How to Calibrate a Meat Thermometer?

How to Calibrate a Meat Thermometer?

Meat is one of the best and favorite types of food for most people. And smoked meat is probably the most favorite for most people. In these cases, many people love outdoor cooking where they cook different types of dishes of meat. 

And whether you’re an expert or new to smoking meat, you are going to need to have a thermometer to ensure that the meat is well smoked. However, most people don’t know how to calibrate a meat thermometer


Calibrating a meat thermometer gives you an accurate reading. In this article, we will discuss ways on how you can effectively calibrate a meat thermometer every time. You will be able to determine if the meat is well smoked and ready. Below are the steps:

Calibrate a Meat Thermometer

Let me assure you that this job is a lot simpler than you would probably imagine. Let’s get into thermometer calibration procedure without wasting any time.

Step 1: Get a pot of water for boiling on the stove

Step 2: Fill a small bowl or a glass with ice and then cover with water.

Step 3: Test the meat thermometer in the boiling water. It should read 212 degrees F or 100 degrees C. If it doesn’t, you will need to adjust the small nut to get an accurate reading. The small nut is located right on the back side of the meat thermometer.

Step 4: Test the thermometer in the bowl of ice water. The thermometer should read 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. If it doesn’t, you should make a slight adjustment. It should be well calibrated to give an accurate reading.

Before starting calibration procedure, learn properly first how to use a meat thermometer and how does a meat thermometer work?

Calibrate digital thermometer: What experts say?

According to the experts, digital meat measuring thermometers are accurate to within a plus 1 or minus 1 in degree Fahrenheit. The type and the usage of the digital meat thermometer can make or break the accuracy of the gadget. 

Say for example, according to the experts in measurements, one type of meat thermometer is accurate by 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit if it is placed into the product or food in the right way. 
Take note: to ensure the accuracy of the digital meat thermometer, you have to make sure that the thermometer is devised specifically for meat and poultry.

There are some thermometers that are devised for candies. So, it’s very important to make sure that you are paying for the right thermometer. All you need to do is read the label and ascertain that it is really the meat thermometer. 

And after buying a meat thermometer, it’s always wise to put the thermometer into a test to ascertain its accuracy.

How are you going to do it?

Now, we will discuss the details of the steps mentioned above.

First of all, try inserting the stem of the thermometer about 2 inches into the boiling water. If the meat thermometer is accurate, it should read 212 degrees Fahrenheit since it is the boiling point of water. 

There are instant meat thermometers that have an adjustment nut normally under the dial. If for instance, the thermometer does not read 212 degrees Fahrenheit in the boiling water, just turn the nut to adjust the reading and make it accurate.

The most significant benefit of a meat thermometer is that the temperature reading tells you whether the meat is properly cooked or not. All types of meat have a certain temperature range that determines whether it is well-cooked or needs more time with the fire. 

And there are different types, kinds, and brands of a meat thermometer. There are even digital ones that are capable of giving you an accurate reading of the meat's temperature within a matter of seconds.

calibrate digital thermometer


This instrument is not only helpful for cooks of those first-class hotels and other commercial feeding centers but also beneficial to household cooks since it is a simple and beneficial tool for checking the meat temperature.

The first benefit I can mention is that it eliminates the risk of foodborne illnesses. There are times wherein we consume deadly bacteria through the food we eat. It is a fact that these bacteria cause different types of diseases. For instance, Salmonella and E Coli bacteria are two major causes of Amoeba and Diarrhea.

By taking some time to measure the temperature of the meat we are about to eat, we could make sure that these harmful bacteria have been destroyed from the processed meat. 

So, a meat thermometer is a must have if you really want to have a nicely cooked meat. Many people don’t know the importance of this thermometer. It ensures that the temperature is accurate and the food is properly cooked. 

If you love cooking meat, it is always good to learn how to calibrate your meat thermometer, isn’t it?

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