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Nothing compares to the delicious smell and taste of a barbeque on a late winter night. But there is an important aspect that makes it incomparable.

Guess what it is?

We are talking about charcoal here. Yes, charcoals are not usually regarded to be as important as other ingredients. But trust me, they are just as significant as the meat that you are barbequing.

If you want to use a natural and authentic form of this aspect, then lump charcoal is your best option. You need the best lump charcoal for the best barbeque.

And that is what we are here for; to provide you with everything that you need to know about lump charcoals!






Lump Size

Bag Size



Rockwood All-NaturalRockwood All-Natural

Missouri Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Pecan Wood Mix


20 lbs x 3


Jealous Devil All NaturalJealous Devil All Natural

Hickory & Oak


35 lbs


Royal Oak 195228021Royal Oak 195228021

Oak, Maple, Hickory and Walnut


15.4 lbs


Original Natural CharcoalOriginal Natural Charcoal

Cherry, Oak and Apple


17.6 lbs


Kamado Joe KJ-Char


Extra Large

20 lbs





20 lbs x 3


Wicked Good CharcoalWicked Good Charcoal



20 lbs

Why Use Lump Charcoal?

You might wonder why you should go for lump charcoals while there are many other options. Well, they have their benefits. And you should choose them if their key traits correspond with what you need.

  • Natural Production and Less Waste: First of all, they are produced naturally. They contain no additives or filler ingredients. So your barbeque will have a nice smoky flavor to them. Furthermore, after grilling, they leave less ash. So they don't provide a mess as much as their counterparts do.
  • Reaching High Temperatures in a Short Time: They burn faster and hotter than most (if not all) charcoals and woods. Some of them can reach temperatures as high as 1200 F. All of these factors are perfect for that medium-rare steak that you have been looking forward to making!
  • Controllable Flame: Do you have to worry about controlling the flame and the temperature? No! The lump is more reactive to oxygen than most of your other options. So, with them, you can use the grill's adjustable air vents to control the flame and the temperature. And don't worry, it is all completely hassle-free!
  • Mild and Smooth Flavour: Moreover, you can easily make some adjustments and cook slowly with them at low temperatures. Hence, you don't have to worry about getting an intense smoky flavor because lumps can keep it mild and smooth. But for all this, you need to select your charcoal wisely. Not all of them can ensure such benefits.

7 Best Lump Charcoal Reviews

It can be quite difficult to choose the right product without worrying about making the wrong choice. And it can be frustrating, we understand.

So, we are providing you with all the necessary information with our reviews to help you pick your perfect lump charcoal!

There is something about this product that makes it stand out. What could it be? Well, it is created using four blends of natural hardwood! And you don’t have to go through any ethical dilemma with this, because no tree has been harvested to produce it. So, amazing flavor using renewable resources? Sounds amazing!

The four blends include Missouri grown oak, Hickory, Maple, and Pecan. And you are guessing it right, these blends infuse together to produce mouth-watering flavors. Your food will have a light and smoky flavor to them. The smell from all the grilling will be just as neat.

This product is known as a slow burner. But, it can light up quickly and burn boldly. So you won't have to worry about the temperature or the lighting up. They are all under your control.

What's more, they come in large sizes, and you hardly get to deal with any waste from it. That is, this does not produce unwanted smoke or ash.

Among its competitors, it's one of those brands which is extremely environment-friendly. The material used for the lump is hardwood left from timber milling. Even the paper bags and the soy-based inks that they use are landfill-safe and recyclable. They won't cause any harm or produce harmful substances if burned.

However, fillers are often found in the bags- that is, added concrete. Also, it produces bad smoke when it starts burning up. It takes about ten minutes for the smoke to go away. Anyway, other than that, it’s a good product. Hence, consider all the factors before deciding.


