50 Best BBQ Restaurants Near Me In Every State, In The USA

50 Best BBQ Restaurants in the USA In Every State

Barbecue is arguably the most beloved foodstuff in America. Whether you want perfectly seasoned beef brisket or juicy pulled meat, you can get it in different BBQ joints across the country.

However, all BBQ joints are not the same! You’ll discover that each state has a great mix of options. If you’re a barbecue enthusiast, I’m certain you can agree with me on this. But you’re probably still wondering, what are some of the best BBQ restaurants near me?

To help you determine the best BBQ joint near you in the USA, I have listed the best joint in every state! Now, let’s get right into it!


50 Best BBQ Restaurants Near Me Open Now in the Every State


Saw’s BBQ, Homewood

Address: 1008 Oxmoor Rd, 35209-5318 Homewood, Alabama, United States

Alabama has a very interesting combination of cultures, particularly culinary ones. Therefore, the best barbecue in Alabama is usually a combination of the best barbecue in the South. For this reason, you will find various BBQ like juicy brisket and Carolina-style sauces in this state. And one BBQ jus every BBQ lover might want to check out in Alabama is the Saw’s BBQ joint!

This joint offers some of the most delicious pulled meat and ribs in the country. The thing that has made this joint so popular is its hog products. Also, this spot makes a delightful mix of smoked meats, making it a top destination spot for visitors.

Saw’s BBQ

Photo: Saw’s BBQ

There are 2 Saw’s BBQ joints in Birmingham and another one in Homewood, Alabama. The menu of each location is a bit different. However, you can rely on the Saw’s original smoked chickens, pulled meat, ribs, and meat plates. Their sides include southern favorites such as mac & cheese and chips as well as deviled eggs.

And did I tell you that they smoke everything to perfection? Whether you want to taste the world popular ribs, chicken, and meat in Alabama, Saw’s BBQ is the joint to check out!


Big Daddy’s BBQ, Fairbanks

Address: 107 Wickersham St, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Alaska has a unique way of doing things! But, there 1 thing it does just like the other states: making awesome BBQ! However, as you have guessed, BBQ joints in Alaska add their style to the classic barbecue- and it is very delicious. Although there are many great BBQ joints in Alaska, my favorite on is Bid Daddy’s BBQ.

When you’re in Alaska, you may not be expecting to find southern food. But, you might be surprised to find it in Big Daddy’s Barb-Q. The joint claims to serve the ‘northern-most southern BBQ’.

Big Daddy’s BBQ

Photo: Big Daddy’s BBQ

So, if you are missing a good southern meal, just go to Big Daddy’s Barb-Q. Having won many accolades and awards, this joint deserves to be named the best BBQ joint in Alaska! 

Some of the best dishes offered at this joint include; baby back ribs, pulled swine, whole wings, and brisket. Next time you’re in Alaska with your family, make sure you stop at Big Daddy’s Barb-Q for dinner or lunch. And enjoy their award-winning southern BBQ flavors!


Little Miss BBQ, Phoenix

Address: 4301 E. University Drive, Phoenix; 8901 N. Seventh Street, Phoenix, United States

Unlike North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City, and Texas, Arizona are not one of the top BBQ destinations in the USA. However, the state has one of the best BBQ restaurants in the country: Little Miss BBQ. Moreover, Arizona hosts many festivals that solely focus on barbecue.

So, what makes Little Miss the best BBQ spot in Arizona?

As an award-winning BBQ joint, Little Miss specializes in Central-style barbecue smoked with pecan wood and Arizona oak. You can choose your favorite meal from succulent selections. This includes; smoked brisket, lamb or beef ribs, sausage sandwiches or pulled meat, turkey, and various house-made sides.

Little Miss BBQ

Photo: Little Miss BBQ

In addition to providing the best BBQ nearby in the state, this joint is pet-friendly and it has an outdoor seating area. First opened by Bekke and Scott Holmes in 2014, this joint has become so popular that they’ve opened a 2nd branch. 

If you’d like to try the unique experience at this joint, come early, or be ready to line up. The joint opens from Tuesday to Saturday starting from 11 am and closes at 4 pm or until everything is sold out.

Based on how this joint gets crowded, it’s easy to understand why it’s consistently ranked among the best BBQ spots in America!


McClard’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant, Hot Springs

Address: 505 Albert Pike Rd, Hot Springs, United States

Bordering the states of Tennessee and Texas, Arkansas takes inspiration from these states in making its barbecue. Thus depending on a mix of beef and swine. And the best joint you can find the most delicious BBQ in Arkansas is McClard’s BBQ.

Since its establishment in 1928, McClard’s BBQ joint has been making delicious dishes using. The joint was found by Alice and Alex McClard. How has this BBQ joint managed to stay in business for long? Well, this is because the restaurant is focused on using the best ingredients and the highest quality meats.

McClard’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Photo: McClard’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Nowadays, the joint is managed by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of McClard’s family. Ribs served at this restaurant are one of the best in the entire country. 

At the joint, you’ll see pictures of popular people who have been at this joint on the walls. Thus making the decors look nostalgic and fun as it was decades ago. And do you know that this joint frequently delivered BBQ to the White House when Bill Clinton was president? That’s how good and popular the joint is!

One important thing to note about this joint is that they do not accept cards. So, ensure you carry cash along with you when going to the joint. Also, you might have to wait in line, but their BBQ is definitely worth the wait!


Copper Top BBQ, Big Pine

Address: 310 S Main Street, Big Pine, CA 93513, United States

If you love BBQ, California is usually not a place you would think of when it comes to barbecue. Yet, in 2015, Yelp named a tiny establishment in California as the best BBQ restaurant in America. And since then, things have even got better at this joint.

What joint I’m referring to? Any BBQ enthusiast knows that I’m talking about Copper Top BBQ! And if you love BBQ too, you should try out this BBQ joint, next time you are in California.

Copper Top BBQ

Photo: Copper Top BBQ

Copper Top is a family operated and owned BBQ joint by Matthew and Hank Otten. After being in agriculture for several years, Hank decided to focus on barbecue full-time. 

Besides this joint serving the best BBQ in the state, it has an amazing venue. And you can enjoy your food while enjoying the gorgeous Sierra Nevada views. Some of the best dishes offered at the joint are Santa Maria tri-tips and baby-back ribs. But their pulled meat is also delicious.

If you ever visit Central California. Make sure that Copper Top BBQ is your first BBQ stop! And taste the best Santa Maria style BBQ in the country!


GQue BBQ, Westminster

Address: 5160 W 120ths Avenue Unit K, Westminster, CO 80020, United States

In the past, Colorado was not popularly known for its barbeque scene. But over the last 10 years, BBQ joints have been developing steadily across the state. And barbeque is becoming bigger day by day in Colorado, as more smokehouses are being stabled throughout the state.

