52 Best BBQ Restaurants in North Carolina State: Reviewed in Every City

52 Best BBQ Restaurants in North Carolina State: Reviewed in Every City

You prefer Texas ribs or Memphis BBQ. But, have you ever tried North Carolina’s BBQ? A blend of all barbecue masters.

Even with the global pandemic, a great barbecue experience is still doable. And yes, in North Carolina. After consulting the pitmasters, North Carolina now knows its way around the pits.

Yet, some barbecue hotspots have mastered the techniques better than others. You deserve the best of the best BBQ in North Carolina. Here is a detailed list of the top-rated barbecues in North Carolina.

Cross the street and head to your found favorite hide spot.


Best BBQ in North Carolina in Every City

BBQ in Charlotte:

Midwood Smokehouse

Midwood Smokehouse Central Ave

Photo Credit: Midwood Smokehouse

Address: 1401 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC

As a result of their low and slow cooking method, Smokehouse saucy meats bears a small pink ring. Is that healthy? Yes, the health department checks and temp the meat as mandated by the health department. The meat is always at 165F.

If the sauces are right, the meat tastes better. Incorporating South Carolina’s mustard and Eastern Nc vinegar. The Smokehouse sauces bring you an incomparable sweet flavor.

To ease your choice making, the barbecue has a diet guide. Whether you are flexitarian, an herbivore, the smokehouse got you. You will learn how to incorporate your flavor while you meet your goal in this joint.

From plant-based to low carb, paleo, and muscle builder among other this hideout got your back. Available are lip-smacking Carolina meat sliced with Eastern vinegar and Texas-style beef brisket. 

Need crinkle-cut pimento cheese fries or USDA premium beef brisket meatballs? Midwood is waiting. If you crave for Nachos libre- tortilla chips topped with diced tomatoes. Head to the smokehouse.

Also, try other items on their endless menu. From Texas-style to Cuban sandwiches. Enjoy 4-protein combo platters, sides, and salads, have it your way. For a dessert experience, you won't forget, choose the banana pudding or the warm cobbler.

To drain the sweetness a little bit down, grab a glass of drinks. Do you prefer drinks? The drink and bottled can section got you.

If you wish to go gluten-free, a menu awaits you. You will fulfill the fantasy barbecue feeling you never had at the smokehouse.

  • Private dining available
  • Online ordering services offered
  • Catering services with great catering protocols.

BBQ in Raleigh:

The Pit Authentic Barbecue

The Pit Authentic Barbecue

Photo Credit: The Pit Authentic Barbecue

Address: 328 W Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601

For the freshest bountiful featured in all their dishes, visit Raleigh pit barbecue. Serving authentic southern dishes with a slight twist. Get to unleash the flavor you have always dreamed of.

A chosen drink will go well with the mouth-watering barbecue meals. At the pit barbecue, the handpicked drinks are smoke spicy off the pit-cooked meals.

To keep the home feeling, the barbecue offers great traditional entrees. The drinks choice making is simplified. The joint has paired specific drinks with blending barbecue meals.

Ranging from lunch to dinner take-outs, take and bake, family pack packages, and drinks, the pit menu has all your choices.

The famous meal tables offer eastern North Carolina chopped BBQ and seasoned pulled meat. Fork-tender beef brisket, southern fried chicken, and Carolina style ribs are other great choices. Soups and salads, sides, sandwiches, and starters of all varieties are available.

  • Online ordering services available
  • Reservations are available
  • Pick up services offered.

BBQ in Wilmington:

Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ College Road

Photo Credit: Mission BBQ

Address: 351 S College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403

On September 11, 2011, the mission barbecue started a legacy. With the mission to remind Americans what makes their country great, the mission BBQ brings the best barbecue home. Crossing seas to Texas, Kansas City, St Louis, and Carolina, the mission helps you bring the best barbecue flavor you could ever have. Enjoy the American culture and also learn about their heroes, visit mission BBQ. The walls tell it all.

Get to taste Texas barbecue with their Texas-inspired oak-smoked brisket. Other meats to keep your teeth in are pulled meat, sliced turkey, and moist and soft chicken. One more thing before heading for their comfy seats. Top your tray with garden green or a plus meat salad.

For an incomparable Mission BBQ experience, pick out their signature meals. Half a yard chicken or the mild, St Louis style ribs, and moist salmon.

Like any other barbecue, you can't miss salads, sandwiches, sides, starters, and drinks. But, the difference is Mission's choices are tastier.

Tag along with your young one and let him choose from his saucy menu. Jr. Ribs made dad's way, slider, and kid mac are choices your kid will lick fingers after.

  • A gluten-free menu is available
  • All events catering services are offered
  • Take out and pick up services available.

BBQ in Asheville:

12 Bones Smokehouse River

12 Bones Smokehouse River

Photo Credit: 12 Bones Smokehouse River

Address: 5 Foundy Street, Suite 10, Asheville, NC 28801

Ever heard of 12- bones? Well, I guess Barack and Michelle Obama can tell you about their experience.

Their advertisement 'Tender butts and sweet racks' founders, Montgomery and Sabra Kelly has aided them to lure masses into their paradise. Located in a homely looking building, 12 bones brings a warm feeling together with their great dishes. The joint use wood in their pits. Well, not any wood but oak and cherry hardwoods.

To prove their impressive belief that there is more than one way to achieve the tastiest barbecue, head to this hidden spot. The joint will have you travel to another country's barbecue from one sitting. Drawing inspiration from the south and some from the north, from old family favorites to modern ones, the spot has cracked the best BBQ flavors.

Due to the Merciless COVID pandemic, their regular menu is not available. Yet, the 12-bones feeling is not completely cut off. Their limited menu will sate your appetite. Appetizing sandwiches served on a bun, salads, sides, meats, and drinks are available.

  • Only take-out and delivery services are available due to COVID
  • Catering services available
  • Lunch only
  • No reservations.

BBQ in Greensboro:

Stameys Barbecue

Stameys Barbecue gate City

Photo Credit: Stameys Barbecue

Address: 2206 W. Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27403

After the 2016 fire in the battleground branch, the barbecue reopened in July 2017.

Founded in 1930, the Lexington style barbecue is well-known for its delicious meals. Its cooking techniques not only involve a great style but also the best sauces. With their eight to ten cooking process on their brick pits, the Stamey will serve you the most tender yet freshest meats.

Barbecue plate, quarter chicken, chicken BBQ served with Stamey's slaw and hushpuppies are inarguably irresistible. Fruity salads, cobbler, and ice cream desserts will bring extra sauce. That’s not all, it will have you nodding on your plate till the last bite. Sandwiches are never any better without a little meat in between. 

Chopped meat or chicken on your barbecue then Stamey's slaw topping simply tastes heaven, order one. Drag down the sweetness with your favorite beverage or a soft drink. If not, grab the bottled water or milk-white it brings no allergies.

Stamey loves kids. Kid's hot dog, BBQ dog, or chicken tenders are most of the delicious kid's choices.

On their take out menu, carry home their range of sides, beverages, sauces, meats, and other barbecue items.

  • Catering services for 60+ offered
  • Online ordering services offered.

BBQ in Durham:

The Original Q Shack

The Original Q Shack University Drive

Photo Credit: The Original Q Shack

Address: 2510 University Drive, Durham, NC 2777

A perfect blend of hickory and mesquite woods is what yields that goodness on your plate. Their delicious meat, beef brisket, ribs, turkey, chicken, and sausage are all house-smoked.

