Which Type of Meat is the Best for Smoking by Beginners?

The Best Meat to Smoke for a Beginner

What you have been yearning for is to get the best smoker. And now that you have it, it is worth pondering over the kind of meat to smoke over it. 

But as a beginner, do you have any idea where to begin from? Worry less. If you are reading this article, we have some great ideas for you. Ultimately you will be able to choose the best meat you can smoke to the point of enthusiasm.


Before delving into exact types of meat suitable for smoking by beginners, note that some aspects deserve utmost attention. For instance, cuts of meat that works with low and slow cooking. In this sense, fattier cuts are more appropriate.

This is because melting of fats causes connective tissues to break as you smoke. These meat types range from poultry to lamb including beef and pork. Straight away, let’s look at different types of meat with such features.

Best Poultry to Smoke

  • Whole chicken- Smoking whole chicken is a simple and straight forward recipe. As long as you remove the neck and gizzard, simply season and smoke it. They are petite in size which makes them quick and easy to smoke. Additionally, whole chicken stays moist while smoking, making your work easier.
  • Chicken Quarters- This cut has a tendency of locking in the flavor perfectly, which is why you shouldn’t forget to smoke chicken quarters.

Best Pork Meat to Smoke

  • Boston butt or shoulder- Pork shoulder is excellent for beginners, owing to the sufficient fat content. Additionally, it is considered great because it lends to self-basting as its fat renders overtime. Most important of all, it is not the kind of meat you’d easily commit a mistake with. In other words, it’s very forgiving, thus convenient for beginners.
  • Ribs- Ribs make classic meat for two reasons. First, they are simply easy to cook. Secondly, they are quite cost-effective thus affordable for nearly everyone. They are thus, the source of respite to all the beginners.

Best Beef to Smoke

  • Brisket- Brisket is an extraordinary section of meat with a thick fat layer which is great at moisture maintenance as you smoke. In so doing, it absorbs the smoky flavor while giving you a great smoke ring. Brisket is among the easiest meat to come across and apparently the best ever known as far as smoking is concerned. Check here, how you will smoke it.
  • Prime Rib- Prime rib makes a perfect succulent smoked meat is smoked to perfectionism. Although it isn’t the easiest part to deal with, with confidence, it has proved to be an excellent section to grill. For beginners and regular smokers alike, the secret to obtain perfectly smoked prime meet is addition of quality ingredients. Then you can be assured of enjoying your juicy steak with family and friends.

Best Lamb Meat to Smoke

  • Shoulder- This is another section with high fat content. As it breaks down, what comes out is a gamey textured smoky meat. Though pricier than other sections of meat, it’s somehow difficult to find.
  • Leg- This requires slow and low smoking. If you are going to smoke this section of meat, you need to be creative in its positioning. Nevertheless, its build is uneven which means that at least even if through guest work, you will ultimately have the best cook of your desire.

There are numerous sections of meat and steaks you can smoke and grill out there. What we have mentioned above covers the convenience of both beginners and experts alike. Therefore, regardless of your experience in meat smoking, this guide is meant to simplify everything on your side.

Do you know how to reverse sear steak? Here is helpful guide for you.

As you gradually acquire mastery in meat smoking, you can graduate correspondingly and try out other meat sections and types. At some point, try out other sections including tenderloin steak and flank steak or indeed any other meat.

You’ll realize that everything is simply amazing, if you have the passion for it. Never forget that mistakes offer great experiences. So you don’t have to be too afraid of mistakes to try out. However, always strive to correct them as you explore smoking different types of meat.

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