Even as more BBQ joints are coming up in the city, my old favorite, GQue BBQ, continues to smoke the meat up! This joint slathers the best sauces and smokes the finest meats in the entire state! So, if you’re looking for a spot to enjoy the best brisket or pulled swine in Colorado, GQue BBQ is your place!


Photo: GQue BBQ

Although Jason Ganahl opened this joint in 2015, it has gathered numerous awards. Jason’s passion for BBQ has seen him participate in several national competitions. One of the joint’s popular dish is their hickory-smoked fare. This dish includes jalapeno cheddar sausage, wings as well as brisket. 

The joint has 2 locations; one in Westminster and another spot in Lone Tree. GQue is also considered to be the home of championship BBQ! Just check out this joint and see why they’re the best BBQ restaurant in Colorado!


Hoodoo Brown BBQ, Ridgefield

Address: 967 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield, CT 06877, United States

Being a northern state, you may not think BBQ is a dish that can be served in Connecticut? But you’re very wrong! Connecticut has some fantastic BBQ joints that serve mouthwatering southern dishes. So, whether you want pulled meat, brisket, or ribs, you’ll get it in Connecticut! And the best place to get such dishes in this state is Hoodoo Brown BBQ.

Named after the popular Dodge City Gang leader, this joint specializes in mixing various BBQ styles from all over the country. This results in a mouthwatering and addictive BBQ that provides the best of various regional styles.

Hoodoo Brown BBQ

Photo: Hoodoo Brown BBQ

One thing that you must try at this joint is their beef rib and brisket. Other things you can try include; pulled meat, chicken wings, smoked ribs, and BBQ nachos. The joint has a sit-down restaurant as well as a bar with local craft beers. 

After traveling to various BBA joints in Austin, Texas, Cody Sperry tasted the best BBQ. In an attempt to replicate his experience in Texas, he ended up opening a BBQ business, which later developed into Hoodoo Brown BBQ.

If you ever want to taste the famous ‘outlaw-style’ BBQ, drive to Connecticut and head to Hoodoo Brown BBQ.


Bethany Blues BBQ, Bethany Beach

Address: 6 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Bethany Beach, DE 19930, United States

Delaware is home to some outstanding brisket plates and ribs. From small joints in strip malls to roadside stands, you’ll find BBQ restaurants scattered all over across the state. And Bethany Blues is the best BBQ joint in Delaware State. You had that right!

Despite being situated in the north, this joint has perfectly southern-style dishes that represent the rich barbeque culture in America.

Bethany Blues BBQ

Photo: Bethany Blues BBQ

Established in 2003, Bethany Blues is an award-winning BBQ joint with a diversified menu. Some dishes served at the joint include; meat, house-smoked bacon, baked beans, fried pickles, homemade cornbread, and slow-cooked briskets. 

The owners of this joint have come up with a unique BBQ style known as Delmarva style. This style represents various types of BBQ from different regions across the country.

So, for a special and diverse BBQ experience, just go to Delaware and look for Bethany Blues BBQ joint!


Jenkins Quality Barbecue, Jacksonville

Address: 830 N Pearl Street, 32202 Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Although Florida is widely known for its theme parks and beaches, it’s also a destination for tasty BBQ. From barbecued ribs to smoked meat & brisket, you’ll find them in Florida BBQ joints. And Jenkins Quality BBQ is arguably the best BBQ joint in this state.

Jenkins Quality BBQ is an award-winning BBQ joint that was established in 1957 by Willie Mae and Melton Jenkins. The joint has a diverse menu that serves; slow-cooked beef brisket, homemade cornbread, baked beans smoked bacon, and crab cakes. Moreover, the joint offers beach cuisine and slow-smoked flavors.

Jenkins Quality Barbecue

Courtesy: Jenkins Quality BBQ

So, what makes the mouthwatering BBQ served in this joint so good? That is probably because of the savory mustard BBQ sauce that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Currently, this small family-operated chain has 3 outposts that serve slabs of ribs and half-cooked chickens on oak-fired brick pits. 

The cooked meat is then served over bread slices and smothered in their unique yellow mustard sauce. If you are feeling brave enough, you can order the hot version of their sauce. Although it can make your eyes shed tears, it’ very delicious.


B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue, Savannah

Address: 12409 White Bluff Rd, Savannah, Georgia, United States

From the metro hub to the coast and Piedmont, Georgia has some of the best BBQ in the world, sweet, smoky and spicy, you’ll love the mouthwatering creations in this state. Most BBQ joints in Georgia have won various awards and they’re even recognized by establishments like the Food Network.

Although this State is popular for its Italian food and favorites like banana pudding and Texas fries, it has amazing southern BBQ joints. One such BBQ joint being B’s Cracklin’ BBQ!

B’s Cracklin Barbecue

Photo: B’s Cracklin Barbecue

B’s Cracklin’ is a bustling dining joint that was first opened by Nikki and Bryan Furman in 2014. However, the building of the first joint was destroyed in a fire accident. The restaurant is currently located in a 2nd location. 

The joint serves delicious pit-smoked BBQ, including locally sourced meat dishes. There are also children’s meals as well as family pack dishes that can feed up to 6 people. Their smoker only uses wood, avoiding electric- and gas-powered machine to ensure consistency of their smoked meats.

Just make sure that you try out this Southside barbecue joint any time you’re in Georgia. And taste their delicious chicken or brisket and other dishes!


Gina’s Barbeque, Honolulu

Address: 2919 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, United States

While Hawaii has various cultures, most of them have been influenced by their barbecuing traditions. This has resulted in a diversified food scene in the state, with flavors and cooking tradition popping up across the islands.

One cooking tradition that has become very popular in Hawaii is barbecuing meat. And you’ll find America’s south, Korean, Japanese as well as Hawaiian preparations being served in various restaurants. The best place to enjoy BBQ in the state is Gina’s BBQ, which was first established in 1991.

Gina’s Barbeque

Photo: Gina’s Barbeque

At this joint, you’ll find homemade Korean BQ being served for dinner or lunch. Their set plates offer a lot of dishes at a very affordable price and you can enjoy their barbeque beef, or chicken. Alternatively, you can order a combination plate of both BBQ chicken and beef.


Rib Shark Barbecue, Eagle

Address: 395 W State St, Eagle, ID 83616, United States

Having originated from places like Missouri, Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky, BBQ has become a very popular meat-preparing style in America! From Hawaiian BBQ to Southern-style BBQ, various styles are being used at the top BBQ joints in Idaho. With Rib Shark BBQ restaurant being the best joint serving the tastiest meats in Idaho.

Owned by Andrew Petrehn, Rib Shack is well known for its burnt ends and juicy ribs. Rib Shack offers a taste of the Midwest-style BBQ. 