Despite a not long menu, the shack promises you one thing- BBQ tender as mother's love. For all plates, two sides and hush puppies. On your sandwiches is one side, and hush puppies.

Say hello to the tastiest smoked butt, smoked chicken or turkey, cut ribs St Louis style, and Chile rubbed beef brisket.

Meaty combos, Q'cobb salads, cobbler deserts, and sides are all alluring. Toss with a bottle of fountain drinks, tea, and bottled drinks. Tailgate specials are available for pick up only.

  • Take out services available
  • Catering services are delivered just by a call
  • Online ordering services available.

BBQ in Fayetteville:

Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ

Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ Raeford

Photo Credit: Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ

Address: 7735 Raeford Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304

'My absolute favorites were the mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken, hush puppies, and biscuits', says one of fuller's happy diner.

It is because of such remarks that fullers could not keep of fame and publications. The Best soul food restaurant, Top five rated in the southern living magazine are awards the Fuller's has scooped.

With their three locations, the barbecue strives to serve you while you are miles from your home.

Since 1986, the Fullers have been their best meals. Not only will you get a variety of choices but also have you nod to every chew. From hamburger steaks, meaty sandwiches, to homemade burgers and sides, this barbecue has the right style to barbecue meals.

Whether is a chicken, fish, shrimp, catfish plate, or a seafood platter, trust Fullers' flavor- the sauciest ever. All sodas, beverages, and kid's drinks complement well with your barbecue meal.

Barbecue gets fantastic with their weekly specials. Tuesdays come with quails. Wednesdays are pizza and spaghetti. Oyster, roast, and broiled shrimp are perfect for a Thursday.

At noon, head to fullers and enjoy the daily lunchtime buffets. Even for a meat-lover or a vegan, the buffet will favor you.

The catering menu and their services will meet your big or small event needs.

  • Dine-in and carry out services available
  • Curbside services offered.

BBQ in Carolina Beach:

A&G Barbecue & Chicken

A&G Barbecue & Chicken Lake Park

Photo Credit: A&G Barbecue & Chicken

Address: 800 S Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Located past the Carolina beach lake, the A& G brings more than the tasty barbecue meals. Looking through the undeniable diverse menu, the barbecue offers more southern sweetness than the famous BBQ.

Since 1989, the barbecue has worked hard to not only serve you lunch and dinner but also enjoy your breakfast meals there. With their dual breakfast menus, you sure won't miss your preferred breakfast meal. Sausages, eggs, ham, bacon, and cheese are all included undersides, sandwiches, and plates options.

On their other breakfast menu drain those great made pancakes, bacon, sausage with milk, orange juice, or your favorite soft drink. Lunch and dinner are more thrilling with meat or chicken BBQ plates, vegetables, sandwiches, and complementing sides.

For dessert are banana pudding, double chocolate layer cake, hand-dipped ice cream, and sundaes. To add on, chocolate, lemon, or coconut pies will soothe your appetite. They don't want you to choke as you gobble down your meal. Grab a drink or beverage, and ease your bites.

  • Catering services available
  • Catering menu available via email.

BBQ in Chapel Hill:

The Pig

The Pig Weaver Dairy Road

Photo Credit: The Pig

Address: 630 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

For meat lovers and other pig-related meals, this may be your perfect hotspot. As the name suggests, their barbecue menu has a good share of pig-related dishes. Yet, there is still room for barbecue meals.

Vegetarians are not locked out. Amazing dishes of country-fried tofu, BBQ tempeh among other dishes will favor you. The cooking is process is drove by Sam Suchoff who quite knows his way around the kitchen. Why? It is because he is a professional chef.

Among their worldly known meals is Lady Edison premium hams. Crafted from raised NC hogs, the hams feature a firm yet supple feel and a savory taste. For a comparison, serrano or prosciutto may win but not against these alluring hams.

BBQ in Wrightsville Beach:

Blue Waterfront Grill

Blue Waterfront Grill Marina Street

Photo Credit: Blue Waterfront Grill

Address: 4 Marina St, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

To bring you the freshest local produced coastal cuisines, the Bluewater grill has opened its arms. The barbecue meals-delivering process moves seasonally.

From coconut shrimp appetizers, New England clam chowder salad to cheesecake deserts, Bluewater ensures you have the best from starters to desserts. Dishes available only at lunch are portabella wrap, chicken salad croissant, and ale battered cold sandwich.

You bet their barbecue meals are more appealing than the overwhelming atmosphere. Bluewater front grill embraces a selection of old-fashioned American fare and quality seafood. With a careful combination of classic mix and modern dishes, the Bluewater grill flavor is great.

Red or white drinks, cocktails are available on the drinks table.

  • Online ordering services offered
  • Catering services available.

BBQ in Cary:

City Barbeque and Catering

City Barbeque and Catering Kildaire Farm

Photo Credit: City Barbeque and Catering

Address: 1305 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC

And do you know what 'bark' is? The delicious jerky-like crust that forms on the outside of smoked meat from the combination of smoke, seasoning, and low and slow heat. At the city barbecue, they serve the divine barbecue meals. But, learning more barbecue terms would be thrilling.

Visit the City barbecue and get to learn as you enjoy your meal.

Sides, sandwiches, and sweet dripping ribs that will make you salivate. For those who can't have enough meat, pulled meat and chicken, beef brisket, turkey breast, and sausage may be your cup of tea.

Don't forget to add a little green on your plate with their delicious smokehouse meat or no meat salads. The motherload, judge's and city samplers are non-exhaustive available. Deserts and drinks are also offered.

On the kid's table is a smaller sandwich, hand-breaded chicken tenders, or mac & cheese plus one kid's side and drink.

'As long as it's smoked for a long time at a low temperature over indirect heat, it counts'. Thus, how city barbecue defines barbecue. During this pandemic, their menu is not long but, check what's available on their website.

  • Full-service catering
  • Food delivery services are available.

BBQ in Emerald Isle:

Surf's Up Grill

Surf's Up Grill, Bogue Intel Dr

Photo Credit: Surf's Up Grill

Address: 102 Bogue Inlet Dr, Emerald Isle, NC 28594, United States

From its perfect location, chew as you awe to the spectacular view of huge waves. Non-exhaustive delicious food options and drinks inclusive of non-alcoholic are available.

To add more flavor to your chewing, the spot plays cool background music. Warm and welcoming Bacon, egg, and croissant on your breakfast will motivate you for the day. Fried calamari appetizer, crab cake sandwich, among other dishes are better at Surfs.

  • Dine-in
  • Carry out
  • Online ordering.

BBQ in Boone:

Woodland Barbeque Restaurant and Catering Service

Woodland Barbeque Restaurant and Catering Service

Photo Credit: Woodland Barbeque Restaurant

Address: 8304 Valley Blvd (HWY 321 Bypass), PO Box 1021, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

The blowing rock located barbecue serves North Carolina meat, ribs among other great dishes. With their home-style Mexican foods featuring a menu, this is your perfect haven. Moreover, enjoy your meal accompanied by the best jams from the local musicians. Woodlands nights cannot get any livelier.

The restaurant menu answers perfectly to your stomach desires. You sure won't resist digging your teeth in those barbecue beef, chicken ribs on your plate. To add on your half-full tray, select your favorite sandwich and salads. What more? A smile while you mess your hands with such sweetness.

It is no surprise they got the award of the best BBQ in the high region by Appalachian voices staff of tasters in 2015.

