Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for Masterbuilt Digital Smokers

Masterbuilt 20070112 Review: Cold Smoking Kit for Masterbuilt Smokers

Masterbuilt 20070112 is a convenient cold smoking kit for all digital smokers from Masterbuilt. It is a cold smoker for different types of food such as meat, sausage, fish, bacon, cheese among others.

Both external design and internal working system are intended to gratify all consumer needs. Just as other digital smokers, this unit uses regular wood chips. The wood chip loading system is also efficient.


Proof of purchase

If you are stranded in a dilemma between purchasing this smoker and postponing, you better decide to buy it. We suggest this because we understand that whichever the model of your Masterbuilt electric smoker will fit this kit.

We are confident to testify the quality, efficiency and usability of 20070112, which is why we recommend it to you. The following reasons provide valid proof that this unit is indeed an indisputable quality of a cold electric smoker:

We have been reviewing Masterbuilt cooking appliances for quite long period of time and the results have always positive. Masterbuilt is a highly reputable company whose products cannot be doubted.

We do not just praise the brand for its own sake. Its products are indisputably awesome. This 20070112 model being one of the leading models from Masterbuilt, it serves as a proof for the purchase of this equipment.

Product Specifications:

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    The product model number is 20070112 from Masterbuilt
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    Weight: 10.3 pounds
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    Length: 8.1 Inches
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    Fits all Masterbuilt electric smokers
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    The width is 9.8 inches
  • check
    Has a height of 16.8 Inches
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    It is black in color

Features and Benefits

  • Masterbuilt electric smoker comes with a range of features that distinguishes it from other smokers, making it unique kitchen equipment. For instance, it is user-friendly equipment. As long as you have an understanding of how to use any type of electric smoker, you are ready to go.
  • This unit easily connects with all types of Masterbuilt smokers. Even if you have a conventional smoker, you can still use it with this equipment.
  • All you need to ensure is that your Masterbuilt smoker is has a wood chip loading system that can connect to your Masterbuilt kit.
  • 20070112 electric smoker is perfect for cold smoking of different types of food. It cold-smoked bacon, sausages, fish, cheese among others types of food.
  • Therefore, it’s versatile kitchen equipment with a smoking temperature range of 100 to 120 degrees F. It is also ideal for 6 good hour’s continuous smoking duration.
  • It is easy to use. There is no need of seasoning. As long as your Masterbuilt smoker has been seasoned, you can straightaway use it with this kit. By simply attaching the kit to the chip, you are done.
  • This appliance smokes as well as cures food. It is therefore multi-purpose in nature and this increases user results. In so doing, the smoker uses regular wood chips.

Who is 20070112 for?

This kitchen appliance is usable by a wide range of users. As already stated earlier, it is compatible with all types of Masterbuilt electric smokers. Therefore, the following groups of users can benefit from Masterbuilt 20070112:

Professional Chefs:

Professional chefs smoke a wide variety of foods especially for different functions. This implies that different chefs would prefer different Masterbuilt smokers. Since 20070112 is compatible with all Masterbuilt electric smokers, it is used by most, if not all professional chefs.

Lovers of Smoking:

If you are an enthusiast of smoking, cooking and curing a range of foods, you are a prospective user of this smoking kit. It is for those who enjoy smoking.

Restaurant Owners:

If you have to boost your restaurant business, this is an option to consider. Look for a way to give incentive to your customers. For me Masterbuilt is a perfect way. Its efficiency increases productivity in a commercial environment.

Proof that Masterbuilt Cold Smoking Kit works

Our reviews are largely informed by the first-hand experience that the customers have had with this appliance. Customers who have already used this product have all confirmed its authenticity.

We have pursued a detailed interview with customers who used this product and those who used others. The results indicate most customers’ preference to this product.

The findings of our interview indicated that 20070112 model is efficient, more so when it comes to slow smoking. Therefore, as a consumer, we can confidently assure you that indeed this product works.

Pros and Cons of 20070112:

Though not 100 percent perfect, the strengths of this Masterbuilt favorite are more than its limitations. Here are the pros of using it:


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    It is the most effective for slow smoking.
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    Versatile in since it smokes and cures different types of food.
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    Compatible with different types of Masterbuilt smokers, thus convenient.
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    It is efficient to smoke
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    A cost-effective alternative


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    Its temperature range is limited thus cannot be used for cooking or smoking food that require high temperature.
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    It requires connection with other Masterbuilt smokers to function completely.

Generally, this is suitable kitchen equipment for the purposes of slow smoking. It is highly compatible with all Masterbuilt electric smokers. Additionally, its multipurpose nature makes it a good choice.

Masterbuilt 20070112 is a great model that can benefit almost all users. These include professional chefs, restaurant owners, smoking enthusiasts and home-based users among others. To confirm that this unit is indeed functional, we interviewed a number of users.

The results indicated their preference for the product. Buying it is not just a mere gamble. It is an informed strategy to improve your life and fulfill your dreams at once.

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