Rib Shark Barbecue

Courtesy: Rib Shark BBQ

So, expect to find dishes like shredded chicken, tri-tip, pulled hog, hickory-smoked brisket and ribs. Sides offered at the joint include; smashed potatoes, baked beans, and potato salad. 

If you’re a meat lover, be sure that you’ll get your best meal from the 12 types of BBQ meats and 6 BBQ sauces served here! And with the joint having award-winning meats, it’s easy to understand why it’s considered to be the best BBQ joint in Idaho!


17th Street Barbecue, Murphysboro

Address: 32 N 17ths St, Murphysboro, IL 62966, United States

There are BBQ joints all over the state of Illinois, yet only a few understand authentic methods of barbecuing. The best BBQ restaurants in Illinois are well known for their ribs, sauces, smoking techniques, and meats. This ensures that they only serve the most tender, mouthwatering meats. And you can witness this for yourself by going to the best BBQ joint in this state: 17th Street BBQ.

Located in Murphysboro, this joint has been featured across various TV shows and publications for their delicious barbecue. Also, there is another 17ths Street BBQ joint in Marion, Illinois.

17th Street Barbecue

Photo: 17th Street Barbecue

Once you order off this joint’s menu, you’ll understand why Americans refer to pitmaster Mike Mills as ‘The BBQ Legend’. Mike Mills, who is the owner of the joint, has won various awards for his delicious BBQ. The Huffington Post and Bon Appetit rank the ribs served here among the best-smoked ribs in the country. 

This joint has won almost all accolades you can think of in BBQ. And this is probably why most people travel from different places across the nation to the small Murphysboro town. Everything on their menu is great. But, I highly suggest that try their ribs before you check the menu!


Bombers BBQ, Munster

Address: 435 Ridge Road set f, Munster, IN 46321, United States

What tastes more delicious than a barbecue? Saucy, juicy, savory! From pulled meat to brisket to chicken wings to ribs, BBQ is one of the most satisfying dishes you can have. And Indiana has some of the most authentic BBQ options in the country that will make you want more and more! If you’ve ever ordered your BBQ from Bombers BBQ, you’ll agree with me that it’s the best BBQ joint in the state!

Bombers BBQ is a joint in Munster, Indiana that was opened in 2013. The joint prides itself on its slow & low smoking process and sides.

Bombers BBQ

Photo: Bombers BBQ

Besides serving traditional BBQ dishes like brisket and ribs, the joint also offers meals like shrimp, chicken, and lake perch. You can also choose your favorite dish from the 6 different buns served at the joint. 

The joint is always open from 11 am until everything is sold out. So, make sure you stop by this joint in Indiana and enjoy some great barbecue!


Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack, Lowa City

Address: 1940 Lower Muscatine Rd, Lowa City, United States

Sweet corn, tenderloins, and, as you might have guessed, barbecue are some of the most loved dishes in Lowa! And there’s nothing tastes like barbecued Lowa meat in the world. Luckily, there are several award-winning BBQ joints spread throughout Lowa State.

But, which is the best place to get BBQ in Lowa? That title would go to Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack!

Owned by Jack Piper and James ‘Jimmy’ Adrian, this joint was opened in 2005 and it has been serving Kansas city-style BBQ ever since.

Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack

Photo: Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack

Featuring 2 locations within Lowa city, this joint is a fairly new spot in the culinary scene of Lowa City. Yet, with its award-winning recipes and drool-inducing guests, the joint has already become one of the best restaurants in the city.

Apart from their amazing BBQ, you can also try out their cornbread, honey butter, and fries. So, whether you just need a quick bite or some professional catering services in Lowa, this the place to check out!

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City

Address: 3002 West 47th Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66103, United States

There is only one BBQ style in Kansas: Kansas City style! BBQ joints in Kansas offer some of the best brisket, burnt ends and pulled in the country. With the best joint in the state being Joe’s Kansas City BBQ.

The joint is located in a gas station and its menu is split into meat & ‘other dishes’. I suggest that you try out both, and you’ll not regret it. However, this joint is mainly known for its Z-Man Sandwich.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Photo: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Just like most other BBQ joints, Joe’s Kansas City BBQ started on the competition board. After winning several competitions, Joy and Jeff Stehney decided to start their restaurant. Today, the joint is located in many locations, but the original one is located in Downtown, Kansas City. 

If you want to taste some award-winning Kansas City-Style BBQ, Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is the joint for you!


Old Hickory Bar-B-Que, Owensboro

Address: 338 Washington Ave, Owensboro, KY 42301, United States

Kentuckians love good BBQ! But, who doesn’t? You’ll find many small BBQ joints around the state serving BBQ. Locals know these joints very well as they frequently visit them to enjoy their tasty barbecue. But, if you’re looking for, nothing but the best BBQ joint in Kentucky, just go to Old Hickory BBQ and get the best BBQ in the entire state!

Old Hickory BBQ is a family-owned BBQ joint that has existed for more than 100 years. The joint was first opened by Charles ‘Pappy’ Foreman, who was a blacksmith in Owensboro, in 1918. To acquire his first smoker, Charles had to trade in his blacksmith tools.

Old Hickory Bar-B-Que

Photo: Old Hickory Bar-B-Que

Although the joint is being run by the Foreman’s 6th generation, the joint has maintained Old Hickory’s tradition. And this includes cooking their meat using hickory wood, which is where its name was obtained from in the first place. 

Be sure to try out some of the joints award-winning burgoo and barbecue! And you’ll certainly keep coming back at the joint for more!


The Joint, New Orleans

Address: 701 Mazant St, New Orleans, LA 70117, United States

Louisiana does not have a rich history in preparing BBQ like Texas or Memphis. Yet, this state has some world-class smokers that are building their BBQ legacy from scratch!

So, be ready to find brisket, ribs, and even belly in various BBQ joints across the state. And if you’re one of those people who like being served in the best restaurants, The Joint BBQ is the spot for you!

Since its opening in 2004, The Joint has been serving everyone visiting Louisiana with juicy slow-cooked beef brisket and pulled meat.

The Joint

Photo: The Joint

This joint is owned by Jenny and Pete Breen and it has been featured in various popular TV shows. Although Louisiana is not popular for its BBQ, the Joint can comfortably compete with any Southern BBQ joint!

Anytime you’re hungry while in Louisiana visit this BBQ spot and get your favorite BBQ including slow-cooked chicken, ribs, and chicken. Just make sure you check out this joint in New Orleans and get some mouthwatering Southern BBQ!


Spring Creek Bar-B-Q, Monson

Address: 26 Greenville Rd, Monson, ME 04464, United States

Some people think that you can find authentic southern BBQ in the north. But, they’re so damn wrong! And some northern states like Maine are home to some of the high-quality and best BBQ near me now.

These restaurants are popular for their savory and smoky classic BBQs, ranging from juicy ribs to pulled meat sandwiches.

