How To Remove Rust From Blackstone Griddle: Best Cleaning Tips

How To Remove Rust From Blackstone Griddle?

Griddles are one of the best cooking appliances out there. That is not surprising considering that you can use them to cook almost every meal including pancakes, eggs, meat, and even vegetables.

Blackstone manufactures some of the best griddles in the world. Most of their products have a nonstick coating that protects them from rust. However, similar to any cooking appliance, frequent use might lead to grease buildup and sometimes even rust.

So, with time, what used to be a nice-looking, shiny griddle surface might become all rusty! Cooking your meal on a rusty griddle surface might not be that risky. But one thing is for sure, it is not appealing at all!


No one wants their kitchen appliances to be unappealing, right? Therefore, you must look for a way to get rid of that rust on your Blackstone griddle. And that’s what this article is all about! Continue reading this article to learn more about how you can remove that rust in your griddle!

But first, do you even know what rust is? 

If the griddle is made of iron, it’s most likely to rust. This is because rust is formed when iron comes in contact with water and oxygen. As you know, most Blackstone griddles are crafted from iron, and there is plenty of oxygen in the air. Therefore, the only thing remaining for rust is water.

Considering that we’re talking about cooking, your unit will certainly come into contact with water at some time. And just like that, your griddle may start to rust! 

How to prevent rust on Blackstone griddle? 

Now that you what and how rust is formed, wouldn’t prevention be a much better option? Or as they say, prevention is always better than..!

Of course, it is. All you need is to ensure that water and oxygen never come into contact with the iron in the griddle. Especially when you’re not using it.

But, how can you protect your Blackstone griddle from rust?

  • Well, use something like oil. This forms a protective layer that keeps oxygen and water away from the iron cooking surface during storage.
  • So, after you’re always done cooking your meal on a griddle, use a paper towel to wipe down the excess grease.
  • Then drip some oil drops onto the surface and spread it around with a paper towel.
  • You also need to ensure that you store the griddle in a cool and dry area. This is because rust occurs quickly in hot and humid areas.
  • If it’s an outdoor griddle, covering it with a superior canvas is also a great idea.
  • Moreover, if you don’t use your Blackstone griddle frequently, check it once in a while and remove the small rust spots if any.

How do you remove rust from a griddle? 

If your Blackstone griddle is already rusted, don’t worry about it either! After all, it is just that iron has reacted with water and oxygen. So, it’s only the top layer of the cooking surface has been affected, and not your entire griddle surface!

Therefore, just scrape off that top layer and your griddle will be as good as new! To do that, follow these steps:

  • First of all, you’ll the following items; heat-resistant gloves, paper towels, metal scraper, grill stones, and cooking oil.
  • Now, put on the heat-resistant gloves and preheat your Blackstone griddle for about 20 minutes. Doing so loosens rust, making it easier to scrape off.
  • Turn off the griddle and leave it to cool down.
  • Once it has cooled down, take the metal scraper and scape down the entire cooking surfaces until all corrosion is gone.
  • Drip some cooking oil on the griddle surface and then use the grill stone to scrub it down.
  • If you don’t have a grill stone, sanding Blackstone griddle with a medium-grit sandpaper or steel wool is also a great option. It requires a little muscle power and some patience, but it gets the job done!
  • Once the griddle surface is all shiny, wipe it down clean with paper towels.
  • Drip some cooking oil once again and wipe down the surface until you remove all indications of rust.
  • Season your griddle surface to form a protective layer that prevents rust. You can use any cooking oil for this process, including olive oil or even flax oil.
  • After you complete seasoning the griddle surface, drip more cooking oils on it for an additional protective layer. This keeps water and oxygen away from the surface. And remember, no water and oxygen, no rust!
how do you remove rust from a griddle?

Now that you’ve successfully removed rust from Blackstone griddle, follow the rust prevention tips above! 

How to clean Blackstone griddle after cooking 

Regardless of the model of Blackstone griddle you have, you should make a habit of cleaning it after every use. Doing so will help to remove any odor remnants, prevent rust formation, and enhance the unit’s durability as well.

Besides cleaning the griddle after cooking is much easier since the food and excess grease hasn’t stuck to the surface yet. So how do you clean the griddle after cooking?

  • First, make sure you have the following items; oil, water, scouring pad and spatula.
  • After you’re done cooking your favorite meal with a Blackstone griddle, turn it off and let the surface cool down.
  • Once the griddle surface cools down, use the scrubber to remove any stuck-on food remnants and stains. If the griddle has a detachable grease tray, remove it and dispose of any collected grease and oils.
  • After scrubbing the stains and food remnants, wipe the griddle surface with paper towels.
  • Then pour some clean water over the griddle surface.
  • As the water loosens the stubborn stains, start scouring the surface e with a scouring pad. If all stains are completely removed, rinse the cooking surface with more water.
  • Use dry paper towels to wipe the griddle surface until all the excess water is completely removed. You can also use a soft cloth for this task.
  • Now that your Blackstone griddle is clean, season it with oil before you store it.
  • Lastly, when storing the griddle, cover it, and ensure the storage room is warm and dry! 
how to clean blackstone griddle after cooking

Why is my Blackstone griddle flaking? 

If the seasoning of your Blackstone griddle is flacking, there are various things that might be causing it. But the main reason is probably that you didn’t season the griddle properly in the first place.

If you don’t fix it, the flaking might get worse. So, how do you solve this problem? Simple! Follow these steps:

  • Use a sandpaper or coarse salt to remove any seasoning that is flaking.
  • Then heat up your Blackstone griddle and pour some oil on its surface.
  • Using a lint-free cloth, wipe the whole griddle.
  • Put it in an oven and set the temperature at 35 F for forty-five minutes.
  • After that, turn off the over and let your griddle cool off to ambient temperature.
  • If the flaking is severe, repeat that process a couple of times.
  • Remember, the seasoning will not come off right away. Therefore, you need to be patient!
  • Once you get rid of the flaking, now season your Blackstone griddle accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a Blackstone griddle rust?

Blackstone griddles don’t rust easily as they’re designed to last longer. However, if they’re very old, they start to be attacked by rust because of wear and frequent use.

How do you clean a rusted cast iron griddle?

Remove the rust using fine steel wool. Then scour the cast iron griddle until you not raw cast iron. Clean the griddle thoroughly with soap and warm water. If necessary, scrub the surface with a mesh sponge, bristle brush or scouring pad.

Does vinegar remove rust?

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent. When combined with salt and baking soda, the mixture can be used to effectively remove rust.

Will vinegar remove rust from cast iron?

Vinegar contains an acid that eats through the corrosion and rust affecting cast iron. This makes it easy for you to scrub off the rust later using a scouring pad. So, yes vinegar can remove rust on cast iron.

Does Coke remove rust from cast iron?

Yes. Coke eats away any rust covering your cast-iron tools. Just dip the rusted cast iron in coke for about 1 hour or even overnight. You can scrub it off or wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Can I leave my Blackstone griddle outside?

Some Blackstone griddles are designed for outdoor applications and they even have a waterproof coating. This protects them from the extreme outdoor environment. However, if you’re planning to leave them outside, make sure you cover them with a waterproof canvas. This will protect them from air humidity which might cause them to rust.


Griddles are some of the most delicate kitchen appliances and they need to take care of appropriately. Whether it’s by cleaning them properly or cooking with the gently, you must follow the right griddle maintenance techniques and procedures. If you don’t, your Blackstone griddle may become defective and unsuitable for use over time. 

Also, no one loves food prepared on a rusty griddle. So, make sure you take good care of your Blackstone griddle and remove rust on the surface if any.

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