  • Created using renewable resources and recyclable materials
  • Four blends of all-natural hardwood
  • Burns slow but lights up fast
  • Temperature can easily be controlled
  • Minimal ash is produced


  • Added concrete are often found in the bag
  • Produces bad smoke at the beginning

Looking for an all-rounder lump? In that case, you are looking at the right product! This one is as impressive as it can get. There is neither a chance of getting disappointed nor a chance of disliking it. Trust me; it adds such a nice flavor and smell to your food that you will want to buy it again.

It has the most important quality of being the perfect charcoal, which is 100% purity. Also, it does not contain any chemicals, additives, or fillers. It is made from natural South American hardwood. So your food will have a mild and smooth smoky flavor that will only make it tastier. Could this get any better?

But it can! You will get restaurant-quality food right at home. It will not spark or pop. Along with that, there will be low ash after grilling, so it is a matter of easy clean-up. It does not give off excessive smoke, either. So, you can look forward to a hassle-free barbeque evening.

The lumps are of superior quality. They are highly dense and large. So, they burn hotter and longer. They can reach a very high temperature, which can be manipulated with proper adjustments and air vents.

However, as perfect as the product is, the packaging needs to be better. The material of the package is a mesh plastic, which cannot get rid of the charcoal dust.

Hence, it may get on anyone who opens the package. So if you can’t tolerate a little mess when encountering the product, then you should look at other options.


  • Made of 100% pure and natural South American hardwood
  • Does not spark or pop
  • Does not give off excessive smoke or ash
  • Lumps can burn hotter and longer
  • Leaves a mild and smooth smoky flavor 


  • Bad and messy packaging
  • This product is a little overpriced

If you want something that, hands down, goes with all grills and smokers, then this should be at the top of your list! This even goes with kamado and ceramic grills. So, you will not have to worry about using different brands for different grills.

One of its most attractive features is that it burns very well. You can control the temperature with this, and the flames will adjust according to your commands. Not only that, it gives a great seared-in wood smoke flavor to the food.

And along with that, it also gives off a different kind of smell that accentuates the taste of the food.

The reason why it burns well is that you can get consistent grilling time with this. What's more, it can reach very high temperatures. So you can maintain one temperature for a very long time. Furthermore, you will be ready to cook with this in about fifteen minutes. So it can save both time and trouble.

Well, how does it have all these great features? It is because the product is completely natural and has no added chemicals or additives. So you don't have to worry about it being harmful to you.

This lowers the chances of it sparking or flaring up as well. Hence, all in all, you can have a safe and healthy experience with this. However, this bag of charcoal comes with a lot of fillers. Also, the size of the lumps are quite small, which might break some of its promises.


  • Goes with every kind of smokers and grills
  • Temperatures can be controlled
  • Consistent grilling time and burns well
  • Made of natural ingredients- renewable oak, hickory, maple, and walnut
  • Gives off a nice flavor and smell 


  • Added fillers, such as big chunks of rocks
  • Small-sized lump charcoal 

You are looking at one of the best charcoal brands here. This brand offers everything that you need in lumps to grill food perfectly. High quality at a high-end price. Because everything good comes with a cost! But you will not regret spending a little more on it, as it is just worth it.

Don't we all prefer to save our time as much as possible? Well, with this, you have to spend less time on starting your barbeque. It can be lit very quickly, without any hassle. Sometimes it can take only five minutes! This means you can readily serve grilled food infused with delicious smokiness.

Moreover, this is created using 100% natural hardwood. This includes a blend of apple, cherry, and oak, which overall provides a very warm and sweet taste. You will never find your smoked recipes smelling like chemicals with this product. Partly, it's because the product is not contaminated with chemicals and additives.

Furthermore, this fuel can guarantee you complete safety. It will not spark or pop, or make your grilling dangerous in any way. You can expect an easy clean-up after cooking because this gives off minimal smoke or ash. So, you can easily get some mouth-watering food without all the fuss.

As perfect as this product could be, it has its flaws. Such as, the product quality is not always consistent. It contains small pieces of charcoal that can hamper cooking at times.

And since it burns faster and hotter, it is quite difficult to take things slow and low with it. So choose according to your cooking style and preferences!