If you’ve craved for ribs or brisket while in Maine, go to Spring Creek BBQ! Similar to most southern BBQ joints, the best joints are found in small towns.

Spring Creek Bar-B-Q

Photo: Spring Creek Bar-B-Q

Spring Creek is located in Monson and has been serving delicious meats for more than 17 years now. You’ll love their menu of homemade desserts, mac & cheese, and ribs. 

And did I tell you that Anthony Bourdain has visited this joint? That’s how this Kim and Mike Witham’s BBQ restaurant is! If you decided to check this spot out, make sure you get there early before they sell out their luscious ribs.


Andy Nelson’s Barbecue & Restaurant, Cockeysville

Address: 11007 York Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030, United States

Being one of the oldest states in the country, Maryland has some amazing BBQ joints that you can go to. But even with the state being a booming barbecue scene, no joint serves more delicious BBQ that Andy Nelson’s Barbecue. So, if you’re craving for some pulled meat, barbecued chicken wings, or smoky meat in Maryland, just try this joint out!

Founded by Andy Nelson more than 30 years ago, the joint is well known for serving hickory-smoked BBQ. Moreover, this joint regularly wins the ‘Best BBQ in Baltimore’ award by the city paper and Baltimore Magazine.

Andy Nelson’s Barbecue & Restaurant

Photo: Andy Nelson’s Barbecue & Restaurant

Andy Nelson BBQ joint is about a 20-minute drive from Baltimore. Although the spot is small, its BBQ flavor is big and it has many options for sauces. So, whether you want something spicy and sweet or Carolina vinegar, you’ll get it here! 

If you’re near Baltimore and you’d like to bring your family for dinner, this restaurant will get everything covered for you. Just get there and get a dining experience you’ll never forget!


BT’s Smokehouse, Sturbridge

Address: 392 Main St., Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

If you are anywhere in Massachusetts, the best place to get the best BBQ is at B.T Smokehouse. This famous joint serves delicious BBQ burritos, sandwiches, and much more. It even won the ‘best New England BBQ places’ award by the Boston Globe.

This BBQ place was started by Brian Treitman when he was smoking meat from a trailer at Brimfield Antique Show. Although he was initially doing it as a hobby, it turned into a profession. In 2009, he has been operating the joint at the crossroads of the Mass and Interstate 84, right off Exit 9.

BT’s Smokehouse

Photo: BT’s Smokehouse

It’s a very good BBQ restaurant and you find people from various places including Boston, coming at this joint. They come for; chicken, ribs, smoked hickory, and anything served at the restaurant. 

With 3 smokers, the joint can handle approximately 4350 pounds of meat. Good things take time, right? That’s why the B.T Smokehouse BBQ joint smokes it meat for about 24 hours, ensuring that you only get the tastiest BBQ! Make sure that check out this place while in Massachusetts or place your order online through their site!


Lockhart’s BBQ Royal Oak

Address: 202 E 3rd St, Royal Oak, MI, United States

BBQ is a tradition that has been in America for decades. Although BBQ can be prepared using various techniques, sauces, and meats, most people have come to love this dining style. So, where can you find the best BBQ in Michigan?

With many BBQ options in the state, you might think that determining the best BBQ joint in Michigan would be difficult. But it’s not! As Lockhart’s BBQ easily stands out from the rest! 

Lockhart’s BBQ Royal Oak

Photo: Lockhart’s BBQ Royal Oak

Owned by Rick and Drew, Lockhart’s BBQ is a popular destination located in the Royal Oak area. Rock and Drew opened this joint because they wanted to make southern style BBQ available in Detroit. 

Lockhart offers; Memphis pulled swine, Texas brisket, and Kansas City ribs. So, if you ever want to taste the southern style BBQ while in Michigan, just stop by Lockhart’s barbecue joint! But if you’re in farther north, there is a 2nd Lockhart’s BBQ joint in Lake Orion.


Big Daddy’s Old Fashioned BBQ, St Paul

Address: 625 University Ave W, St Paul, MN55104, United States

When you hear of Minnesota, you probably think about many lakes and cold weather. But, something like a great barbecue may not be something you associate with this North Star State.

Surprisingly, Minnesota is home to some great BBQ joints like Big Daddy’s Old Fashioned BBQ.

The joint initially started a Saturday special being served in a parking lot. But later developed into one of the best places to go for ribs in St. Paul.

Big Daddy’s Old Fashioned BBQ

Photo: Big Daddy’s Old Fashioned BBQ

Opened 5 days a week (from Wednesday to Sunday), this spot has many great BBQ components, including mouthwatering sauces and delicious spices.

This joint has experienced many changes and iterations. Yet, their loyal fans as well as flavor and quality of their Southern-style BBQ has remained consistent.

What makes this joint unique from the other joints in the state? That would be its phenomenal beef ribs that keep visitors coming back for more!


The Shed Barbeque & Blues, Ocean Springs

Address: 7501 MS-57, Ocean Springs, MS 39565, United States

Whether you visiting Mississippi or you live there, chances are you’re craving for some good barbecue. With so many BBQ joints around the state, it may difficult to choose the best BBQ, especially if you’ve never been there. But, you’d be glad to know that the best BBQ joint in this state is none other than The Shed BBQ!

Founded by Brooke and Brad Orrison in 2001, The Shed BBQ started a take-out stand by the roadside. 19 years later, the joint now serves more than 1 ton of barbecue every day. And its popular sauce is sold countrywide and internationally.

The Shed Barbeque & Blues

Photo: The Shed Barbeque & Blues

This family-run restaurant serves some great barbecue and it has even won many awards for it. For instance, in 2015 and 2018, the joint won the Memphis Grand Champion award in May BBQ competition.

Stop by The Shed and enjoy their perfect old fashioned southern barbecue cooked in smokers using pecan wood. Some of the dishes you can enjoy include; baked beans, beef brisket, spare ribs, and baby back ribs. And you don’t even have to leave your pet behind since this pet-friendly joint has outdoor seating!


LC’s BBQ, Kansas City

Address: 5800 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO, United States

The barbeque was not invented in Missouri. But pitmasters in this state have improved their game in preparing delicious smoked meat.

They have come up with various sauces, meats, styles, rubs, and techniques. And you’ll experience this better at LC’s BBQ.

The joint was started by LC Richardson in 1986 after he retired as a corporate chef. Today, the joint is an appreciated Kansas City spot that has impressed many KC’s BBQ greats.


Photo: LC’s BBQ

If you’re looking for great BBQ in Missouri, stop by this joint and enjoy their mouthwatering burnt ends sandwich with BBQ sauce.

It’s situated near Missouri’s sports stadiums and Kansas City. The joint is usually crowded, so make your decision quickly when you go to place your order. Yet, even with the joint being crowded most of the time, their food is worth it!