  • You can dine in at Woodlands
  • Take out services only for you
  • Catering services still available.

BBQ in Rocky Mount:

The Prime Smokehouse

The Prime Smokehouse, E Thomas Street

Photo Credit: The Prime Smokehouse

Address: 207 E. Thomas Street, Rocky Mount, NC, 27802

If you enjoy smokehouse meals, know who to thank, Ed Wiley, Jr.

Besides serving top quality meals and beverages, the prime smokehouse entertains you in a hospitable and clean surrounding. Ed Wiley III, his wife Yalem Kiros, and Harold Worrell, Jr are the masterminds behind this hotspot. Their mutual love for jazz music and southern cuisine specifically Texas-style barbecue bore Smokehouse. Despite eliminating almost all smoking they knew better than to drop the hickory slow-smoking in their kitchen walls.

A scoop from their appetizers choices will jerk up your appetite. Signature salads flamed burgers, and side dishes, gourmet soup, and stews, seafood, and desserts are all served top quality with the tastiest flavor.

To embrace their culture the barbecue serves oven-roasted turkey, veggie combo platter, and deep-dish spinach lasagne. From their grills, you can't afford to miss out on their lobster tail dinner or the sweet filet mignon.

Is it drink you prefer? Smokehouse has your back.

  • Catering services available
  • Online ordering services offered.

BBQ in Mooresville:


Duckworth's, River Highway

Photo Credit: Duckworth's

Address: 560 River Highway, Mooresville, NC 28117

From their naturally delicious hog dogs to their much-owned BLT bacon, the pigs will unveil to you how tasty pigs' meals can be. Dry rubbed ribs, eastern Carolina pulled meat, all dark smoked chicken, and their BBQ tempeh brings maddening compulsion.

Vietnamese meat cheek salad, BBQ pimento cheese nachos, and gumbo can't miss on the soup, salads, starters list. For vegetarians and gluten-free diners, the menu still offers your favorites.

Sides and sandwiches are also available. Served on warm French bread with homemade pickles order your favorite Po-boy. Be it Carolina, catfish, shiitake, or Carolina Cubano, enjoy this lip-licking options only at the pigs.

With their jaw-dropping weekly specials, you sure want to head to Duckworth. Luck to your kid if he heads there on Monday. Kids eat free on Mondays. How insane is that?

At Duckworth, a perfect appetizer should range from tortilla chips, fried pickles, chicken strips to home-style chips. A leafy summer, Cobb, spring mix, and salmon salad will not only have you nodding but remind you what a premium salad should entail.

Wings, fries, and Carolina BBQ, pizza, sides, entrees, Philly cheesesteaks, and subs are available in a variety. To finish on a sweet note, choose the chocolate layer cake, and coconut cream cake.

More options are cinnamon-sugar donut holes and the double-decker strawberry shortcake cheesecake. Drinks from different breweries, regions, and styles are available.

  • Order online services available
  • Pickups are available.

BBQ in New Bern:

Morgan Tavern and Grill

Morgan Tavern and Grill, Craven Street

Photo Credit: Morgan Tavern and Grill

Address: 235 Craven Street, New Bern, NC 28560

At Morgan, not only will they serve, but will also let you choose your eating atmosphere. Want to gaze at the exposed beams and original brick walls while inside? Sounds great. Or relax on their recently renovated patio while devouring their BBQ dishes.

The building locates where once stood the New Bern garage company in 1912.

At Morgan, talk of trends, and they will disagree with you. Tradition is their slogan.

At noon, the barbecue will have garden fresh salads, specialty soups, smiling sandwiches, starters, and cows' vs birds. In the dinner menu are bacon-wrapped scallops among other seafood, pasta, and rice bowls, and simple eats.

For child's under ten, baked macaroni and cheese, jumbo shrimp, and fries among other choices will do them good. From the taproom, the barbecue pours blue moon, Stella Artois, miller lite. All their drinks come from the St George brewing company.

  • Private dining
  • Outdoor dining

BBQ in Concord:

The Smoke Pit

The Smoke Pit, Concord Pkwy

Photo Credit: The Smoke Pit

Address: 796 Concord Pkwy, NC 28027

The smoke pit leaves no room for argument as they state their barbecue as the best BBQ period. And why is that?

Fresh cooked every day, low and slow smoked for 18 hours with local hickory and quality meat butchered by the US.

With four locations, concord smoke pit wishes to bring their unique flavor closer to you. At concord location, the smoke pit presents you fall off the bone ribs, and tender smoked jumbo wings. To even the meat slices, great side dishes and salads are available.

Don't let your kid miss out on the teeth burying experience. Let him choose chicken tenders, meat sliders, or two wings all served with fries. A half or a gallon of tea or lemonade is perfect enough to drain the aftertaste.

  • Pickup and delivery services are available
  • Online delivering available.

BBQ in High Point:

Country BBQ

Country BBQ, High Point

Photo Credit: Country BBQ

Address: 3921 Sedgebrook St, High Point, NC 27265

In 1975, from a small restaurant across built busses in high point, country BBQ established its roots. With two branches, the country BBQ managed to scoop the 'best ribs in the triad' in 2014. Also, the joint featured in a weekly magazine for the runner up best BBQ restaurant.

For breakfast choose from their variety of biscuits, add egg, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and deep your impatient carnivorous teeth. To go with your choice of salads choose a ranch, blue cheese, 1000 islands, French, creamy Italian, or the honey mustard dressing.

Try a burger with chili, slaw, onion, mayo, ketchup, and mustard topping. It will have you thinking to grab an extra on your way home.

Breakfast sides, BBQ meat trays and plates, and chicken baskets are all available. A soft drink, juice, or a cup of coffee or iced tea will be great to seal up your eating process.

  • Delivery and drop off services
  • Orders of over $150 anywhere triad area
  • Catering services.

BBQ in Winston-Salem:

Camel City BBQ Factory

Camel City BBQ Factory, Liberty

Photo Credit: Camel City BBQ Factory

Address: 701 Liberty St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Having worked in many family restaurants, Douma's new venture is more of a homecoming. BBQ meat, low and slow-cooked will leave you licking your messy fingers. BBQ plates, brisket melt, chicken wings, and turkey are enough to make meet lovers salivate.

Hats off for their pulled hickory-infused flavor chicken, you will love it. Other dishes you might enjoy are smoked chicken queso, pit-smoked BBQ wings, smoked sausage, and brisket sandwich. Hot dogs, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, kid's pancakes, and BBQ sandwich are all listed in the kid's menu.

Appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts can never miss on the menu. Hosts private events in their camel city 52 rooms. The rooms host a maximum of fifty guests. But, no DJs or music.

  • Catering services are must-offer.

BBQ in Oak Island:

Southport Smoke House

Southport Smoke House, N Howe Street

Photo Credit: Southport Smoke House

Address: 1102 N Howe St, Southport, NC 28461, United States

To outstand from the uncountable barbecues in North Carolina, Southport smokehouse embraces their unique dry rub meat. The meat being the main card, Smokehouse needs you to taste the smoky, moist flavor of their meat slices.

Brunswick stew, sausage dog, links are offered. Order as much as you want! Ribs are offered in quarter, half, and also a full rack. Hot dog, the BBQ sandwich, and chicken strips are there to full your kid's stomach. Any great meal won't be complete without a banana pudding or a cobbler dessert.

A gallon of iced tea, many drink choices will quench your thirst and drain your aftertaste.