  • Easy and quick to light up
  • 100% natural hardwood blend of apple, cherry, and oak
  • Does not contain chemicals or additives
  • Is safe to grill/smoke with
  • Does not create a mess during or after cooking


  • Product may contain smaller sized lump pieces
  • Difficult to cook slowly with it

Want a robust wood-fire flavor for your grilled chicken at a low cost? Then, what are you waiting for! This is indeed the right choice for you. Kamado is the best charcoal brand or at least one of them. This is created using real trees, which helps give smoked food the delicious taste that it deserves.

Your investment, on this, will be worth it. Most importantly, unlike other charcoals, this is not made from processed or scrap furniture wood. It uses the blend of three authentic hardwoods, and they are all sourced from actual trees! So, it burns clean- no blinding smoke is given off when barbequing with this.

What's more, you don't have to deal with excessive ash by the end of it either. Not only does it burn clean, but it also burns hotter and longer! But don't worry, that doesn't mean it will take a longer time to light up. It has fast-starting small pieces and long-lasting large pieces. 

Plus, since it burns hotter, you can rely on it to give you that moist steak that you were craving. You can use them for long and extended cooking. But you can even reach steak-searing temperatures with them.

And guess what, they won't even cost you much since the pieces burn slow, meaning you are going to use up less charcoal during those long cooking sessions.

It is perfect to use in conjunction with a ceramic grill, which insulates well. However, at times, they have too many small pieces in the bag. This also brings home a lot of unwanted dust. It is nothing to worry about, just something you'd like to avoid.


  • Comes at a low cost
  • The product is created using real trees
  • Can reach high temperatures and burn for a long time
  • Low maintenance and easy clean-up after cooking
  • Perfect to use in ceramic grills 


  • High quantity of smaller pieces and tons of dust
  • Might give a chemical taste to the food

Don't we all like cheap products with good quality? If you are looking for something similar, then this is your go-to. It comes with three bags, twenty pounds each. But you get that for one bag of other brands. It sounds like a good deal, surely.

This is the best hardwood lump charcoal for grilling patties. They will give your burgers a very mild and smoked flavor. What's more, they are even perfect for barbequing. You can enjoy the taste of restaurant-made food right at home!

Another mentionable benefit is that their delivery service is really fast and free. You may worry about your lump charcoal getting all pulverized on their way, but they remain intact. The chips remain fine, and it seems as if you have just bought it from the store. 

Your cooking experience is going to get so much better with this! The better flavor is one of the foremost reasons to buy it. But, along with that, you get to hear the sound of crackling when grilling. This makes it sound like you are cooking over a wood fire!

Also, it lights quickly and burns hot. So you can also make steaks with it. If all these doesn’t make it the best hardwood lump charcoal, I don’t know what will.

However, some of the things to look out for is, you can't control the temperature with this. The bag contains a lot of tiny, useless pieces, which in turn produces a lot of ash. So even if you get good quality charcoal at a low cost, you also get to deal with multiple disadvantages.


  • Comes at a low price
  • Perfect for barbequing
  • Fast and free delivery service of the product
  • Brings a restaurant-like taste at home
  • Lights quickly and burns hot


  • Difficult to maintain the temperature
  • Contains tiny pieces which produce a lot of ash when burnt

If you are a hater of a mess, then you are going to love this. Most charcoals tend to leave waste during the aftermath. But you don't have to worry about going through the hassle of cleaning with this. Anybody would want a good quality lump that is low-maintenance.

You will appreciate how consistently it burns for a long time. That's right; you don't have to go through the trouble of maintaining temperatures constantly. You can smoke your food peacefully, and it will do its job right. With this, you will feel like you have purchased the best natural charcoal for your home.

Their sizes are appreciable, as well. You will get good-sized charcoals in the bag. They will give your food a smoky and delicious flavor that is not overwhelming at all. The meats that you will smoke will turn out so well that you will regret not trying this charcoal before!