The Notorious P.I.G Barbecue, Missoula

Address: 3621 Old U.S. 93, Missoula, MT 59804, United States

Montana State is popularly known for ranching, bison, and beef. That statement alone is enough to let you know that you’ll get an awesome BBQ in this state! So, whether you want baby backs, beef ribs or brisket, you’ll get it here! To get the best, saucy-cheeked BBQ in Montana, go to The Notorious P.I.G Barbecue joint.

The first restaurant was founded by Burke Holmes in 2015 after moving from St. Louis, his hometown. The original joint was at 247 West Front Street Downtown. Currently, the joint has another location at 3621 Old U.S. 93.

The Notorious P.I.G Barbecue

Photo: The Notorious P.I.G Barbecue

The joint offers a combination of various dishes from around the nation, including New York Pastrami, Kansas City burnt ends, Memphis-style ribs, and Texas brisket. Although mixing various ‘styles’ can be dangerous sometimes, this joint has perfected the craft. This joint has won many local awards for its authentic St-Louis BBQ. 

So, if you ever want great sauces and ribs in Montana, as you’d in St. Louis, you can get them at the Notorious P.I.G Barbecue. Not to forget that you can other dishes like brisket, tri-tip, turkey, and pastrami.


Phat Jack’s BBQ, Lincoln

Address: 101 SW 14ths PI, Lincoln, NE 68528, United States

American people take BBQ very seriously, and Nebraska is not an exception. In fact, many local BBQ joints in Nebraska offer great dishes.

These joints serve sweet pulled meat, brisket, and hickory-smoked ribs among others. But Phat Jack’s BBQ is by far, the best BBQ joint in Nebraska!

This joint is owned by Jackie and Mattie Burt and it was opened in 2008. Phat Jack’s barbecue has been offering authentic Kansas-style BBQ since its opening.

Phat Jack’s BBQ

Photo: Phat Jack’s BBQ

The joint is only a 3-hour drive from Kansas City, which is where the joint gets its BBQ style. So expect to find burnt ends, ribs as well as sliced brisket here!

Just like many other BBW businesses, Jackie and Matthew started this joint by competing in BBQ competitions. Currently, they have combined business skills from Matt’s parents with their competition skills to offer their award-winning BBQ to the masses.

Feel free to join many Lincoln residents going to Phat Jacks BBQ and satisfy your craving for a delicious barbecue in Nebraska!


Fox Smokehouse Barbecue, Boulder City

Address: 930 Nevada Way, Boulder City, NV 89005, United States

Nevada serves some seriously good food, including barbecue. So, where can you get the best BBQ in Nevada? That would be in the best BBQ joint in the state, which is Fox Smokehouse BBQ. At this restaurant, you’ll find some of the juiciest brisket and smokiest ribs in the country!

Although the joint initially started as a BBQ competition team, it has grown into one of the best BBQ restaurants in the nation. Owners Kelly and Dan F opened the first Fox Smokehouse restaurant in 2013.

Fox Smokehouse Barbecue

Photo: Fox Smokehouse Barbecue

The joint has amazing customer service and it offers delicious award-winning BBQ at reasonable prices. 

Being a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society, the restaurant has participated in several competitions. Their menu also includes; sandwiches, cowboy beans, man n’ cheese, smokehouse burger, etc.

I recommend that you either order their smoked sliced brisket or burnt end combos, and you’ll certainly leave the joint satisfied!

New Hampshire:

Goody Cole’s Smokehouse, Brentwood

Address: 374 NH-125, Brentwood, NH 03833, United States

BBQ scene is relatively new in New Hampshire. Yet the state has already established an excellent reputation on national stages. If you want to taste the greatest delicacies in this state, go to Goody Cole’s Smokehouse! And be ready to be served some of the best BBQ in the nation.

Goody Cole’s has been offering authentic southern-style barbecue for more than 10 years now. Something that has made the joint win many accolades and awards over that time. One thing you’ve to appreciate about this joint is that it sill prepares its BBQ the old-fashioned way. This means that they use electricity- and gas-free smoker.

Goody Cole’s Smokehouse

Photo: Goody Cole’s Smokehouse

The restaurant’s interior walls are covered with various types of Lone State archives, including longhorn steer horns and Texas license plates. Contemporary country music is regularly played at the joint through the wall-mounted speakers. You can also enjoy a great view of the 2-lane highway at this joint by sitting at the outdoor picnic tables. 

Whether you want brisket chili, classic BBQ, or outstanding sides, you’ll get them at Goody Cole’s Smokehouse!

New Jersey:

Local Smoke BBQ, Front Street

Address: 244 W. Front Street, 07701 Red Bank, New Jersey, United States

New Jersey does not have its barbecue style. For this reason, many BBQ joints in the state use various cooking styles from different areas in the country. For instance, Local Smoke BBQ, which is the best BBQ restaurant in New Jersey, use the Southern BBQ style. In addition to the southern BBQ style, the joint also uses the authentic Kansas City BBQ style.

Local Smoke BBQ is available in 3 locations, including Red Bank, Cookstown, and Neptune. The restaurant has competed in various BBQ championships in the country and even won more than 100 awards.

Local Smoke BBQ

Photo: Local Smoke BBQ

The joint slow smokes its meats using a combo of hickory and fruit woods at temperatures ranging between 170 and 200 degrees. But, this depends on the kind of meat being prepared. 

Although the joint at Cookstown has a larger dining space, all the 3 locations serve the same menu. For instance, they offer 2 kinds of gluten-free homemade sauces: the original Kansas BBQ style sauce and Carolina sauce.

When you get at the joint, pick a table, go to the counter and make your order, take a number and place it on your table. Then wait for their attentive and friendly staff to bring it to you. Very simple and convenient, right?

Moreover, this joint offers off-premise barbecue catering. So, if you’ve got a wedding, graduation party, yacht club party, or corporate event in New Jersey, Local Smoke BBQ is there for you!

New Mexico:

Mad Jack’s Mountaintop Barbecue, Cloudcroft

Address: 105 James Canyon Highway, Cloudcroft, NM 88317, United States

Influenced by Texas, you’ll find several BBQ joints being established in New Mexico. But, this doesn’t mean that you’ll only find Texas-style BBQ in these joints. If you’re craving for some great BBQ in New Mexico, just go to Mad Jacks’ BBQ.

James Jackson, who is the owner & pitmaster at Mad Jack’s BBQ, was trained in Austin, Texas. And as you know, Austin takes their barbeque very seriously. James adds a unique touch to the joint’s BBQ to ensure that their meats are as good as any BBQ served in Austin. Although you might have to line up at this joint, their hog belly burnt ends and brisket is worth the wait!