If you would love extra sauce flavor on your meat, choose between their seven diverse homemade sauces. But, many customers prefer it without sauce. It is too sweet for more sweetness.

  • Dine-in
  • Drive-through
  • Catering services for 20 to 1000 people
  • Large order delivery
  • Pickup services

BBQ in Henderson:

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Photo Credit: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Address: 1002 Ruin Creek Rd. Henderson, NC 27536-3483

Aside from tasting the southern culture foods, crackers wish you note the difference with their dishes. Serving all the three-day meals, the crackers will have you on their stools all day.

To leave the crackers without having a bite of their new maple bacon grilled chicken is a disaster. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Your morning will be much better with their traditional favorite dishes that comprise of old timer's breakfast, sunrise, and fresh start sampler, and country boy breakfast. For pancake lovers, chew those bites and wash them with their tasty beverages.

You can also enjoy their sunrise specials and their delicious sides for your morning tray.

For lunch and dinner, their home-style entrees, salads, sides and daily specials will leave you nodding to your plate till the plate is clear. To seal up a great meal, a great dessert is necessary. Buttermilk pie, double chocolate fudge vivid defines the climax of sweetness,

Topping the kid's menu are buttermilk macaroni and mac and cheese. All in kid-sized versions are some of their favorites that will bless the stomach of all kids.

Food always goes down a little down better with great sounds. While you bless your stomach let your ears enjoy the sweet sounds of classic tracks. And for great music, country music legend Loretta Lynn has been around this old country store.

  • Catering services
  • Online ordering services

BBQ in Goldsboro:

Mccall's BBQ and Seafood Restaurant

Mccall's BBQ and Seafood Restaurant, Millers Chapel Road

Photo Credit: Mccall's BBQ and Seafood Restaurant

Address: 9230 139 Millers Chapel Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534

Since 1989, the Mccals has been specializing in pit-cooked BBQ meat and calabash style seafood. For a buffet as well as lunch specials pass by the Mccalls from 11 am to 2 pm any day.

Wood isn't wood as you get to take a bite of BBQ cooked meals. BBQ meat, chicken, and chicken tenders will have you thanking the oak woods in their open pit. Seafood done calabash style include fried, broiled, and boiled shrimp. Still not enough? Scallop, trout, flounder are also served. For vegetarians spoil yourself with their bulk vegetables all at a fair price.

A unique meal on their menu item is the senior citizen's plate special. For persons aging 62 and above, dine in and enjoy a plate topped with two vegetables and hushpuppies. Be it be a BBQ meat, chicken, a combination of both, or a seafood plate, enjoy your special.

Combination of seafood plates, BBQ plates, whole, and single deserts. The Mccalls brought all the meals you can think of at your disposal.

  • Online ordering
  • Private events hosting
  • Catering services

BBQ in Wake Forest:

Over the Falls

Over the Falls, South Brooks Street

Photo Credit: Over the Falls

Address: 419 South Brooks Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587

Starting from their name, you bet their meals are premium. While other BBQ restaurants put more effort into BBQ meals. At over the falls, the sandwiches are highlighted. Ensure you have one of their classic sandwiches, wraps, and pitas. For their offers, head there on Tuesdays.

Most adored meals from their menu include their gluten-free friendly award-winning wings, Cajun shrimps and grits, house-made spaghetti, and meatballs among others. To thank you, they have a great every day special that will meet your stomach cravings. Brown butter Blondie sundae, bananas foster pond cake, key lime pie are more than any homemade desserts.

Don't forget to pick a drink from the bar section. Get craft draft drinks or one of their handcrafted cocktails. Get to enjoy their meals and you can be as truthful as you vote them as the best of best 2020.

As a non-reservation restaurant, a maximum of 16 seats is all they can give you. Visit their website through the link above for more reservation policies.

Foods and drinks from the outside are not allowed. This includes cakes and desserts.

BBQ in Gastonia:

R.O's Barbecue

R.O's Barbecue, Gaston Ave

Photo Credit: R.O's Barbecue

Address: 1318 Gaston Ave. Gastonia, NC 28052

In 1946, the history of the slaw began with R. O and Pearl Black. Three generations of family tradition, and they still use the same handcrafted recipes they used while establishing.

On their store menu, let your mouth interact with their saucy barbecues, hot dog, and a large dog. Being much known for their undeniable delicious sandwiches, pick from their extensive varieties. Be it be a fish, bologna, meat, chicken, or club sandwich, be sure to get it as you have always wanted.

Grumpy you missed your breakfast? Knock at R. O and shut your growling stomach. Livermush, various fries for sides, and as a rule, a sweet beverage to escort the bacon breakfast.

  • Catering services
  • Curbside services.

BBQ in Topsail Beach:

Surf City BBQ and Catering

Surf City BBQ and Catering, Surf City

Photo Credit: Surf City BBQ and Catering

Address: 13500 NC-50 UNIT 112, Surf City, NC 28445, United States

In May 2013, two stout Christians began their BBQ journey. The family welcomes you to taste their delicious whole hog, Eastern NC meals, vinegar-based, clever chopped, and barbecue. Ever imagined having a shrimp as an appetizer?

Well, at surf city, mess your hands with appetite doubling starters. Other on the appetizers list are chicken tenders, homemade fries, bacon chess fries, and redneck nachos.

Sandwiches taste magical when a slice from the pit is included. Enjoy their BBQ, flounder, smothered smokehouse, or the Po-boy sandwich. As we all defined it a plate simply means more meat. A BBQ meat plate or the applewood-smoked chicken and the shrimp plate will bless your meat cravings.

Your 10 and under old kid will appreciate their BBQ meat, chicken leg, corn dog, tenders, flounder, or the shrimp. The kid's dishes come adequately for your little one's stomach. If you can't resist the compulsion for seafood, drop your eating matters, and nod on your seafood plate till the last bite.

With an eternity menu, drinks ought to be there. Adda Pepsi, tea, coffee, or their tasty lemonade to your colorful tray.

  • Catering services available
  • Bulk pick up services offered
  • Host your event on the banquet room which holds 24-26 people.

BBQ in Atlantic Beach:

Amos Mosquito's Restaurant

Amos Mosquitos Restaurant Fort Macon Road

Photo Credit: Amos Mosquito's Restaurant

Address: 703 E. Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Amos who?
A mosquito!

Ever heard of this? That's where the Atlantic Beach-based restaurant adopted their name from.

In the fall of 1998, Hallock cooper, the culinary institute of America graduate decided on a barbecue restaurant. In addition to opening a barbecue restaurant, she knew vividly, a location would contribute to her success. A year after, with the help of her loving parents, Amos Mosquito's swamp side café was born in the charming almost turnkey Morehead city waterfront.

The challenge to raise her family while running the barbecue opened a new opportunity for her. An old restaurant in Atlantic beach became her new barbecue spot. As you look through their menu, the barbecue promises you the food will be tastier than their jokes. And now reopening with strict measures to the global pandemic, be sure to pass by.

Starting your meal with a healthy fruity salad will be a lot safer as you gobble the junky meats afterward. Assorted lettuce house salad, iceberg wedge, fried dill pickles will massage your appetite as you scroll through the menu for your main menu. The tempting Amos famous meatloaf should be on your must-eat list.

For fried seafood, order from steamed and broiled. All the plates come with fries and slaw. Such a great combination right?

