How to Grill Indoors: The Right Alternative to Outdoor Grilling?

How to Grill Indoors: The Right Alternative to Outdoor Grilling?

If you have tried grilling at least once, you know there is a weird sort of fun to grilling outdoors. Maybe it's because of the fresh air along with the smoky smell that makes it so refreshing, but there might be an exciting alternative to it. If you noticed the title, you know where this is headed.

Yes! Today we are going to talk about how to grill indoors and how you can do it reliably. Not only that, but we will also be discussing how you can grill indoors in such a way that you will get the same kind of flavor as when grilling outdoors.


Why Should You Not Use Outdoor Grills Indoors? 

Although grilling indoors is an excellent alternative to outdoor grilling, you must certainly not be using the wrong equipment to do this. Suppose you moved from the suburbs to the city and you cannot grill outdoors anymore. But can you use your outdoor grilling materials? No.

There are some excellent reasons why you should not be using your outdoor grilling tools when you grill at home. Other than the potential risk of catching fire, there are some solid reasons why grilling at home with outdoor tools is not only wrong; but also dangerous.

The unwanted carbon monoxide from the smoke can be very harmful to you. It might also trigger a person's respiratory problems, so PLEASE do not use an outdoor grill at your home. 

Because there is so much less space in the house, there will not be enough space for the smoke to escape. You do not want to start a good day of grilling with a visit to the hospital.

What to Use When Grilling Indoors?

Now that you know you cannot recycle your outdoor grilling tools for indoor grilling, you also need to know which tools are proper. Or else how will you grill indoors and prevent danger while even cooking the right way? While you might have some necessary tools, there are certain grills that you can buy for doing this indoors.

You can find the right grilling tool based on the amount of space you have and the grilling equipment you are comfortable with. So let us take a look!

• Built-In Range Grills

Although a built-in range grill means it is a section of the stove and will most likely be under the ventilation fan, it is a little high maintenance and expensive.

However, it is a good option if you will be grilling quite frequently and grill large sections of food. Buy such grills based on the amount of space you need and if it is easy to clean up. Also, look for one that has a drip pan as well.

• Freestanding Grills

These are for the people that love to have grills that do not have an attached lid or none at all. Usually, these grills are small and round, rectangular, or square.

The best thing to do is get on with the highest wattage. A freestanding grill will not take up as much space and comes with a drip tray and indicator lights. Most of them are dishwasher safe and light in weight. But a drawback that these grills are not the best for food that needs cooking time.

• Contact Grills

Contact grills are the type that has an attached lid that can pivot like a door. It is quite convenient, and most of them are compact. While a lot of these grills have a sloped surface, some can sit flat with a drip tray. You will get to adjust the temperature, have indicator lights, and a control panel. 

However, a drawback is the fact that it pressed the food between two plates, potentially stewing rather than grilling it.

• Broiler

While broilers are pretty common almost everywhere, not many know how much power it has. And lesser people know that you can use it when attempting to grill indoors.

Whether the broiler is on top of your stove or in a drawer underneath the oven, they can go as far as 700 or even 800 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in around 20 minutes or so. So, you can get proper sear markings super-fast and quite easily.

• Fireplace Grills

This type of grill is probably the only way you will get the good old wood grilling experience. In terms of equipment, you will not need a lot of things. There are specifically made grates for grilling over the fire.

If you do not want to buy it, you can get an oven rack and some bricks to get the job done. It will be a simple DIY project! However, you will need to go through the hassle and also need to get hardwood or bricks.

• Grilling Pans

A grilling pan is probably the most cost-efficient method of grilling indoors that you will ever find. Otherwise called griddles, a grilling pan is pretty much like a stove-top grill since you grill like you would cook almost anything at home.

Usually, these pans are made of cast iron and are super easy to clean up. Some even have a feature of draining fat while giving you some solid sear marks. Remember to preheat on medium and keep the surface as dry as possible.

Overall, these are some of the tools you need to grill correctly indoors. Moreover, you can do this safely and without having to worry about something catching on fire or the smoke triggering the alarm.

Indoor Grills for Smoking

Since you are trying out indoor grilling, one thing is obvious: you cannot get the required smoke as an outdoor grill. But do you need it? Is it something you need to give the food a distinctive flavor?

Sadly, yes. Yes, you do.

But the good news is that you can smoke at home and in a safe way as well. Get yourself some liquid smoke! It is probably the best way to create that outdoor smoke indoors.

Although liquid smoke does not have all the elements in the right proportions, it gets the job done. You can also add seasoning blends from smoked food for flavor.

If you add the right amount of seasoning, herbs, and fresh vegetables with your grilled food, it will be possible to get very close to the real barbeque flavor we all crave for.

Indoor charcoal grilling

Things to Remember If You Marinade 

If you are planning to marinade your food, you will need to remember certain things. For example, you cannot not let your food get too moist. This will lead to more steam, and then you will have to deal with a lot of unwanted smoke. So keep this in mind when you start to marinade.

Another option is that if you want to marinade, you can use an extractor. If you do want to marinade your food, then use it before you start grilling. This might also help you in achieving the right result.

Tips for Grilling Indoors: You Need to Follow

There are the tips to follow if you are going to grill indoors. And If you follow them correctly, you will be able to grill safely and in the right way.

  • Preparations before Starting: You will need to pre heart based on the tool you are using. If you have not pre-seasoned the surface, you most definitely shout. Also, rub some vegetable or canola oil on the meat or the grill grate.
  • Spend Money on the Essentials: Do not overspend for grilling indoors. Get yourself a spatula, tongs, grill brush and a regular pastry brush to rub the oil in the food. You can also get yourself an aluminum foil roll if necessary. 
  • Do Not Squeeze Down the Food: Squeezing down the food might result in excessive smoke being all around the house. Also, do not over oil or add too much sauce when preparing the grilling food.
  • Pick the Right Food: You need to pick the right item when it comes to grilling indoors. Do not grill something full of fat and also avoid grilling huge sections all at once.
  • Keep Practicing: You cannot get good at something without practicing. So try doing everything the right way when grilling food indoors. Learn from your mistakes and keep on trying!
  • Let the Meat Rest: Letting the meat rest for a few minutes when grilling might also help you get the right flavor and also cook evenly. This will also help in reducing the amount of smoke produced and rescue steam as well.
  • Trim Excess Fat from Meat: This is something that will go a long way in cutting back your cooking time. It is also the right choice for when you are grilling indoors. Cut down the excess fat so you can get sear marks quickly.

All in all, you should keep these things in mind when you attempt to grill indoors. And always remember to stay safe!

Final Thoughts: In conclusion, there are a few essential things you will need to keep in mind when you want to grill food indoors.

While grilling indoors, do remember to do it safely and with patience. Just keep all this advice in mind, and you will be able to grill indoors with ease. So this was our take on how to grill indoors and what tips and tricks there are. Good luck, and stay safe!

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