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Easy Tasty Best BBQ Recipes – Unable to plan BBQ ideas for your family and friends? Don’t worry, we have included a surprising list of high lip-smacking recipes with awesome tastes and charm. We tried to do something better for all.

Make Delicious Recipe for Country Style Ribs

Any night of the week deserves a great serving of delicious finger-licking food. Recipe for country style ribs is an easy, convenient meal for family and friends.

It is an excellent choice for baking to perfection with your favorite barbecue sauce and spicy rub. Moreover, you can pair it with any side dishes you want. 

Dinner is yet to serve, so let's get cracking!

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6 Best Smoked Rib Recipes to Try at Home and Places

Craving for some delicious restaurant-style smoked ribs but reluctant on ordering out every time?

Well, this article will give some of the best recipes for smoked ribs that you can easily cook at home for yourself or when arranging a party. The best part of these dishes? They are surprisingly simple to make yet delightfully delicious.

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5 Different Smoked Chicken Wings Recipes to Try!

Smoked chicken wings are one of the easiest smoked dishes to make, and is very rewarding in terms of flavor and taste too. You cannot go wrong with chicken wings.

It is really easy to keep that crispy skin on while at the same time getting that smoked flavor of wood, which makes it a top favorite for people with completely different preferences.

If you have some friends coming over, or want to arrange a party for a large group of people, you can try making this dish. Even if you simply want to indulge in some good food that does not require staying in the kitchen for long periods of time, smoked chicken wings are the way to go!

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Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes You Must Try!

Summer afternoons with friends and family remain incomplete, without some sort of smoked meat to feast upon. It is a great time to dust off those infrequently used grills, get some meat smoking on them, and enjoy the whole process- from cooking to relishing every bite, with your loved ones.

While smoking meat, one of the most important questions people face is what type of meat to cook. While beef and turkey are a popular choice, they are very often not the healthiest one. Chicken, on the other hand, if prepared and smoked properly, can deliver a great burst of flavor without putting your health at risk.

Chicken breasts are one of the most convenient choices to make a smoking hot dish. You can go creative with chicken breasts, and add almost anything to it to intensify the flavor.

In this article we have listed 4 different types of smoked chicken breast recipes for you that will turn you into a hardcore smoked chicken freak like us.

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How to Grill Indoors: The Right Alternative to Outdoor Grilling?

If you have tried grilling at least once, you know there is a weird sort of fun to grilling outdoors. Maybe it's because of the fresh air along with the smoky smell that makes it so refreshing, but there might be an exciting alternative to it. If you noticed the title, you know where this is headed.

Yes! Today we are going to talk about how to grill indoors and how you can do it reliably. Not only that, but we will also be discussing how you can grill indoors in such a way that you will get the same kind of flavor as when grilling outdoors.

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Smoked Chicken Thighs Recipe to Try within Two Hours

Although most of you are familiar with the fact, let me just put it out there again for you all – chicken thighs are the best part of a chicken.

Thighs usually have a lot more flavor than any other parts of the chicken, and this flavor is delightfully enhanced through smoking them on the grill. This makes smoked chicken thigh recipes a great favorite among food lovers.

Chicken thighs usually have a lot of extra fat, which helps to retain moisture. It is not necessary to scrape all of the extra fat off unless you are aiming to lower your calorie count, but trimming the fat helps to make the flavor more prominent. This also reduces the chance of getting a bite that seems rubbery.

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How To Make Beef Jerky – 3 Methods to Try Step By Step

Jerky is a finely chopped lean meat strip, which is dehydrated to prevent it from getting rotten so that it can be kept fresh for a longer time.

You'll find commercially produced jerky in shops all around, but many of them are filled with preservatives, added sugar, and even gluten! The lesser the presence of any of these ingredients, the higher the price becomes.

It is a lot safer for you and your family to eat homemade jerky. They are also cheaper to make rather than buying commercially produced ones.

Although jerky can be made out of almost any meat, here we will only be discussing how to make beef jerky.

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How to Make Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

If you like the flavor of authentic herbs in grilled meat, then Chimichurri sauce recipe is something you need while grilling. This is an uncooked sauce commonly used for grilled meat.

Originated from Argentina and Uruguay, this is a fabulous green sauce that adds both flavor and color in the meats

The unique sauce is gaining popularity not only in America also all over the world, as it includes various herbs and healthy ingredients. One can easily make this sauce at home. 

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How to Make Barbecue Sauce from Scratch

You can always buy bottled BBQ sauce from various stores or online. But it is useful to know how to make barbecue sauce from scratch on your own. A homemade sauce gives you great joy and adds freshness in your barbecued or grilled meat

Making your own barbecue sauce is easy once you have grasped the art of it. Homemade BBQ sauces are cheaper compared to the bottled barbecue sauces. 

Experienced pit-masters continuously experiment with ingredients to create their own signature sauce, infusing the flavor of their choices. 

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How to Make Homemade BBQ Sauce

Have you ever thought of skipping the store-bought BBQ sauce and make healthier BBQ sauce at home instead? 

Making BBQ sauce at home isn't so difficult. You can create your own sweet and spicy flavored regular BBQ sauce from scratch, which is very healthy for you and your family. And who doesn’t like having their signature style homemade barbecue sauce?