Sushi nerds, Thursday is your big day. Close your eyes and enjoy the much-awaited California crab roll or that spicy crab roll you have been anticipating. Kid's entrees, cocktails among other menu items are available to warm your stomach.

  • No reservations except on New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day
  • Take-out orders are offered.

BBQ in Ocean Isle Beach:

The Dawg House Grill Too

The Dawg House Grill Too, Beach Drive

Photo Credit: The Dawg House Grill Too

Address: 6415 Beach Drive S.W. Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

A great barbecue will always ensure it serves you the three daily meals. At Dawg House, be sure to visit them anytime.

To kick out the morning chilliness, order the warm daily baked goods, omelet, pancakes, or the appetizing sandwiches. Refill your energy in the afternoon with a Maine lobster roll, burger, and hotdogs or chew thoughtfully to the Quesadilla.

For dinner, a light meal is recommendable. Served with starch, accompany your tray with vegetables and salad and bread. The menu items are updated weekly. As the norm, the New England roasted red barn coffee, a cup of Harney and Sons tea, sweet tea or a flavored soft drink will help you with the aftertaste.

BBQ in Statesville:

Randy's Barbecue

Randy's Barbecue, Salisbury Road

Photo Credit: Randy's Barbecue

Address: 213 Salisbury Road, Statesville, NC 28677

A unique thing with most family restaurants is the authentic sweet incomparable flavor. Still, they know how to maintain their flavor roots no matter how much pressure comes with the new trends. Ata Randy's family-owned business will not only serve you but treat you warmly as part of their family.

"Favourite local joint. Great family atmosphere and superb wait staff. The owner will walk through the restaurant and say hello to everyone and thank them for coming in. Pretty rare nowadays", Henry H echoes on their warm hearts.

For lunch and dinner, please stop at Randy's after the ongoing renovations are done. Chopped or sliced with slaw barbecue sandwich from their kitchen is heaven tasting. A half-pound hamburger steak or the 10 wings chicken plate topped with slaw, fries, and slaw is tempting for barbecue lovers.

To get the freshest and quality, be alert not to miss on their seasonal Brunswick stew. Tossed salad, cold plate, chef's salad all accompanied by jaw-dropping dressings are available.

Sandwiches, sides. Hot wings are offered in non-exhaustive varieties on your table. Do you prefer tea to coffee or milk to soft drinks, grab your choice at their drinks section? 10 or 5 nuggets of corn god served with fries, or two chicken tenders with fries will have your child yearning for more.

As the best BBQ in North Carolina, be sure it will be your next favorite barbecue spot. Daily specials exclusive of Sundays are carefully made just for you.

  • Take out services available
  • Event hosting services.

BBQ in Asheboro:


Cookout, Dixie Drive

Photo Credit: Cookout

Address: 544 E. Dixie Drive, Asheboro, NC 27204

From its uncountable branches, it is fully proved that the cookout restaurant has warm the hearts of many barbecue nerds. Since 1989. With its first branch in Greensboro, the cookout restaurant sure lists among the best BBQ restaurant in North Carolina.

An amazing move by cookout is that their char-grilled chicken breast comes in any style you like. The choices start with original style to barbecue, Cajun, club, cheddar, and homemade style. Out west style hamburgers, regular spicy style chicken breast fillets are abundantly available.

For the best combos in town, try the cookout combination. In addition to the meat slices already on your plate, add a burger, quesadillas, a bacon wrap, and chicken strips. A meal is never complete without a drink. Fresh made tea, coca-cola beverages, and cheer drinks are available to complement perfectly with your plate.

Perfectly thick milkshakes comprising banana pudding, peach cobbler caramel, chocolate are provided with the right temperature.

Whatever meal you want, whichever style you want, the cookout restaurant got your back. Just roll up your sleeves and firmly hold that juicy meat slice.

BBQ in Nagshead:

Blue Moon Beach Grill

Blue Moon Beach Grill, Nags Head

Photo Credit: Blue Moon Beach Grill

Address: 4104 S. Virginia Dare Trail, Mile Post 13, Surfside Plaza, Nags Head, NC 27959

As they break down to you what once in a blue moon experience means, Scott, a professionally trained chef, and Mellissa promise you one.

Once in a blue moon, it is the experience the Nagshead located barbecue promises when you knock at their door. Even in their tiny kitchen, the blue moon beach grill strives to serve you warm tasty food.

For lunch, a starter order of buffalo shrimp, mussel's Fromage bleu, or the seared sea scallops will double refill your energy and leave you with a coming back thought. To your Caribbean pulled sandwich, add a fried egg, and yeah, that's how you unveil the tasty bites.

Common knowledge being salads are leafier, however, little scattered meat slices would be necessary on a barbecue nerd. Tap on their spinach and arugula salad, or for a few but adequate mushroom to your plate, go with their house salad. Entrees including seafood cooked your way are available.

On the drink’s menu, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, chardonnay among other red and white beckons you to have a sip. Premium drinks won't be awesome without the cocktail and drink place. North Carolina craft drink, American craft drink, and the big brand drink bottles will be great for tossing. However, if you decide to bring your own, a fee is charged.

BBQ in Apex:

Big Mikes BBQ Apex

Big Mikes BBQ Apex

Photo Credit: Big Mikes BBQ Apex

Address: 2045 Creekside Landing Dr. Apex NC 27502

Consulting with locals within the RTP area, a common statement you will hear about barbecue is that big mikes rules.

Nothing could taste better than BBQ and drink, and with more than six branches, big mikes are standing by to serve you the top quality plates and drink brands.

From southern to local-inspired rubs, sauces, and seasonings, the barbecue brings your home culture to your plate. With their two locations in Apex, being mikes has just brought your favorite perfected meals at your door.

Jerking up your appetite with redneck nachos, decide among the Texas-style brisket plate, a dry-rubbed baby back ribs among other BBQ plates. The bulge of a delicious sandwich on your plate is eye beckoning.

Help yourself with a chopped BBQ sandwich or the brisket sandwich as you decide on more meat.

Nothing out wins a handcrafted meal. To add on your tray, choose one of their carefully homemade sides. A baconana and a banana pudding will add more sweetness.

Scrolling on their cider and drinks list will have you battling with choices. However, be sure to decide what stands well with your BBQ meal.

  • Catering services offered
  • Food truck menu available.

BBQ in Lumberton:

Pier 41 Seafood

Pier 41 Seafood, Lumberton

Photo Credit: Pier 41 Seafood

Address: 2401 East Elizabethtown Road, Lumberton, NC 28358

Hold on, it's not all about seafood meals, they still got a share for 'land foods'. However, for seafood lovers, maybe you get the chance to meet the much-sought haven.

With their great strive to establish a first-class family-friendly seafood restaurant, Stephen and Patty Runkle started the pier. On to their seafood menu, an addition of Eastern NC's calabash style meals sounded great.

Surprisingly, a shrimp cocktail sits as your meal starter. To add on, let your no-sea lover choose the mozzarella cheese sticks, cheese fries, or the triple chicken tenders.

Soups and salads have never been highlighted and perfected as it is at the Pier. Oyster stew, clam chowder, or the house salad will provide sufficient fluid to match the meat slices to follow. Other dishes from the sea are listed on the broiled, boiled, house specials, and fried plates.

  • Online ordering services available.

BBQ in Waynesville:

Haywood Smokehouse

Haywood Smokehouse, Waynesville

Photo Credit: Haywood Smokehouse

Address: 79 Elysia Ave, Waynesville NC 28786

Not for façade or boast, Haywood makes it clear to be the best Texas-style barbecue away from Texas. Welcoming you with their palace-tasting meats, homemade sausages, and fall off the bone ribs, Haywood spot is irresistible.