Moreover, they are very easy to ignite. It will take just a few minutes to light them up and start grilling. And when you are done cooking, it will leave little to no ash. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Although you get large-sized pieces with this, there are also undesirable small-sized pieces included. The difference in the size may be a little demoralizing when cooking. You have to deal with a lot of smoke as well, so be prepared. Overall, it's a good quality charcoal with a few drawbacks to look out for.


  • Burns consistently for a long time
  • The bag mostly contains large chunks
  • No hassle of controlling the temperature
  • Very easy to ignite
  • Gives food a smoky flavor that isn't overwhelming


  • Small-sized pieces are also included
  • Gives off a lot of smoke

Buying Guide:
What to Look in a Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoals are a product that you should have if you are really into grilling. However, there are both good and bad quality ones in the market. You can end up with the bad ones if you are not aware of what to look for.

• 100% Purity

100% pure and natural hardwood is the first and foremost thing that you should look for. The product should not contain any chemicals, fillers, or additives. Such substances can cause harm to your health. And honestly, your food will not taste as good either.

• Big-Sized Chunks

Large sizes of charcoal is another for-sure thing to look for. Their sizes can make a huge difference. Such as, larger sizes burn faster, hotter, and more efficiently.

You will not have to adjust the fire now and then because there will be a constant flow of heat to the food. What's more, they will leave less ash after you are done grilling!

• Consistent Size of the Pieces

Speaking of different sizes of the product, a distinctness in this feature means that they will need different temperatures. Yes, different sizes burn at different levels of heat.

And this will prove to be a hassle when operating. So, it is necessary to look out for the size. They will determine your grilling experience.

• No Sparking

We all usually enjoy sparks when watching fireworks, etc. But that is not something you would want when cooking with charcoal. This tends to be dangerous and implies that the wood is lightweight and cheap. Along with that, the fuel will burn faster. Hence, this is one thing you should avoid at all costs.

• Single Species Lump Wood

If you want a consistent and good flavor for your food, then you should look for single species lump wood. If they are products of separate species, they will not taste the same. They might even smell different.

Such differences may ruin the perfection of your barbeque, and you don't want that. You will have to put extra effort into finding lumps that come from the same species.

• Making Them at Home

Making coal sounds complicated, but trust me, it's easier than you think. All you need is a metal barrel, fire, and some flavored tree logs. But most importantly, you will need thorough research and a lot of time. It may seem frustrating, but it is worth it.

• Created Using Renewable Resources

Lastly, consider using brands that use sustainable sources of wood. Although this has more to do with ethics than cooking, we are sure you will feel good knowing that the fuel you are using is not ruining rainforests.

Sometimes you may have to import charcoals made of renewable resources. But these products will usually contain everything that you have been looking for.

• Choose Wisely

Some aspects may be readily available in any market, and others will be tougher to find. However, you mustn't settle for inadequate products. They may make your cooking experience filled with frustration. But ultimately, it is up to your needs. Choose in accordance with the kind of meat that you will be grilling!

best hardwood lump charcoal

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding lump charcoals:

Q1. How to know when lump charcoals are ready for grilling?

The flame usually grows from the bottom to the top. By the end, all the pieces are well-lit with a little bit of ash on them. That is when it is ready to be used.

Q2. Is it possible to reuse lump charcoal?

Yes. After you are done with the cooking, you can shut off the vents and dampen down the charcoals. You can easily reuse them afterward. This is a great way of saving money.

Q3. How to efficiently store lump charcoal?

They usually come with a plastic bag that has a tight-fitting lid. This helps to keep them dry for a long time. Or you can store them in any place where they will remain dry.

Q4. Can lump charcoal go bad? 

They usually don't if they are all-natural. But chemicals and additives may wear off with time, which might cause the charcoal to become ineffective.

Q5. Why is it necessary to keep charcoals dry?

With wet charcoals comes the danger of combustion. A fire may start under such circumstances. So it’s best to keep the charcoal dry.

Final Words: It's no secret that everyone prefers delicious food. So, to keep your meals equally mouth-watering and healthy, you need to be picky about what you use to prepare them. Hence, put some effort and thought before purchasing the best lump charcoal for you.

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