that aids in adding a smoked flavor to any of your grills.

However, considering all the fantastic features and wide working sphere, the Weber Summit is a unique choice. In terms of activity, the Weber Summit is undoubtedly a high grade built-in natural gas grill.


  • High grade and durable cooking system
  • Variable burners like side, sear station, smoker, rotisserie burner included
  • High quality of heat control
  • Reliable burner ignition system


  • May not be suitable for beginners at grilling

Genesis II is another beauty from Weber and a perfect match for those who love additional features in their grills. As this is equipped with a stainless finish and a durable quality, this gas grill is a must-buy product.

The Weber Genesis comes with a sturdy and robust cooking system for regular grilling. If you’re looking for an everyday griller that works wonders, this is the one.

It not only comes with better heat and ignition systems, but also it has a better working area. The room for enough dishes to be grilled adequately is a plus point of this grill.

At the same time, this natural gas grill has three burner systems, which are provided with a stainless-steel finish and a 48,000 BTU to be exact. Moreover, there is a provision of maximum retention of heat owing to the high-grade cooking grates. A stainless-steel lid also works in retaining the maximum amount of heat.

On the other hand, additional features include the provision of the sear and side burners, which make the grilling game more exciting and enjoyable. Similarly, it encompasses it all, whether it is simmering sauces, searing grill marks, or sautéing vegetables.

However, the addition of a grill cabinet makes things more accessible by providing ample space for necessary accessories. So, with so many points in favor, this stainless-steel grill had been considered under the best natural gas grills in 2018. Undoubtedly, this can be a blind purchase to your grilling needs.



  • Even distribution and maximum retention of heat
  • Durable stainless-steel
  • Three burner system
  • Sear and side burners included
  • Grill cabinet for necessary storage


  • Lacks a rotisserie burner and thus unable to be used in rotisserie

This premium quality grill can be denoted as the best natural gas grill under 500 for being equipped with burners made of stainless-steel. It is driven by the superior quality of the ignition system that adds a new dimension in your grilling game.

Furthermore, this is built-in with an automotive quality of stainless-steel burners and includes a wide range of features. There is a cooking power of about 80,000 BTU precisely. Likewise, it is associated with straight tube burners, side burners, and a rotisserie burner; thus, it possesses electronic ignition.

The cooking space includes about 765 square inches so that there is ample space for the grilling game to go on. There is a provision of three stainless-steel cooking grates, a rack for warming, and a double-wall lid. All these work efficiently in providing a high-performance grill.

However, to make things easier, there is the inclusion of quick connect and gas hose as well. The total control is manual so that you can make selections your way.

Accordingly, infinite settling control valves and electro-pulse ignition have made the manual controls more straightforward. Besides, there is even distribution of heat and maximum retention of heat, which makes the temperature go directly to your food for maximum efficiency.

Hence, keeping all these points in view, it is, therefore, undoubtedly a remarkable grill to have at home. Both professionals and beginners can enjoy this natural gas grill with no hassles at all.


  • Straight tube, side and rotisserie burner included
  • Manual control system
  • Electronic ignition
  • Even heat distribution
  • Stainless-steel finish


  • Does not include a rotisserie kit and should be bought separately

You can consider this remarkable natural gas grill from Napoleon as one of the best natural gas grills under 1000. It comes with large scale cooking facilities associated with premium quality of technology. If you’re looking for natural gas grills but in an innovative design, this is the one.

Napoleon has been renowned for the supreme quality of gas grills for a recent time, and this edition is no exception. This is an authentic stainless-steel grill, comes with six burners and side shelves that aid in storage facilities. It can also be used as a side burner so that you can enjoy maximum facilities in one grill.

Additionally, it’s an authentic versatile grill indeed as it provides scope to use for six to eight different variations of cooking. It is built-in with variable burners in such a way that you can use it for simmering, sautéing, and roasting all in one go. A cutting board is also included to make things more manageable and flexible.

This grill is made of premium quality of stainless-steel to withstand rust and corrosion. Hence, it will last you years, which is a good investment after all. Thus, the WAVE rod cooking grids add an elegant touch to all the other versatile traits.

Also, there is a heavy-duty rotisserie kit included, which saves you from spending any more for obtaining perfectly roasted grills.

Overall, you can say that this is one of the ideal natural gas grills incorporated with an innovative design. Its remarkable features make it appropriate with a price worth it all.


  • Includes six burners with variable functions
  • Side shelves for storage purposes
  • Can be used for simmering, searing, roasting all together
  • Includes rotisserie kit
  • High quality of stainless-steel material


  • Not lightweight and feels very heavy
  • Heat retention tends to be slow

Lion 40 Inch is one of the most innovatively designed stainless-steel editions that comes under cheap natural gas grills. It is associated with excellent durable material and a high-quality cooking system. It can be bought for occasional grilling sessions as well as for novices.

The best and most unique trait of this gas grill is its premium level of efficiency at an affordable budget. It comes with a cooking power of about 75,000 BTU and five burners.