Mad Jack’s Mountaintop Barbecue

Photo: Mad Jack’s Mountaintop Barbecue

Their unique Central Texas BBQ includes the rub, a unique blend of spices from the pitmaster. This restaurant is a perfect combination of sweet and savory. And they cook all their meats over oak or pecan wood. Thus adding a flavor in the ribs, sausage, brisket, and chicken. 

In addition to this joint having a comfortable atmosphere, the restaurant serves its food on waxed paper, instead of plates. Mad Jack’s is definitely the best BBQ joint in New Mexico!

New York:

Hometown Bar-B-Que, Brooklyn

Address: 454 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

When you want to take a bite in New York, you probably think of local cuisines like bangles and pizza. However, New York has exceptional joints for regional BBQ styles that you can try out.

So, if you ever want to taste finger-licking ribs and pit-smoked brisket in New York, you can get it. And the best place to get it is at Hometown BBQ!

The joint focus on authentic, pit-smoked meats cooked using the traditional southern cooking style with oak wood. Moreover, the joint serves various flavor profiles, sides, and sausages.

Hometown Bar-B-Que

Photo: Hometown Bar-B-Que

Tackling various global and regional BBQ styles, expect to find everything at this joint, including hot dogs, burnt ends, sausages, and smoked brisket. The joint has about 120 seats and it was opened by Billy Durney. 

Although you may have to wait for about an hour to be served, Hometown BBQ is the best BBQ joint in New York City, and their delicious barbecue is worth it! If you have been at this joint, make sure you make a plan and get a new BBQ experience!

North Carolina:

The Skylight Inn, Ayden

Address: 4618 Lee Street, Ayden, NC 28513, United States

Over the years, North Carolina has developed 2 distinct kinds of BBQ; Western-style and eastern-style BBQ. These styles differ in how meat is cooked and the kind of sauce used. But with various joints using different styles, The Skylight Inn is easily the best BBQ place in North Carolina.

This BBQ joint was started by Pete Jones in 1947. It is a family-run BBQ joint that is still managed by the Jones family up to date. Since the joint uses the eastern style, expect to find a slow and low cooked whole hog, chopped and covered with pepper-based sauce and vinegar. 

The Skylight Inn

Courtesy: The Skylight Inn

The whole hog is cooked in open bricks that are fired with oak coals all night long.

The finished meat is then topped with salt, Texas Pet sauce, and cider vinegar. While the only accompaniments include cornbread and white slaw.

Having won the renowned James Beard Award in 2003, this BBQ joint has proved that it offers something special! 

North Dakota:

Spitfire Bar and Grill, West Fargo

Address: 1660 13th Avenue E, West Fargo, ND 58078, United States

Sometimes it’s hard to find authentic barbecue in North Dakota. Luckily, there are few restaurants in the joint that well-cooked meats you will enjoy.

So, if you are craving for some delicious meat topped with mouthwatering sauce in the Midwest, go to Spitfire Bar and Grill. 

Located in Red River Valley, this joint serves delicious smoked meats prepared in wood-fired smokers. The joint was co-founded by Tim Olson and Wilson in 2007. 

Spitfire Bar and Grill

Photo: Spitfire Bar and Grill

They initially started the business as a seasonal, mobile restaurant offering vending and catering services from their big red trailer. Ever since the join has developed to become one of the best barbecue joints in the state. You’ll be surprised to know that they still use the same trailer to cater events up to date.

They are popular for their award-winning food including their top-notch briskets, ribs, and barbecue chicken. You can also try both chicken and beef, which are also good! Because of its top-notch food, the restaurant has been able to open another location in Detroit Lakes. 


Eli’s BBQ, Cincinnati

Address: 3313 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45226, United States

The State of Ohio has many exceptionally delicious BBQ joints that keep visitors and locals coming back for more! But, which is the best joint out of all these restaurants? That would be Eli’s BBQ restaurant!

Located in Cincinnati, Eli’s BBQ serves up slow-cooked BBQ offerings and traditional dishes like beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. You’ll also enjoy the live music that is played at the joint once a month. In addition to serving the best BBQ in the state, this joint is also dog-friendly.

There is also another location of Eli’s BBQ joint in Findlay Market. And it is rapidly gaining local and national attention for its pulled meat and hickory-smoked turkey. 

Although you may find long lines at the restaurants, these lines go fast and you may not even find them during weekdays.

Eli’s BBQ

Photo: Eli’s BBQ

So, for the best mac n’ cheese, cornbread and barbecue while in Ohio, disregard the possibility of long lines and go to Elis’s BBQ! Unlike most restaurants, this joint accepts checks, cash as well as credit cards!


Iron Star Urban Barbecue, Oklahoma City

Address: 3700 N Shartel Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States

Oklahoma BBQ is not exclusive to a certain type of meat like barbecue in other states. Instead, their barbecue balances between the various famous styles. Something you can see at their best BBQ restaurant; Iron Star Urban BBQ!

Iron Star Urban BBQ restaurant is situated in Oklahoma City and it was opened in 2002. The joint was named after Belle Starr, a popular female outlaw in Oklahoma. By specializing in fine dining with authentic smokehouse flavor, this restaurant offers tasty and unique foods.

Iron Star Urban Barbecue

Photo: Iron Star Urban Barbecue

Besides serving the best barbecue in the entire state, this joint is a quality spot for spending a cool evening with friends or date night. From the atmosphere to the décor, you find the authentic southern atmosphere here! 

The joint serves hot juicy ribs, smoked turkey and sides like mac n’ cheese, Dutch oven sweet potatoes, whole fried okra, and seared green beans. Additionally, you can enjoy a wide selection of beers, made in Oklahoma.


Matt’s Barbeque, Portland

Address: 4233 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 9721, United States

BBQ joints in Oregon know how to smoke their meats. So, whether you’re looking for smoky rib racks, brisket, you’ll get it in this state. With the best joint in the state being Matt’s Barbeque.

Opened by pitmaster Matt Vicedomini in 2015, this joint instantly changed the BBQ scene in Portland. Thanks to its Texas-style tender pink-ringed brisket. The joint is located in a fixed-location food trailer where they prepare their food daily.

Matt’s Barbeque

Photo: Matt’s Barbeque

Other dishes you can enjoy at the joint include; swine belly, and sides. If you’re not sure what you want to order at the joint, try their ‘Whole Shebang’. The whole shebang comes with 1 sausage, 1 rib, beef, brisket, pinto beans, potato salad and coleslaw. 

Whenever you’re in Oregon, Stop by Matt’s BBQ food truck and enjoy the joint’s delicious smoked meats and sides!


Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse, Philadelphia

Address: 7500 State Road, Philadelphia, PA 19136, United States

Craving for some delicious, finger-licking barbecue meal in Pennsylvania? Then you’re in luck since there are many amazing BBQ joints in the state. But, if you only want the best barbecue in the state, just go straight away to Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse!

