Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Review 2024 (updated)

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Review

Are you in need of low and slow cooking which will result in the juicy and moist meat? Worry no more, Weber smokey mountain 18 can be a perfect appliance for you, we have found. Our long term and in-depth review of the charcoal smokers has ranked Weber among the top-most brands on the market.

It therefore follows that Weber Smokey Mountain is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking great smoking and grilling. We have systematically gone through all elements of this great smoker and all we can testify is that the name ‘Weber’ is inseparable from the word ‘quality smoker’. We have every reason to justify the truth in this.


Why You Should Purchase the Weber Smokey Mountain

As we have already stated, Weber is closely associated with high quality cooking appliances. If this is the case, we have no doubt the best smoker they supply is quite effective and efficient. A glance at its design is the first assurance that this smoker is indeed going to serve you for long.

Length of service is certainly something you are looking for, which is why you should not gamble on this. Customers have rated this equipment highly and generally reviewed it positively. No significant defects have been identified as far as this Weber Smokey Mountain smoker from Weber is concerned.

Now, you would obviously like to buy a product that has won public confidence over the recent past. In this particular aspect, Weber still wins. We cannot underestimate the authentic flavor it gives which is another important consideration. 

Additionally, availability built-in thermometer and 10-year limited warranty are just but a few areas you might be interested in.

While you will be considering these elements against your own personal needs, this smoker has the potential to satisfy you. It is therefore worth of purchasing from the leading online suppliers.

Product Specification:

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    Product measures 19 x 21 x 41 in inches.
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    Item weighs 39.07 pounds.
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    Main material: steel
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    Total cooking capacity: 481 square inches
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    Item capacity: 18-1/2 inches
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    Color: Black

Features of The Weber Smokey Mountain Grill

The best bullet smoker comes with endless features and benefits which are all-round and thus capable or accomplishing all your demands. However, for the purposes of review, we have identified a few major ones which tell the story about the smoker.

Looking at the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker externally, it is made of aluminum, which comprises a heat resistant shield. When using your smokers, you will be comfortable all through the process, because less heat reaches you. 

It is therefore a rare friendly and safe equipment to use. The handle is also made of nylon material that serves as an insulator.

Generally, the construction is durable and effective which assures long-term service. In addition to its strong construction, using this equipment is no hassle. Multiple dampers are included for increased heat control. All these are geared towards comfort and convenience.

The two cooking grates comprise of well-built and heavy-duty plated steel. The cooking space has a capacity that is enough to prepare food for the big family. Whether you are planning to purchase a smoker for home or commercial use, Weber is the ultimate choice.

Potential Users of This Smoker

Because of a number of features and specifications described above, this smoker is best suited for the following user groups:

Large families:

The food capacity of 481 square inches featured by this Weber smokey mountain 18-Inch smoker is adequate for most large families. It offers an opportunity to prepare large quantities of food at ago. 

Although we recommend it for large families, small families are not excluded. They can equally prepare any amount of food and still enjoy its convenience.


If you are done with ordinary and all you are looking for is the best, Weber Smokey Mountain Grill gives you the best. The design is so convenient that even owning the smoker is a prestige on its own. The completeness with which the smoker functions is what makes it a perfect alternative.

Busy professionals and people seeking convenience:

Several aspects of the Weber Smokey Mountain 18-Inch smoker make it easier to use at one’s convenience. For instance, the in-built thermometer allows busy professionals to smoke and they handle other tasks simultaneously. If your routine activities often keep you busy, this smoker will be a substantial relief to you.

Justification of the Smoker’s Efficiency

Our own experience with this smoker has prompted us to dig deeper into every detail about it. In our analysis, we went through what the previous users gave as feedback, one after another. Areas of the product strengths which attracted customers to buy in the recent past include: ease of use, considerable automation and user friendliness.

Almost all customers who gave feedback of the product applauded the ease of use nature. In fact most questions revolved around whether the smoker is technical or not. In response, most first-hand users recognized features such as top loading system and temperature tracking.

These are the features that motivated most of them to buy, being certain of the smokers high level of functionality. When we are writing this review, currently more than 1800 reviews are available online, most of them praising the equipment.

How To Set Up Your Smoker

Pros and Cons of Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Charcoal Smoker


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    10-year limited warranty is a sign of quality.
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    Is an all-round smoker with nearly all features of the latest charcoal smoker.
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    Nickel-plating cooking grates do not rust easily.
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    The design assures user safety.
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    Its service is consistent with the price.
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    It is great for beginners.
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    Weber is a reputable brand thus associated with quality.


  • The price is somewhat higher compared to other Weber smokers.
  • Requires assembling before using.

To sum up, Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain 18 is a highly reputable smoker with your needs guaranteed. It is known and has become popular due to the authentic taste it is capable of. The high rating and positive reviews manifest customer satisfaction after using this equipment.

Furthermore, Now I'm seeing 10 limited year warranty for this smoker is a proof that in deed your decision to purchase it is not a gamble. Additionally, our reviews are informed by our own research on this appliance. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate ordering Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain 18 for your own.

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