Moreover, all the burners are of highly durable stainless-steel as a result they are very long-lasting, and rustproof. These are also resistant to corrosive damage, as well. 

There is a provision of control valves that mediate the manual system of control over the start-up, and a push to turn the knob system, which facilitates a reliable operating system.

Also, the surface is polished with a beautiful finish of stainless-steel to aid in action, and the stainless-steel is a commercial grade 304, which is the deal at this rate.

Apart from that, you can monitor the temperature of cooking your meal easily through the commercial temperature gauge. There are grilling grates present with supreme quality of stainless-steel, which acts as a resistance to damage and corrosion.

It also comes with various additional features like towel rack, bottle opener, and heavy-duty casters.

Therefore, this is a great deal to consider if you’re an occasional or a novice in grilling due to these attributes. The affordable price point and the multiple benefits are a true match to your requirements.


  • High-Quality stainless-stee
  • Free from rust, corrosion and wear and tear
  • 75,000 BTU power cooking system
  • Five burners including a rotisserie burner
  • Manual control of start-up


  • Lacks rotisserie kits so should be purchased separately

If you’re looking for a durable gas grill with high control of temperature manually, this is the one. This is rated as one of the best natural gas grills in 2018; you can never go wrong with this. Versatile features and sophisticated design has made this a must-have for your backyard grill sessions.

It faces no hassle in connecting to the natural gas supply of the house and is extremely convenient for use. There are three primary burners, all of which are stainless-steel and highly durable.

At the same time, the cook box comes with cast aluminum as the core material. The use of cast aluminum makes it convenient to use for the regular purpose and adds a long-lasting touch to it. It is also extremely efficient in maximum heat retention, so the food stays heated for a much longer time.

Besides, the burners are equipped with dual patent tubes that ensure an even amount of heat distribution throughout the surface. An included rotisserie burner provides an exotic flavor of roast for a long duration of time.

Similarly, the presence of linear valves and touch control knobs make the grilling game stronger and flexible.

In other words, this particular gas grill is a flawless beauty for your backyard, considering its many traits. You will not be disappointed keeping its durable quality and maximum efficiency in mind.


  • Touch control knobs for manual control
  • Supreme quality stainless-steel insert
  • Cast aluminum for better performance
  • Maximum heat retention and even amount of heat distribution
  • Rotisserie burner


  • Lacks a grease tray
  • Does not include a rotisserie kit

Although it ranges to a greater extent at a certain level, this is one of the simplest yet sophisticated grills out there. It has some pretty decent features that make it work smoothly and last a long time compared to most grills.

The Blaze has been in the market for quite a while and has gained some pretty good fame overall. It designs its gas grills as per popularity demands and seems to know just what customers look for. It has straight forward characteristics that do not emphasize too much and delivers exactly as it says.

It is thus a product you can buy, considering all the tricks and treats associated with it.

However, it’s equipped with four burners of the cast and milled stainless-steel of superior quality. The stainless-steel is solid and tends to last for a pretty good time. It includes compartment shields that are very much handy in use and can withstand sufficient wear and tear.

On the other hand, the compartments are very convenient to have while cooking. Moreover, there is a double-walled lid, which aids in the retention of heat as well. The surface provides even distribution of heat so that the food remains heated for a longer duration of time.

A side burner ensures a good pot cooking facility while there is additional room for simmer or sauté. A large two-door cabinet with built-in shelves provides full storage space for tools and accessories.

Finally, considering all its amazing features, it is a great natural gas grill to purchase for your backyard without any doubt. It makes grilling sessions more flexible and enjoyable with highly defined cooking systems.


  • Durable quality of stainless-steel
  • Rust and corrosive damage resistant
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Maximum retention of heat
  • Storage space for tools and accessories


  • Does not include a smoker box
  • Cleaning can be pretty difficult

Things to Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a natural gas grill is not an easy task. Discovering the best natural gas grill for the money you’re spending on can be tiring. It requires a lot of prior knowledge and a detailed analysis of various aspects.

The material, the total power, the number of burners, and many other additional features you need to consider when it comes to gas grills. All these complexities make an unnerving idea, and the task gets harder.

Hence, you should have a minimum idea of the essential factors to consider before buying a natural gas grill. Thus, some of these notable and vital factors are:

1. Size of the Natural Gas Grill

The size of the natural gas grill plays a vital role in your purchase undoubtedly. A gas grill varies from heavy to lightweight, large to small handy sized ones. The purpose of considering the size of the grill is based on what you require.

If you want a small scale cooking range, i.e., for personal uses and small family barbeque parties, a small-sized one will do the work. But if you want it for restaurants or large scale cooking purposes, you have to increase your sphere.

So, you should purchase a gas grill after deciding on your idea of cooking for definite people. While small-sized ones tend to be pretty affordable, it varies from brand to brand. Therefore, you should buy a natural gas grill after deciding on what size to go for in the end.

2. Material

The materials of gas grills vary from stainless-steel, cast iron, aluminum, cast aluminum, etc. All these differ from the point of efficiency and affordability. Stainless-steel tends to be of higher price and quality, while cast aluminum is of poor quality and low price.