The family-friendly spot will have you picking the next juicy rib on your plate over your boss's call. For lunch and dinner offers that will knock off your socks, visit Haywood smokehouse.

Naked, dressed, Texas-style sandwiches are served premium quality to draw you for another visit. To bring St Lois culture closer to you, order the jumbo ribs. A combo platter means one thing. Meat slices taking the bigger percentage. This has been considered as they welcome you to choose between brisket, chicken, turkey, and ribs combos.

For your under 10 little one, the menu will have him yearning a taste of each. Chopped meat and chicken, grilled cheese, or a brisket quesadilla all made heaven-tasting.

To enjoy more of the Haywood atmosphere, fill your glass with an ice-cold shiner and take a seat on their cool breeze outside deck.

  • Catering services available at Waynesville
  • Take out services available.

BBQ in Morganton:

JD's Smokehouse

JD's Smokehouse, Connelly Springs

Photo Credit: JD's Smokehouse

Address: 500 Malcolm Blvd, Connelly Springs, NC 28612, United States

At JD's the tasty BBQ secret is unveiled to you. With masterfully low and slow hardwood smoked served with a warm smile is the gist. The best BBQ in North Carolina as named by Carolina country magazine and strange Carolina is ready to serve you their winning taste.

While clarifying on their meat cooking styles, the JD's wishes to serve you the most delicious dry-rubbed meats. Is chopped chicken, pulled meat, or the juicy ribs you yearn for? At JD's, brisket, chicken tenders are inviting.

Chicken salad smoked white meat with onion and celery tossed in a mayo-based dressing is too perfect for a sandwich. A creamy and cheesy Jalapeno CHEESE GRITS fits perfect for a side dish. And if you are in luck the cobbler seasonal fruit may squeeze on your tray.

Dehydrated? Water's still available. Craving for a tastier drink? Pepsi soft drinks or a cup of tea or coffee will be magical.

  • Catering services available
  • Pick up services offered just for you.

BBQ in Elizabeth City:

City Grille

City Grille, Elizabeth City

Photo Credit: City Grille

Address: 691 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Setting its walls near South gate mall and north-eastern high school, the city grille's aroma will draw to its door.

Chicken tenders dried with your choice of sauce will have you licking your fingers. If not that, I dare you to try their creamy mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. They are the talk of the town. The Greek language may be difficult to learn but with a bowl of Greek salad, everything is a breeze.

However, if it is only chicken talks on your dishes, why don't you try the grilled chicken salad mixed with fresh greens. You sure won't undermine their grilling skills as their famous sandwiches rule your stomach. Roast beef, turkey, and bacon among other sandwiches will leave you questioning if there is a secret ingredient on their meals.

Despite it being among the easiest dishes to make, pasta never disappoints. However, it is more thrilling when you try different types and flavors. Rich creamy white sauced Fettucine Alfredo, Manicotti, and Marco polo will have you drop your fork for your hand.

Seafood, fresh enough to talk back will dominate your menu from starters to desserts. Spoil yourself.

For your under 12 little young, chicken, spaghetti, ravioli, and shrimp are perfectly cooked for him. Don't raise your eyebrows when you see him dragging you back there again.

  • Carry out services available
  • Online delivery services offered
  • Catering services.

BBQ in Fort Bragg:

The Q

The Q Fort Bragg

Photo Credit: The Q

Address: 1064 South Main Street (Hwy 1), Fort Bragg, CA 95437
South Side of the Noyo Bridge

Scrolling through their website will have you salivating on the first bit. Tender and juicy rump and chicken, rib brisket with the most savory bark pictures all screaming orders me welcomes you.

Ribs which look like they will start dripping juice soon enough will lure you in. Half order of the St Louis style or the beef ribs are undeniably tempting. Not yet tasted their dulcified beef brisket? I hate to see you miss out.

Wondering what sandwich to choose from? Have their five stars rated wild boar bacon cheddar burger? You sure will love it. Contemplating if fish and chips will taste any delicious? Consult theirs, they will prove you wrong.

Kids also got to crash some bones. The pulled chicken slider brisket, chicken led basket, and spare rib brisket is salivating.

Good eats may start with their Texas toast but as you scroll through their menu, its ending won't be possible.

BBQ in Holden beach:

Inlet View Grill

Inlet View Grill, Shallotte

Photo Credit: Inlet View Grill

Address: 1800 Village Point Rd SW, Shallotte, NC 28470

Holding to the original recipes means two things, they believe in them, and they have made them. On 30th July 2009, Sam and her fiancé Timmy resurfaced the 1978 family-owned restaurant.

Tim knows they will serve you the same tasty hushpuppies made decades ago. Same recipe, same delicious taste. As a member of Brunswick catch, serving you the freshest seafood is their pleasure. And you can't doubt that Timmy fetches the shrimp himself.

Buffalo wings, chicken fingers, bacon-wrapped scallops appetizers will not only extend your stay but have you enjoy every bite. A spinach salad will harmonize your seafood filled plate.

A kid's table is also available. A shrimp basket, chicken tenders, corn dog, buttered noodles, and grilled cheese all served with fries are perfectly made for your child's sake.

Drinks are also available.

Not only with they bless your stomach, your ears, and eyes get to enjoy too. As you gobble your meal, get to tap your feet to the beat of their cool music. Your wandering eyes will glow with the breath-taking view of full moons on water. Picture that? Grab your coat, and live your imaginations.

For locals and visitors, pass by the inlet view grill. Take several pictures for a memorable experience of the restaurant and the appealing view.

BBQ in Brevard:

Hawg Wild Barbecue

Hawg Wild Barbecue, Pisgah Forest

Photo Credit: Hawg Wild Barbecue

Address: 91 Pisgah Hwy., Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

A Brevard native knows well what works for his people. Don and sandy brown started the Hawg wild barbecue in 1997. Gaining inspiration from Randy Mccall, another barbecue owner, Don sampled other types of barbecue in the Eastern part of the state. Ironically, he claims a fire incident on the 7th of July 2001 brought him a blessing.

With eastern and western culture filling their menu, the Hawg's is ready to serve you the best. For lunch and dinner meals, look through their overwhelming, and choose your favorite. Skin, corn nuggets appetizers among others will fulfill your imaginations.

Eastern and western sandwiches topped with fries and slaw fits well with your cravings. For plates, the combination will have you awing. Choose among their charbroiled chicken plate, fried chicken strip plate, baked rainbow trout, country fried steak, and the hamburger steak.

Salads with a variety of colorful dressings ranging from Greek to large tossed salads are plenty available. Let your under 10 old spoil himself with a sandwich or chicken nuggets and his ever delicious fries.

To add on your laughter-filled meals is a bottle of soft local drink, or crafted drinks. For tea lovers, draw closer the cup of tea or coffee.

  • Online ordering
  • Catering services.

BBQ in Raeford:

Pk's Grill Pub

Pk's Grill Pub, Raeford

Photo Credit: Pk's Grill Pub

Address: 155 Airport Dr, Raeford, NC 28376, United States

Among the places to visit while in Raeford, the PK's grill pub should top on your list.

"There's also an indoor patio, and an outdoor area with both covered and uncovered places to sit and watch the jumpers do their thing."

"Updated fun menu, revamped bar! Wednesday night dinners are great!

