How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates (2024)

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates

Cleaning cast iron grill grates is one of the most significant ways of maintaining your grill and ultimately increasing its lifespan. What makes cast iron grill grates perfect for their functions is the ability to distribute heat evenly. In the like version, they are preferable over other materials for their lengthened heat retention ability. In general, they are durable and extremely tough.

Despite their ability to withstand all forms of punishment, water is the worst enemy you shouldn’t expose them to. First, it causes rusting, then deterioration and lastly, that becomes the end of your cast iron grill grates. Despite having suffered previously in your unsuccessful attempts to maintain your grill grates, here comes a solution. Read through these tips and what seems challenging in cleaning your cast iron grill grates shall no longer be.


Important Tips on How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates

  • Clean immediately after use

To make your work easier, clean your grates immediately after grilling. While you don’t necessarily have to clean it while still hot, do not allow it to cool down completely before cleaning. Try to clean it when it is still warm.

  • Thoroughly scrape the grates

To accomplish this, use a wire brush and ensure that no food particles remain on your grates. Then you can spray it down using solution of four parts. This aids to completely sanitize it. If the food residue seems not to be getting off your grates, repeat this process until it is free from such particles.

  • Use mild soap to wash

Mild soap is effective in removing grease and other substances that produce stubborn odor. Ensure you rinse the grates thoroughly using warm water to remove all the soap applied. Otherwise, if you apply much soap, again it becomes a difficult task to get it off.

  • Dry up your grates

As we have already noted, water is the worst enemy of cast iron for which your grill grates are made. Using a dry cloth, wipe dry all the remaining moisture off your grates.

  • Season your grill grates

Seasoning will help prevent any possibilities of rust build up. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, lightly coat your grates using substances such as vegetable oil or olive oil. Similarly, vegetable shortening can work well.

  • Heat up your oiled grill grates

For optimal protection of your cast iron grill grates, seasoning alone isn’t enough. Additional heating ensures saturation of all the pores to cover all parts of the grates. Once you ascertain that all pores are covered with oil, you can now use aluminum foil to cover them. 

Then, you can safely place them back on the grill. After this, you should fire up the grill on high, ensuring that the lid is closed. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off the grill and season your grill again before your grill cools down. Through the process, ensure you’re in protective clothes.

  • You are ready to go

Having carried out these steps, your grill is already clean and ready for reuse. If you need to use it immediately, it’s ready for the task. Alternatively, if you need to store it, it’s safe for storage. As a light but important precaution, store your dry and well-oiled grates in a cool dry place.


In this article, we have systematically provided you with tips to master for effective cleaning of cast iron grill grates. Mastering these tips is of multiple importances. It does not only result in neatness but also protection of your equipment.

Most important of all, you get an opportunity to add shine to your grilling experience. By mastering these tips, you are making a huge stride ahead, away from ordinary way of doing things.

Try out these steps practically and watch out for the difference. Indeed, you will like it. All you need is regular practice and condition yourself by doing it regularly.

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