Maverick ET 733 Long Range Dual Probe Meat Thermometer Review

Maverick ET 733 Long Range Dual Probe Meat Thermometer Review

Over the recent past, Maverick has gradually been gaining reputation in availing modern kitchen equipment to customers. Now the brand comes with another digital wireless probe thermometer by name Maverick ET 733 long range dual probe wireless meat thermometer. This is an amazing probe thermometer with every single features meant for nothing but the best.

Do you have to smoke meat, chicken, turkey or indeed any other meat or game meat? The beauty of Maverick is enough for you. We have every proof that this is worth-purchasing kitchen equipment. You will no longer have to enslave yourself sitting next to your cooking dish. Our research is enough proof to inform your purchase of Maverick wireless meat thermometer.


Proof of Purchase Maverick ET 733

Maverick is a reputable company and we trust it for any kitchen equipment. The brand always promises and delivers, most often, beyond consumer expectations. We recommend it to you and strongly believe that the Maverick will never betray you in actualizing its promises. Most, if not all the brands from Maverick, are of indisputable quality.

Customers have testified quality service they gain from using this great probe thermometer from Maverick on offset smoker. Their ratings and reviews all manifest enthusiastic applause for this Maverick ET 733 model. 

This proves that indeed, the probe thermometer does not let down consumers at all. Nevertheless, no consumer has termed its service sub-standard.

The design of Maverick ET 733 probe thermometer considers all your needs vital. The unit constitutes great design and awesome functionality all creatively combined to meet your needs. Just as you are worth of high quality service, this great unit is worth of your purchase.

Additionally, its conformity to the modern technological needs is another reason you should never leave Maverick ET 733 out of your budget.

Product Specification:

  • check
    300-feet range dual probes
  • check
    Product model number: ET-733 (White)
  • check
    Auto out-of-range alarm
  • check
    Wires measure 3 feet long
  • check
    Monitor up to 2 meats or grill temperatures
  • check
    Probes and wires are rated to 716°F
  • check
    Package dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches
  • check
    Item weighs 10.4 ounces

Features and Benefits of Maverick ET 733 Long Range Dual Probe Wireless Meat Thermometer

Maverick ET 733 wireless meat thermometer is a perfected model with a range of essential features all for your satisfaction for meat smoker. From its design to efficient functionality, be sure to reap exactly what you are looking for in a probe thermometer. 

Our focal aspects of interest in this probe thermometer include its display screen, general design and other elements included.

The display screen is large enough and easy to read even from a considerable distance. This makes it convenient and hassle-free kitchen equipment

It also makes it easier to manage both grilling and cooking processes at once. If you are always engaged in your daily tasks and you have to multitask, here comes a great way.

Further, the unit is designed with portability in mind such that you can easily clip it onto your belt. Similarly, its size allows the unit to fit into your pocket. Everywhere you go, in or out of your kitchen, you have no worry over your on-going BBQ.

Are you worried of grilling in high oven or BBQ temperatures that seems difficult to manage? This is a perfect solution for you. It comes with high heat oven or BBQ gloves to protect and secure you throughout the grilling process. 

Apart from serving a protective function, it also makes everything professional. So you have an excellent opportunity to grill and cook like a pro.

The two-in-one probes monitors two cooking and grilling processes at ago and both temperatures are displayed simultaneously. You can monitor two individual foods, BBQ and food or two separate BBQs at ago. 

These, and many other reasons, make this great thermometer our ultimate selection and suggestion for you.

Who is Maverick ET 733 for?

Restaurant workers often find themselves multitasking as a result of increased workload. Loving your job doesn’t necessarily mean you should be a slave of it. Acquiring this digital wireless equipment will allow you to enjoy your career as you attend to other tasks.

Because of its high level of portability, this Maverick probe thermometer is fit for mobile professional chefs. The optimized functionality including audio alarm enables busy chefs to experience ultimate convenience.

Home based consumers are equally entitled to great relief from conventional meat thermometers. You might be having an electric smoker without an integrated probe thermometer.

Even if it is designed with one, it might not be as efficient as this one. It is high time you fulfilled your dreams by purchasing this great probe thermometer.

Proof That Maverick Thermometer Works

Our journey to investigate the strength and convenience of great probe thermometers from Maverick began immediately we heard of it. As enthusiasts of cooking and grilling, we could not believe it until we had firsthand experience with the equipment. 

Indeed, our initial experience with the equipment confirmed our expectation and eliminated our doubts.

Maverick ET 733 probe thermometer worked so well that we were caught in surprise. Something we had heard of as a mere distant fantasy became a reality. Actually, the remote unit monitor indicating the temperature of both probes.

Another amazing part of this probe thermometer is that it constantly alerts you on the progress of your meat. So you are not limited to your kitchen keeping watch on your BBQ. This came to us as a great relief because our previous equipment had always conditioned us within the kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Maverick Wireless thermometer

In our analysis, we clearly identified both the strengths and weaknesses of this digital probe thermometer. It is now easier to compare with other similar units and see which way to go. Here are the cons and pros of Maverick ET 733 Probe thermometer:


  • check
    The unit is convenient since it allows monitoring probe temperature at a distance.
  • check
    Included BBQ gloves makes cooking and grilling safe.
  • check
    Constant audio alarm ensures high quality grilling.
  • check
    Available in different colors such as green, copper and grey.
  • check
    Allows you to select your preferred unit of temperature measurement i.e. Degrees or Fahrenheit.
  • check
    Comprises a wide range of pre-set temperatures i.e. 6 for meats, 9 for game meats.
  • check
    Maverick ET 733 is water resistant


  • The unit lacks water proof feature.
  • It is only limited to monitoring two probes and not more than two as compared to other models.

In a nutshell, Maverick ET 733 long range dual probe wireless meat thermometer has the potential to transform your grilling experience. It works so well that nothing is left unattended as far as grilling is concerned. We are confident with this equipment since comes from a reputable brand.

If you are looking for a way to fulfill your dreams with what your heart desires, we recommend this unit to you. Regardless of how busy your daily schedules are, all you need is to set up your grills and you’re done. The rest of monitoring activities will be performed by your probe thermometer.

It is time to join winners and grill like a pro. Simply place an order from a reputable company and watch out for the change.

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