"Great place to get a drink or food with the view of skydivers!"

"The juices of the jalapenos mixed with the boom boom sauce was pretty tasty."

With such imaginative reviews, you sure want to head there.

The PK's grill praises their freshest menu and their kind ambiance. From salads and wraps, burgers, and wings, the restaurant claims their menu is tough to beat. Why don't you head there and prove their talk?

Popular items on their menu are monkey fries, Jalapeno poppers, Quesadilla, build a burger, and roll-ups. And yes, weekly specials and the most authentic cocktails are available.

BBQ in Southport:

Provision Company

Provision Company, Southport

Photo Credit: Provision Company

Address: 130 Yacht Basin Drive, Southport, NC 28461

Established in 1993, the provision will still up to date serve the best saucy dishes.

Located overlooking the old yacht basin, the view will please your eyes too. As you enjoy your meal, smile to the unobstructed view of the sunset and Intracoastal Waterway.

With its closeness to the waters, be ready for the freshest shrimps and fish.

Introducing grilled chicken on their sandwich menu, be sure to taste how heaven this tastes like. Other items under sandwiches are crab cake, grouper salad, cucumber salad, and grilled yellowfin tuna.

On the delectable seafood menu are healthy steamed shrimp, Conch Fritters, and crab cake A la carte. Dulcet salads, palatable specials, and sides will fight for a place on your already full tray.

You deserve a great dessert. Try their key lime pie and bourbon pecan pie desert as you choose your drink. A bottle of domestic or imported drinks, and tea are your choices.

To enjoy a cooler breeze, drag a glass of ice-cold drink to their covered patio.

BBQ in Mount Airy:

Little Richards BBQ

Little Richards BBQ, Mount Airy

Photo Credit: Little Richards BBQ

Address: 455 Frederick St, Mount Airy, NC 27030

The Little Richard s BBQ story began with Nick Karagiorgis and Gary Sizemore in 1991. With four locations now, the barbecue aims to maintain and preserve the divine North Carolina culture.

16 hours hickory-smoked ribs just made the old-fashioned way will have you salivating at their sight. Their homemade Lexington barbecue sauce is drizzled on their meat for more taste.

For the best meat, you got to head to Richards. Smoked whole shoulders are taken off the pits and straight to the chopping board. By the time they land on your tray, the juicy and moist appearance is still intact.

To begin your diet, deep your carnivorous teeth on their signature ribs tossed in one of their premium sauces. Garden salad topped with your preferred meat will have you ordering another. Jaw-dropping combination plates, all sorts of sandwiches, and trays are available to color your plate.

On their sauce choices are Lexington, hickory, Carolina gold, Alabaman white, Thai chili, Korean BBQ, and soul rub.

Do you wish to try something new? Order their sapodilla. It is a fantastic enormous baked potato filled with butter, shredded cheese, and hickory sauce topped with a choice of meat. Sounds yummy?

Banana pudding and a brownie sundae for dessert is a perfect choice.

BBQ in Pinehurst:

Pik n Pig

Pik n Pig, Carthage

Photo Credit: Pik n Pig

Address: 194 Gilliam McConnell Road, Carthage, NC 28327

Hardwood charcoal for the Q, gas for the fryers.

With meat on the wood, the meat bears the pink color. Pink meat means more sweetness. With only a takeout menu, order at Pik n pig and enjoy their juicy meals on your comfy couch.

Call it crazy for their all-night BBQ cooking process, but trust the process. It will serve you the best you have ever had.

The award-winning smoked chicken, Boston butts hand-rubbed with their blend of seasonings and honey BBQ sauced ribs served with the warmest smile will melt your heart.

For starters smoked wings or their local favorite fried pickles dish is simply appetite alluring. To your garden salad, add pulled meat, turkey, or the saucy smoked or grilled chicken. The result? The juiciest combination you can ever have.

You can't miss a bite of their dish invention. The Janie. Thin sliced, lightly seasoned, hickory-smoked loin topped with honey Q. it is then smothered with Swiss and cheddar. Come and have a taste of paradise.

Your 12 and under old kid will also enjoy his visit at Pik n pigs. A grilled cheese toasted with cheese sammich served with his choice of chips or applesauce all for your child. A coca-cola cake and nanner pudding for dessert are awesome.

Wash your bites down the gut with full-bodied beverages, drink bottles.

  • Take out only
  • Online delivery
  • Catering services
  • Shipping services available

BBQ in Surf City:

Sears Landing Grill and Boat Docks

Sears Landing Grill and Boat Docks, Surf City

Photo Credit: Sears Landing Grill

Address: 806 Roland Ave, Surf City, NC

Sears landing? Does that make you twist your head to the left? Well, the name originated from a pirate named sears. Sears came ashore along the beach and made his way to the mainland where he did his trading. The location of his trading post was called sears landing hence the restaurant's name.

From their perfect location, a boat will also drop you there. Serving your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the sears landing is your all-time dining spot. For a great atmosphere, you may have your luscious meal or drink inside or outside on their deck.

From their local ingredient and fresh seafood inspired menu, silence your growling stomach. Awesome shrimps topped with their signature sauces. Traditional sauces clobbering the juicy smoked wings, you got to love them. As it is their location norm, the fried shrimps fresh as they could breathe again all at your table.

Unfold your napkin and start your day with a full stomach. Thanks to their scrumptious combo plate. For a sipping drink aside, add a cup of coffee and tea at the right temperature.

For your boss, pack him the French toast or the beckoning sandwich. Promotion on your way! No, it's not a bribe.

Lunch and dinner, the juicy taste of sears landing get better. Starting with yummy appetizers, succulent salads to spiced combination plates, the day is no longer tiresome.

A children menu with all kids menu is available. Don't choke while you gobble those toothsome meals. Keep close a glass of drinks or cocktail.

  • Outdoor seating
  • Dine-in
  • Take-out meals
  • Dog-friendly picnic tables
  • Free parking.

BBQ in Sunset Beach:

Boat Landing Restaurant

Boat Landing Restaurant, Sunset Beach

Photo Credit: Boat Landing Restaurant

Address: 102 Sunset Boulevard North, Sunset Beach, North Carolina 28468, United States

Closing only on Sundays, the boat landing restaurant will serve you the warmest lunch and dinner plates. Also to their mouth-watering meals. The restaurant blesses your eyes with the breath-taking views of the intercostal ways.

If the location is near boats, fresh seafood is a guarantee. Starting with dragon shrimp appetizers, seafood dishes dominate the menu.

Yet, a blend with the land dishes is always appreciable. Fruity and succulent salads, juicy dripping chicken, and buffalo wraps. You sure don’t wanna miss it. The menu screams tasty from every of its dish.

Yeah, I know your plate is already full, but can you add a bacon blue burger and the grilled shrimp entree? Thank you and enjoy it.

Served with a side and fries, let your child enjoy their grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and fried shrimp at their own pace.

And as if they know the secret to a happy ending, a key lime pie for dessert awaits you.

  • No delivery
  • Dine-in and take away services available.

BBQ in Huntersville:

Lancaster BBQ

Lancaster BBQ, Huntersville

Photo Credit: Lancaster BBQ

Address: 9230 Beatties Ford Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078, United States

Since 1986, the owners' Jeff and Terry Lancaster's philosophy have never compromised their quality and authenticity. Lancaster BBQ has grown branches from their friendly services. Too is a cool attractive atmosphere, enjoy.