Sweet Lucy’s BBQ is a mix-&-match joint, where you can choose various BBQ styles, ranging from Texas-style to Tennessee- and Carolina-style! First opened in 2003 as a lunch trailer, the joint took about 2 years to establish a casual style restaurant.

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

Photo: Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

The joint smokes its meats on-site from scratch every day, meaning you’ll only fresh meals. Sweet Lucy’s restaurant is popularly known for its pulled meat. But you can also try their smoked Salmon. 

With the Philly-style BBQ served at this BBQ joint, it’s easy to understand why it’s the best BBQ restaurant in Pennsylvania! The delicious barbecue has made it a very popular destination for meat-lovers and Philadelphia residents.

Rhode Island:

GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ, Cumberland

Address: 2000 Mendon Road #10, Cumberland, RI 02864, United States

Even though Rhode Island is popular for its seafood, there are several BBQ spots across the state. And just like Memphis-, Carolina- and Texas-style, it appears as if Rhode Island is developing its BBQ category. One thing about delicious BBQ is that it’s very comforting. That’s why you’ve to try the meals at GottaQ BBQ, the best BBQ spot in Rhode Island!

Having started as a food trailer, GottaQ quickly developed into a restaurant because of demand. Today, the joint has 2 locations and a few food trailers and tracks that enable it to serve its smoked meats in the state.

GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ

Photo: GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ

Besides smoked meats, the joint also serves some sides such as mac n’ cheese and collard greens. Another specialty at the restaurant is its West Coast tri-tip steak. This can be served with horseradish, pink smoke ring, pickles, and red onions. But the joint specializes in ribs and dry-rubbed brisket. 

The meats are smoked all night long using hickory and oak in the trailer smokers or commercial indoor smokers. Every meal also includes cornbread and a cold & hot side.

Moreover, the joint has 3 trailer smokers and 3 food trucks that it uses for private catering, public events, and competitions. If you ever come across this unique joint, stop by and enjoy some great BBQ!

Rodney Scott’s Barbecue, Charleston

Address: 1011 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

Everyone knows that some of the best barbecues in the whole country are found in the South! Generally, South Carolina barbecue features a thin ketchup-based or vinegar sauce that makes it unique. But, even with so many great BBQ joints around the state, Rodney Scott’s is the best of them all!

Located in Hemingway, Rodney Scott’s BBQ is among the most iconic barbecue joints in the nation. This restaurant’s BBQ is so delicious, and it has even won the James Beard Award.

Rodney Scott’s Barbecue

Photo: Rodney Scott’s Barbecue

While the joint has great choices like BBQ chicken and pulled meat, their best dish is the ribs. And you can pair these dishes with a side of mac n’ cheese and hushpuppies. Although their vinegar-pepper sauce is the same as the one served in other joints, expect some changes to the conventional cooking methods. 

Regulars love the joint’s ribeye sandwich. But if you’re a first-timer, you’ll enjoy it too! It’s the quality and flavor of their barbeque that easily makes this joint the best the whole state!

South Dakota:

Bunky’s BBQ, Spearfish

Address: 125 W Highway 14, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

Mouthwatering, succulent, juicy, savory, divine, succulent, and tender! Those are some of the things you should think of when it comes to barbecue in South Dakota. So, if you’re looking for classic BBQ flavors, you’ll get them in this state.

But the best BBQ joint in South Dakota is Bunky’s BBQ, which serves the best BBQ in the state!

Located in Spearfish, near the Crow Peak Brewing Co., Bunky’s BBQ serves slow-cooked hardwood-smoked BBQ at affordable prices. 

Bunky’s BBQ

Photo: Bunky’s BBQ

Each item on their menu comes with sides of baked beans and coleslaw. Although their menu is small, it includes taste dishes like a smoked hot dog, pulled meat, and brisket.

Forrest Cain, the pitmaster at Bunky’s, has been perfecting his barbecue preparation techniques for more than 20 years. This indicates that you’ll only get seriously good meats at this joint!

One thing you should about this joint though, is that they serve a rotating menu across the week, with Thursday being a ribs day! Additionally, on Sunday, the joint serves racks of tasty ribs. However, you can expect to get smoked hot dogs and pulled hog every day!


Central BBQ, Memphis

Address: 2249 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

Tennessee is a southern state! And all meat-lovers know what that means! Being southern, expect to find a lot of smoked meats at this state that you can choose from. But if your mind is made up and you want the best this state has to offer, go to Central BBQ right away!

Located in Memphis, Central BBQ is an award-winning BBQ restaurant with various locations. The joint slow-smokes its meat after rubbing it with their unique spice rub and marinating it for 24 hours. 

Central BBQ

Photo: Central BBQ

The ribs, brisket, sausages, and chicken are then smoked in their pit over pecan and hickory woods. After the meat is ready, it’s served up with potato salad, onion rings and fries.

This great joint is owned by Roger Sapp and Craig Blondis. Since this joint was first opened 18 years ago, it has been considered to be the best BBQ spot in Memphis. This is not surprising, considering that it has been featured on many national TV shows over the years!

Anytime you’re in Tennessee and you’re craving for some tasty smoked meat, Central BBQ is the spot to go to!

Franklin Barbecue, Austin

Address: 900 E 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702, United States

Texas is a meat-loving state with several world-class BBQ joints that serve smoked beef. But even with so many BBQ joints in the state, Franklin BBQ remains the best joint in the state!

Based in Austin, Texas, Franklin BBQ sets the perfect stage for a wonderful and delicious dining experience with its modern and vintage décor.

The joint is increasingly becoming more popular and it may even be featured in future TV shows.

Franklin Barbecue

Photo: Franklin Barbecue

Aaron Franklin, the owner, and Pitmaster at Franklin BBQ is well known for his succulent brisket. Having started this joint in a food trailer, Franklin has since moved the business to a brick & mortar place. These perfectly smoked meats and unique BBQ sauce served at this joint have put Austin on the map. 

If you want to taste the delicious barbecue served at the joint, get to this spot at 9 am and be ready to line up. Since you’ll find other people in line waiting to be served the same. And one may even line up for about 3-4 hours! But believe it, once you taste their BBQ, you’ll see that it’s worth it!

If you are a BBQ enthusiast, Franklin BBQ in Texas is a must-visit spot and taste the tasty barbecue for yourself!


R&R BBQ, Salt Lake City

Address: 307 West 600 S, Salt Lake City, United States

Barbecue is a special American classic which involves some smoky, slow-cooked meats. In Utah, there are some good BBQ joints with a distinct Utah flair or authentic Southern barbecue. So, next time you are craving some tasty ribs, brisket, or burnt ends in Utah, go to R&R BBQ, the best joint in this state!

Unlike most BBQ joints, R and R are more than a barbecue restaurant. It is a community of BBQ enthusiasts and meat lovers.