If you want to invest in long-lasting and durable quality material, stainless-steel should be the first choice. Stainless-steel grills are not only of lasting quality, but they are highly efficient. They withstand rust and corrosive damage as well as resist frequent wear and tear as well.

Likewise, cast iron has a moderate role for being a long-lasting material. They are quite efficient in their spectrum of action and reliable. They do not get damaged easily, but their repairing is very much of a hassle. Their repair parts are hard to obtain and can be expensive.

The cast aluminum material grills are very low priced and work quite well. However, they are equipped with extremely low durability and tend to break down easily. So, they are not suggested for use in case of regular grilling. Also, their repairing does not last long and ends up breaking for good at one point.

3. Infrared Burner/ Searing Station

Although the most high quality and innovative natural gas grill come with infrared burners or searing stations now, not everyone is comfortable with it. An infrared burner is most suitable to those who are professionals and experts who enjoy cooking fast.

This burner or searing station utilizes radiant infrared energy to heat and cook food. It is using infrared energy aids for faster cooking in rapidly growing higher temperatures.

As it says, good quality comes with a price. Hence, a natural gas grill with an infrared burner tends to fall towards the pricey side. In this regard, you should consider everything before making your final purchase. If you are not an expert in grilling, the infrared burner will appear complicated and difficult for you.

At the same time, if your use is limited to psauté and simmer, it is merely a waste. Similarly, if you do not tend to go for the variable purposes like charbroiling steaks and burgers, you can put it off.

4. Side Burner

A side burner is an essential thing to consider before purchasing a natural gas grill. Although most burners now come with a side burner, there are some cheap ones without it.

If you run out of power, you can use the side burner as a last resort for you to return. You can speed up your work by using the side burner for simmering sauces and marinades as well. This can be done at the same time while you’re grilling; and thus, saving both extra space and time.

But in case you are looking for a cheaper alternative with limited features, you may skip the one with it.

5. Cooking Grates

Most natural gas grills come with highly defined and supreme quality cooking grates. As they are the exterior of any grill, they play an essential role in the result of your grilling.

Therefore, cooking grates should be picked according to quality and durability. The premium quality of gas grill used in the market is made of stainless-steel. Hence, they fall towards the expensive side, but they are in no doubt every pennyworth.

Cooking grates should resist wear and tear from frequent use. Weber and Napoleon’s range always use the exceptional quality of stainless-steel cooking grates. This causes a uniform distribution of heat and resists rust. They are easy to clean and maintain, as well.

Likewise, compared to stainless-steel grates, cast iron grates are quite useful as well as cheaper. They are challenging to clean and maintain; and hence, not used in the most grills. But if you are considering an affordable range, you can opt for the cast iron ones. They work just as fine and come pretty cheap as well.

6. Number of Burners

The most important fact to consider when you’re buying a natural gas grill is how many burners you’d usually require. This feature is related to the size of the grill. It implies that the number of your burners should depend on how many people you’re cooking for.

A standard gas grill comes with three burners and may be suitable for a nuclear family. On the other hand, a premium quality gas grill comes with around five burners approximately and may be ideal for small parties.

Furthermore, a high-grade gas grill may contain around eight burners and associated with large scale cooking. These come at higher price ranges and can be pretty challenging to manage alone.

In this way, you can choose your gas grill by knowing your requirements for burners and your budget. Therefore, it is essential to decide on your necessities first, and then to pick a gas grill.

Considering all the facts, you should keep all of them in mind to purchase a gas grill wisely. Knowing all these factors and your requirements will help you choose accordingly.

A detailed analysis of the traits you must choose, and those you can skip is very important. Maintaining a sturdy balance will ultimately guide you in your quest for the perfect natural gas grill.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the use of the side burner?

The side burner you can use to heat sauces, marinades, mushrooms, onions, and so on. You can also use it as a stovetop or for frying chicken and heating oil. The only precaution you should consider is using it in a low grill setting.

Q2. How to clean the wavy grills?

As harder as they seem, it is not so difficult to clean the wavy grills. A brass wire brush or a stiff bristle brush will easily clean a wavy grill. Then it should be wiped with an oily paper towel and pat dry.

Q3. What is implied by the term BTU?

The BTU or better known as the British Thermal Unit, refers to the total heat output from all the burners in a grill in an hour. That is, it is the absolute power obtained from the grill burners per hour.

Best built in natural gas grill reviews

Q4. Why briquettes should be avoided?

Briquettes tend to spoil the grill parts and components, resulting in heavier damage. As they compromise with safety issues related to the grill, they are avoided.

Q5. Can a propane unit be changed to a natural gas unit?

No, neither propane units can be changed to natural gas units, nor natural gas units can be changed to propane units. If you want propane units, in most cases, the same design available with propane supply.

Conclusion: Wrapping it up, it can be said that the best natural gas grills are quite hard to discover without prior knowledge. So, our reviews on some of the notable natural gas grills out there will be your helpful guide in your decision making.

We believe that proper knowledge and detailed analysis will help you choose your desired gas grill in a quick span of time.

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