Served with two sides try their famous melt in your mouth BBQ dinner. Meat tray and chopped beef brisket dinner are still other tasty options.

Burgers like no other. Fill your mouth with the delicious classic burger or the mushroom Swiss burger. New Orleans grilled skinless and topped with sautéed mushrooms is your heaven combo.

You don't have to dive to enjoy sea life. Catfish, shrimp, and New Orleans shrimp have been brought a stretch away from you. Roll up your sleeves and fight them.

With only two locations, Lancaster BBQ serves you the most delicious BBQ dish. No restrictions, choose your favorite from the variety, and bless your mouth.

  • Catering services

BBQ in Lake lure:

Lakehouse Restaurant and Grill

Lakehouse Restaurant and Grill, Lake Lure

Photo Credit: Lakehouse Restaurant and Grill

Address: 1020 Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure, NC 28746, United States

A place with a rich history attracts a bigger crowd. Located in the previous drunkards flat, the lake house restaurant serves more than just-food. The culinary team inspects fresh food from the locals. This ensures them you consume safe and healthy meals.

Gluten-free friendly dishes, juicy soups, and salads will have you yearning more from Lake House. Sandwiches made keenly to meet your standards, prime ribs, and steaks. Nod to every bite. Need a barbecue combo? Help yourself with tender pulled meat and a half rack of slaw baby back ribs with French fries.

Kid's choices ranging from pizza, grilled salmon, and chicken salmon are available. You can't let your little one miss out.

Cocktails, drinks all for the sake of draining that stubborn aftertaste. If you prefer a non-alcoholic drink, your section is still plenty available. Join your kid is enjoying the shakes and big blue.

  • No pets allowed
  • Patio serving area available
  • Dine-in
  • No delivery
  • Curbside pick up

BBQ in Bald Head Island:


Delphina Bald Head Island

Photo Credit: Delphina

Address: 8 Marina Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC 28461, United States

Delphina. Are you thinking of dolphins now? La Dauphine can tell if the two are related. After she landed on the bald head island in March 1524, the history of Delphina restaurant began.

Enjoy their warm made breakfast burritos, croissant sandwiches, and chef's county bowl.

To go with your breakfast cup of tea is a wide variety of muffins scones, and bagels. They are done daily to preserve the freshness. Fresh brewed coffee and premium drinks for you.

Chips and salsa, Eleotero corn, nachos and queso bowl for appetizers will multiply your appetite. For more tasty bites, try the plane Jane burger or the American one.

Quesadillas are crafted with 12th flour tortilla and topped with cream Fresca. Add a piece of Caritas or pastor taco as you grab a drink. The churros dessert aroma is irresistible. Give in already.

Inclusive of fruit or French fries, your kid may order a mini burrito, chicken tenders, or quesadilla.

  • No dine-in and delivery. Only pickups
  • Only takeaways
  • Weekly specials are available.

BBQ in Kernersville:

Prissy Polly's BBQ

Prissy Pollys BBQ Restaurant, Kernersville

Photo Credit: Prissy Polly's BBQ

Address: 729 NC Highway 66 South, Kernersville, NC 27284, United States

Fried chicken and sawmill gravy open Polly's flavourful specialties. Other items on the category are bark yard BBQ chicken, fried cracker meal catfish plate, and chicken tenders.

To help you make your combo plate choose from Lexington or eastern, North Carolina BBQ, boneless chicken breast, and vegetables. Beef and chicken sandwiches all balanced evenly will have you grinning at every bite.

For vegetarians, a garden salad and green beans with that fruity taste you desire. Many desserts are available to fit your preferences.

Choices available are granny's chocolate cobbler, warm caramel apple crisp, and homemade key lime pie.

  • Drinks are available
  • Dine-in
  • Take away

BBQ in Bryston City:

Nabers Drive-in

Nabers Drive-in, Bryson City

Photo Credit: Nabers Drive-in

Address: 1245 Main St, Bryson City, NC 28713, United States

"I would give them 100 stars if I could. Amazing food. Hard dedicated workers. Unlimited options. Oh gosh, it was amazing. Another reason to revisit NC!"

"Worth going out of your way to eat here. BBQ and hamburgers are tough to choose between. Everything is cooked to order, so fries are hot." Klatu praises.

Great food speaks for itself. At Naber's drive-in, whether is the BBQ dish, the hamburger, or the fudge cake. Be sure it will be tastier than you ever imagined.

  • Cash only
  • Outdoor sitting
  • Take away services available.

BBQ in Kinston:

King's Restaurant

King's Restaurant, Kinston

Photo Credit: King's Restaurant

Address: 405 East New Bern Rd. Kinston, NC 28504

King's restaurant started in 1936 after king frank moved out to a small one-house farm. In the same spot, the king's food operation was born. In 1947, his friends Lawrence and victor partnered together to strengthen the barbecue. The old place known for teenage milkshakes now fills with masses of BBQ lovers.

With quality dishes, king's has managed to grab several awards. The finest eastern NC-style BBQ and the best Tar Heel barbecue titles sit well with the kings. Serving thousands of pounds of meat per week, the king's hideout will not only serve you plenty. It will serve you the best.

Mouth-watering BBQ dishes, juicy chicken, and ribs are plates available at the joint. So tasty you will inquire about their secret ingredient.

The country's favorites are double meat chops, grilled hamburger steak, and Ribeye steak. The hot roast meat sandwich is waiting for you.

To enjoy more side flavors, desserts and drinks too, knock at kings. Be sure for a king service.

  • Dine-in
  • Shipping services
  • Catering services.

BBQ in Kitty Hawk:

High Cotton Barbeque

High Cotton Barbeque, Kitty Hawk

Photo Credit: High Cotton Barbeque

Address: 5230 N Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Will Thorp will break it to you that BBQ doesn't only need overnight hours in the pit. Consistent temperatures matter too. Being an NC native, he knows what works for you and for most locals. It is no surprise to see masses going in and out of his place.

Combining their main plates with traditional side dishes and a cup of sweet tea. The outer bank's barbecue will give you the most authentic North Carolina feel. Fall off the bone ribs, tender chicken, and juicy beef brisket. They will help you create a memorable experience at High Cotton's.

Other main items on the menu are many salads, trimmings, combo plates, and stew.

Moreover, High cotton still cares about your little one. Take him with you and let him enjoy his menu choices.

  • No, dine in
  • No delivery
  • Take away services available.

BBQ in Carolina Beach:

Hang Ten Grill

Hang Ten Grill

Photo Credit: Hang Ten Grill

Address: 308 S Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, United States

For laid back, surf-inspired joint doling out burgers the Hang Ten Grill may be your perfect spot. From salivating breakfast meals, bulging sandwiches to fresh seafood, the Carolina barbecue deserves your time.

For starters toss your delicious traditional wings in your favorite sauce. Lunch and dinner plates served all teeth will warm not only your stomach but also your heart.

  • No dine-in
  • Outdoor seating
  • Take away available
  • No delivery.

Try the incredible choices offered all over North Carolina. You don't have to cross seas to enjoy your favorite BBQ. It has been brought home.

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Theresa Lori

Hi, I'm Theresa. My passion for grilling delicacy gradually built during the time I was living with my parents. My family members especially my mother was a great fan of grilled dishes to and from the love of food. I started preparing smoked food with my mom. This bonding helped me to know more and more about to smoke, grill what always I share on SmokeGears.com. So, in two words you can call me a BBQ lover.

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