Photo: R&R BBQ

The joint was founded by twin brothers Roger and Rod Livingstone, who have won 9 BBQ championships from national and regional competitions. Although the joint started in 2010 as a food truck, the 1st restaurant was opened in 2012 on Seneca Street in Elma. 

The joint is available in 4 locations including Lehi, Transverse Mountain area, South Jordan, and Salt City. To enjoy the joint’s juicy ribs and smoked sausage, you may have to wait in line. But, with the joint serving the best BBQ in the state, you won't regret it!


Prohibition Pig, Waterbury

Address: 23 S Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05676, United States

Located up north, near Canada, you might not expect to find BBQ being served in Vermont. Yet, the few BBQ joints that are serving juicy smoked meats in this state can impress any southerner. One such place is the Prohibition Pig BBQ joint!

While Prohibition Pig is among the best beer bars in the state, it’s also the best BBQ joint here! The joint was opened in 2012 by Chad Rich. Their dinner menu offers pit-smoked chicken with 2 sides, North Carolina-style chopped meat BBQ and sliced beef brisket with 2 sides.

Prohibition Pig

Photo: Prohibition Pig

You can experience Prohibition Pig in 2 ways. This is by going to the restaurant, which is located in the front or going to the brewery at the back. The joint has various family-friendly features like stroller parking, changing stations and high chairs. 

This place is so popular in Vermont, such that you can find more than 600 people dining here on busy Saturdays. While most people come to this joint for its BBQ, it an ideal stop-over spot for road-trippers.


Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que, Williamsburg

Address: 447 East Rochambeau Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23188, United States

Virginians love the comfort of southern food. And there are many smokehouses dedicated to serving good barbecue spread across the state. These joints include tangy flavors, unique techniques, huge portions, and decadent sides. The best BBQ joint in VA being Pierce Pitt’s BBQ!

Started in1971 by Julius C., this counter-serve style BBQ joint offers classics such as the J.C Special, smokehouse special as well as family deals. But you can also try their smoked ribs, chicken and burgers.

Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que

Courtesy: Pierce’s Pitt BBQ

The joint is just located a short drive from Richmond City. People love coming to this spot to enjoy their tasty, hickory-smoked Tennessee-style BBQ. This place is very popular that it has even served its finger-licking sauce and hickory-smoked meat to former presidents. 

Check this casual joint in Vermont out and enjoy their delicious BBQ and smoked meats. And did I tell you that the joint is pet-friendly? Well, come with your dog and enjoy your dishes at their outdoor tables!


BBQ Pete’s, Kent

Address: 6621 South 211th Street #106, Kent, WA 98032, United States

Washington is popularly known for its high population of temporary workers. Something that has resulted in the evolution of the local BBQ to satisfy regional sensibilities. Most popular BBQ spots in the state serve brisket, alongside ribs and pulled meat.

BBQ Pete’s has gathered a huge following and it’s currently one of the best barbecue joint in Washington!

BBQ Pete’s is located in Kent and it has been serving slow & low cooked BBQ since 1972. The family-owned operation is popular for its wide selection of succulent smoked meats. 

BBQ Pete’s

Photo: BBQ Pete’s

So, whether you want spicy chop, chicken, ribs, brisket, and hot links, you will get it! Also, you can try the joint’s award-winning sauces.

With 3 outdoor tables, you can comfortably enjoy your meal even if you brought your pet along with you. Meats are smoked every day at the pit using the Pacific Northwest Alder wood.

Stop by the joint any day as it’s always open from 11 am to 8 pm on Monday and Sunday and from 11 am to 8.30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

West Virginia:

Dem 2 Brothers and A Grill BBQ, Charlestown

Address: 423 Virginia Street W, Charlestown, WV 25302, United States

Some people in West Virginia confuse hot dogs and grilling burgers with authentic barbecued meat. So, what’s the difference between grilling meat and barbecue?

While BBQ involves smoking a large portion of beef, chicken, or other meat in a closed pit or smoker, grilling meat is prepared over an open fire. There you have it!

Now, let’s have a look at Dem 2 brothers & Grill, the best barbecue joint in West Virginia!

Dem 2 Brothers and A Grill BBQ

Photo: Dem 2 Brothers and A Grill BBQ

Located in Charlestown, Dem 2 brothers BBQ is among the fastest-growing BBQ restaurants in the state, serving the most delicious barbecue! With two food trucks and two restaurants, the joint specializes in offering Southern-style BBQ. This usually includes; pulled meat BBQ, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, sweet potato casserole, and collard greens. 

Also, this can help you with your catering needs in West Virginia!


Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ, Madison

Address: 2310 Packers Avenue, Madison, WI 53704, United States

Wisconsin is well known for its different beverages and foods, but barbecue is not one of them. Some people who have visited this state even claim that there is no good BBQ here. But frankly, I don’t think those people tried the barbecue served at Smoky Jon’s.

Smoky Jon’s, an award-winning BBQ joint, is well known across the state for its consistently tasty ribs doused with BBQ sauce. Started by Jon Olson about 40 years ago, the joint is still pleasing and satisfying dinners.

Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ

Photo: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ

Since Jon won his 1st BBQ award in 1980, he has been winning many awards for his ribs, sauces, and other barbecues ever since. The joint only use locally-raised hogs to prepare their St. Louis spare ribs, which are coated in a unique spice rub. 

In recent years, the BBQ sauces, marinades, and seasoning offered at Smoky Jon’s have been winning 1st place awards nationally, locally and even internationally. So, it’s not a surprise that it’s the best BBQ joint in this state!


HQ Southern BBQ, Evansville

Address: 70 Curtis Street, Evansville, Wyoming 82636, United States

Unlike most states, it can be difficult to find a good smoked barbecue in Wyoming. For this reason, most barbecue enthusiasts prefer to go to the Midwest or Southern states to feast on authentic smoked meats. However, this does not mean that there are no great BBQ joints in the Cowboy State!

So, if you ever find yourself craving for mouthwatering ribs, brisket, and pulled meat in Wyoming, go to HQ Southern BBQ!

HQ Southern BBQ

Photo: HQ Southern BBQ

HQ Southern BBQ is located in a former gas station and it was opened in 2011. Since its opening, the station has changed a lot and the place is currently remarkable. The place has some outside seats as well as indoor seating space. 

Although this joint in the Casper area is relatively new, its Tennessee tri-tips, ribs, and pulled swine are the best in the entire state! In addition to serving delicious BBQ, the accessibility and approachability of the joint are exceptional.

The quick, friendly service and proximity to the highway make the place a convenient destination for travelers and local commuters.

There you have it; the best BBQ joint in each state! Why move to the southern states, when there are some great BBQ restaurants near you serving delicious and tasty smoked meats? Whenever you’re in any state, try out the joint that I have listed above. And you’ll easily understand why I consider it to be the best in the entire state!

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