Everyone has their personal favorites and based on taste and regional flavors, BBQ sauces can be divided into many categories, such as North Carolina style BBQ sauce, Kansas City style BBQ sauce, white Alabama BBQ sauce, etc.

I personally like BBQ sauce with steaks and hot wings. Mildly flavored BBQ sauce over my steaks or with Buffalo hot wings- is the ultimate summer treat at any BBQ party. 

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Dry Rub for Ribs

Making a good rub for ribs requires a few essential ingredients which can be found easily in the kitchen. While barbecuing any rib, right seasonings are essential for yummy and enhanced flavored BBQ. 

From my own experience of smoking and grilling, I have always wanted to create my own dry rub for that is very versatile enough to use with any rib. 

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How Long to Smoke Tri Tip

What Is Tri-Tip?
Tri Tip, also called Santa Maria steak, is a flavorful cut from the bottom of the bottom sirloin cut. Traditionally turned into hamburger, if you cut it against the grain, it is delicious. 

Tri-tip is an alternative to brisket when done right. It costs less, and it cooks far faster than brisket. We’ll discuss how to prepare tri-tip. Then we’ll tell you how long to smoke tri tip to get the most out of this cut of beef.

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How Long to Smoke Chicken Legs?

Forget fried chicken legs. You’ll appreciate their flavor and texture more if you smoke them. The question for many is how long to smoke chicken legs to get the most out of this cheap meat. After all, it is particularly easy to over-cook and dry out chicken drumsticks.

For others, they need to know how to smoke chicken to safely enjoy it. Under-cooking it puts you at risk of food poisoning.

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How to Cook Frozen Steak in the Oven?

When I was a young at the age of 14yrs I didn’t understand all about cooking meat. I was known to be a frequent visitor to the fridge.

What amazed me was blocks of bread-like food covered with ice that mum used to keep it on the bottom shelf in the fridge.

Curiosity overwhelmed me and I decided to explore what it was. One day when I was home alone, I took it and observed what it was.

To my surprise, it was frozen meat. This was dad’s favourite meal especially on weekends when he was at home. Mum has been preparing occasionally when there were visitors.

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How to Make BBQ Chicken Pizza at Home Without Oven

Making a chicken pizza isn’t so hard. In this BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipes, I will try to help you to make pizza, if you want to make chicken pizza at home without oven.

As a BBQ chicken pizza lover, I spend huge time and extra money to go restaurant every week, sometimes twice a week. Sometimes I don’t get enough time to go outside for taking care of my child and home. Every mother knows, it’s difficult. So, I decide to learn homemade chicken pizza recipe.

After completed my first Pizza, I'm thinking it will be great if I share this easy chicken pizza recipe with our readers.

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How to Smoke a Whole Chicken in an Electric Smoker

Smoke-flavored chicken is one way of enhancing your test and experience at once. If you have to become a pro as far as smoking is concerned, you need sufficient kitchen-smoking tips. There are secrets you are going to learn today how to smoke a whole chicken, which forever will distinguish you from ordinary beginners.

Smoking chicken is an easy step-by-step procedure whose success greatly depends on your choice of the best electric smoker. Once you have mastered these steps, practicing on a daily basis will give you a chance to join experts.

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How to Smoke a Turkey in Electric Smoker

Welcome to the world of turkey smoking. Smoking a whole turkey is no longer a hassle if you have a great Masterbuilt digital smoker. How to smoke a turkey in an electric smoker is quite friendly and enjoyable if you have the right tools of work.

The time you will spend smoking your turkey delicacy depends on a number of factors such as the turkey size. Different parts of a turkey smoke at different rates. For instance, the time you spend smoking a whole turkey differs from the time you spend smoking turkey wings alone.

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How to Cook a Brisket in an Electric Smoker: How to tell when brisket is done

Smoking brisket is perhaps one of the best experiences you are going to have with your electric smoker. You get to enjoy the process as well as the results. For experts, brisket smoking is more of an adventure than a mere task. The process of how to cook a brisket in an electric smoker varies slightly depending on the exact model of electric smoker being used.

Nevertheless, concept behind every step is the same. Do you want to smoke like a pro? This guide offers sufficient tips on how to smoke a brisket in an electric smoker. And also sufficient to know how to tell when smoked brisket is done.

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How to Smoke Ribs in an Electric Smoker

The advent of electric smokers has made life easier by enabling meat enthusiasts to harvest much out of their hobby. Now question is, how to smoke ribs in an electric smoker? Smoking ribs is no hassle any more. The best electric smokers have all it takes to enrich both the process and the end results of our smoking adventure.

Inasmuch as it might seem an easy task, having basic tips on how to smoke ribs makes it perfect. Similarly, you might just have fulfilled your dream of having a new smoker the other day. It is now your time to get much out of it. We are here to give you a nice start-up.

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Spinach Chicken Recipe

Are you a vegetable lover? And also chicken? Want to taste both spinach and chicken? Ok I’m going to show you a very nutritious recipe spinach chicken. So, check complete recipe to taste spinach and chicken. And know, how to cook spinach with chicken.

Don’t worry and no need huge time to make spinach chicken recipe at your own kitchen. You can cook for yourself within 30-40 minutes.

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