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Griddle vs Grill: Which One is Better and Why?

Every cooking experts know when to cook on a grill and when to use a griddle. But, we all are not cooking specialists. 

Therefore, a lot of people often become puzzled. They want to know the purpose of using each type of surface.

What kind of food should be cooked on a griddle? Can I cook the same type of food on a grill? Which one is better? How to cook? The questions keep flowing continuously. 

So, I have decided to clear up the clouds of confusion. Here's all you need to know about a griddle and a grill.


What is a Grill?

A grill is a cooking surface that provides heat from beneath or from the side of the surface. It is basically a frying pan with raised ridges or bars. The bars hold the food directly over the flame. It requires charcoal, gas, or electricity to heat up the grill.

While the ridges or bars transfer the heat directly to the food; the gaps between the ridges or the bars allow the oil and grease to drip in.

The grill is made of either cast iron, cast aluminum or stainless steel. Cast iron grills heat up quickly. On the other hand, stainless steel grills are easy to clean and last longer. The steel grills are being used mostly in professional settings.

Once grilled, your food will have a brownish or blackish color. It will also have little grill marks all over it. The grilled foods have a smoky flavor and delicious taste.

What Kind of Food is Appropriate for Grilling?

If you want to cook large pieces of vegetables or meat, then grilling is the best choice. Don't forget to add a little amount of oil to your food before grilling. It will cook your food using intense heat. You can grill steaks, hamburgers, fish, chicken, whole vegetables, etc. using the grill.

What is Griddle?

It is a flat and broad cooking surface made of metal. The heat comes from beneath the surface. It is generally heated using gas, electricity, wood, or electricity. Unlike grilling, the flame never touches the food. So, the cooking method is safer.

Griddles provide even heat to the food. They are one of the most commonly used cooking plates all over the world. The appropriate cooking temperature is around 350⁰F. 

If you ever need to buy a griddle, always buy the one with thicker metal. It gives better heat retention and won’t warp. Therefore, it will be more durable.

As the surface area is open and large, it allows cooking for a larger crowd. Hence, it is frequently being used in restaurants. Moreover, it is easier to cook and flip foods using a griddle. However, you should use an oven mitt since the handles and edges of a griddle become very hot.

Electrical griddles are widely being used in domestic settings, especially for making breakfasts. A commercial griddle has a rectangular plate made of thicker steel.

What Should I Cook in a Griddle?

You can cook breakfast items such as pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, etc. in your griddle. The famous Indian bread known as ‘chapatti' is prepared using a griddle. You can also cook bacon, hash browns, burgers, and sandwiches.

Griddle Vs Grill: What are the Differences between a Grill and a Griddle?

Let us quickly list the major differences between a grill and a griddle.

  • The cooking surface is not flat in a grill. It has ridges. But, the surface is flat and smooth in a griddle.
  • A grill uses direct heat from the flame to cook. On the other hand, the heats are transferred evenly to the food in a griddle. The metal surface provides uniform heat and doesn’t require any flame.
  • Grilling requires a higher temperature.
  • There are no grill marks on your food when you cook it in a griddle.
  • As the surface is flat in a griddle, the grease and oil do not run down the ridges. But, the grease and oil can run between the ridges in a grill.
Griddle vs Grill Which One is Better and Why?

Which One is Better?

The vital question is which cooking surface gives a better result? There is no clear answer to that question.

For cooking large pieces of meats and vegetables, grilling is the best option. It is a quicker cooking method. The prepared food comes with grill marks and a smoky flavor. It raises the appeal of grilled foods. Maybe that's why grilled foods are so much liked by foodies worldwide.

Also, the grilled foods are healthier as the additional fats and grease emanate from the food.

On the other hand, a griddle is a nice solution when you want to cook for a lot of people. It doesn’t require an open space for cooking. You can cook in your kitchen. Most importantly, it is a safer cooking method. There is no risk of accidental flare-ups.

It is also convenient to clean a griddle. If you apply some oil or non-stick spray to the surface before cooking, you can easily clean and wipe the residual food afterward.

Conversely, burnt greases on a grill are difficult to clean. The gaps between the ridges often attract residual food that is semi-burnt. It takes some time to clean a grill.


The bottom line is that you will need both of the cooking equipment in your kitchen. Thus, it is beneficial to know which one is for cooking what kind of food and how to cook food in them. There are also some foods that can be cooked using either of the surfaces.

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