Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Smoker Review 2024

Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20071117 30" is here as a final solution to all your present hassles. It is for specialists and beginners seeking perfectionism. This digital electric smoker is designed with both internal and external integrated features to fulfill all your cooking and smoking needs.

One reason why we prefer this product to others is because of its easy-to-use nature. It is perfectly convenient, giving you peace of mind at all times in your kitchen. Besides this, we have got other reasons to recommend this product. Read on to discover why this unit is worth your money.


Proof of Purchase Masterbuilt 30" Smoker

As usual, Masterbuilt is a brand of uncompromising reputation. They lead, others follow. By simply purchasing this great product, you gain access to unopposed success in your kitchen wok. Why then should you leave this necessity?

Additionally, the world changing and you will inevitably have to come up with these changes. Going for a sub-standard appliance might as well be maintaining status quo. True change requires remarkable improvements.

Purchasing Masterbuilt 1117 30" is a perfect gateway to the kind of improvement you deserve. This indisputably proves why you should consider purchasing this 20071117 30" model of digital electric smoker.


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    Model number is 20071117
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    Dimensions are 33.27 x 20.47 x 19.88 inches.
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    Weight: 39.34 pounds
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    Controls up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit

Features and Benefits:

  • The product features a wide range of features that enhance its functionality and gives it an upper hand over other products. Most notably, it features a digital panel that controls multiple elements of temperature and time.
  • The four chrome coated racks also provides enough surface area for both cooking and smoking. The coating on the racks enhances corrosion resistance and also makes cleaning easier. Additionally, it decorates the rack thus, improving the general appeal of the smoker.
  • The smoker is also recognized as a unique appliance due to its patented wood chip-loading system. This system enables users to add wood chips without necessarily having to open the system. Its patented nature automates everything.
  • Integrated thermostat temperature control is another feature that makes your smoking work easier and saves your time. It ensures even and consistent smoking. Ultimately, you end up with a delicious meal that you desire.
  • The smoking chips come alongside your smoker whenever you order for this 20071117 30” model. This is a great incentive and good start-up for the new user. Yet the appliance is sold at a cost-effective price.
  • Its fully insulated body is another aspect that rates this Masterbuilt equipment highly and sets it aside from conventional smokers.

Although other smokers are considerably insulated, no amount of insulation can compare with the perfectionism embraced here. The whole body, from up to down are insulated and this assures users, including beginners, the much required user-safety

Who is 20071117 30” Electric Smoker for?

This product is versatile and can be use by the following user categories:


This is great equipment for the beginners because of its patented wood-chip loading system. The system is automated and easy-to-use thus convenient for the beginners and experts alike.

Restaurant Owners:

Restaurant owners have to chase time and ensure they maximally utilize all the time available for them. For this reason, Masterbuilt is considered a necessity in restaurants preparing different types of meals. It is quick and efficient.

Its speed of work optimizes on business outcomes making it a good alternative for all restaurant operators.

Home-based Users:

It is generally enjoyable to use 20071117 30” because of its convenience. Using the control panel, you are able to control the temperature, time as well as switching the smoker on and off with ease.

Whether you are busy professional or you basically enjoy the process at home, this equipment is source of entertainment at home. Plan to have one and see how enjoyable life becomes.

Proof that the 20071117 smoker works

What everyone is sure of is that Masterbuilt 30” smoker is a genuine and authentic model of electric smoker. However, the degree of this authenticity is what has been uncertain for quite a long period of time. To check rank, the functionality of this appliance among others, we went ahead to survey the feedback of users.

We reviewed the stars ratings, the questions asked by customers and how they were answered and the comments made by customers about the product work-ability.

Our findings revealed various aspects of customer satisfaction. The stars ratings were generally high, above average. Customer feedbacks reflected satisfaction. Questioning and answering conversation was basically an expression of satisfaction.

Common questions that most consumers asked had to do with topics like “where to get another model like 20071117 30” digital, my friend saw it and was impressed, he asked for just such a model of electric smoker...”

This is how we lent that indeed, Masterbuilt 20071117 30” is a product that works as required by customers.

Pros and Cons:

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    Comes with smoking chips which gives users a good start-up.
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    The patented wood-chip loading system increases the speed and functionality.
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    Complete insulation of the body gives it a decorative appeal and increases user-convenience.
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    Great for beginners and experts alike.
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    Usable by different types of users.
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    The food capacity is convenient for big-sized families.
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    Fairly expensive thus might not be affordable by all.
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    May not be convenient for mobile chefs.

In summary, Masterbuilt 20071117 30” digital electric smoker is among the leading on the market today. Its integrated features make it one of the preferences of different categories of customers. Its brand is the first confirmation why you need to purchase it.

Different product specifications such as the total food capacity make it convenient for use at home or in the restaurant. The results it gives are competitive and the appliance is particularly good for home based smokers.

Winners always use the right tools of work. Considering the efficient nature and simplified functionality of this Masterbuilt equipment, a the benefits are your upon purchasing. Consumers have already testified great results and we wouldn’t like to leave you behind. Join the winners by simply purchasing this great equipment from Masterbuilt and for sure, your dreams will be actualized.

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