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Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker Review

For all those who consider smoking an adventure, Char-Broil is here with excellent smoking equipment in the name of Char-Broil Vertical Smoker. Convenient size, incredible design and enhanced functionality are some of the most important features we deem helpful to you.

If you are still stuck between obtaining this electric smoker and the conventional one, the easiest way to overcome your dilemma is to have this one. We have every reason to suggest that you choose Char-Broil vertical electric smoker and live vertically towards success.

Why do you have to purchase this equipment? This is the question worth asking. The answer is right here. Read on to find out why.


Proof of Purchase: Why People are Using Char-Broil Electric Smoker?

Your money is worth positive results. Char-Broil works towards actualization of this ideal. To ensure that the cooking appliance you get is worth your money, the brand has availed a digital smoker for you.

Compared to the benefits of this smoker, what you are going to spend on this awesome smoker is a complete bargain. Therefore, the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this kitchen appliance qualify it as a product worth purchasing.

A decision to purchase this equipment is a cost-effective one. It gives you a chance to save on your income.

Product Specification:

  • Total smoking space is 505 square inches.
  • Has 3 chrome plated racks.
  • Single 1,500-watt heating element.
  • Insulated body.
  • Product specifications: 37.8 x 20 x 17.5 inches.
  • Main material is steel.
  • Model number: 14201677.
  • The product weighs approximately 49.6 pounds.
  • It is black in color.

Features and benefits of Char-Broil Smoker

  • This unique cooking appliance provides ample cooking space of over 50 square inches. This is a complete gratification of all your cooking and smoking needs at home. However big your family is, all the desire of every family member will be left ungratified wit this vertical smoker.
  • The mounted gauge that comes with your Char-Broil equipment ensures that your results are always positive at all times. It eliminates guesswork by enabling you to obtain the cooking or smoking temperature level your desire. This way, incidences of overcooking or under-cooking are sedulously avoided through-out your food preparation sessions.
  • Talk of the total construction and body design of this marvelous equipment, it is close to perfection. The degree of insulation maintains even heat as you cook and smoke. On the other hand, double-walled construction allows you to experience simple, electric smoking. The wood chip and water pan are evenly heated by a 1500 watt heating element.
  • Ultimately, Char-Broil combines thee features and many more to produce delicious smoked flavor of your favorite foods. Other features like porcelain coated water and ash pan are additional features that show how caring Char-Broil is to bring your way al the best.

Who is this Char-Broil Vertical Smoker for?

Char-Broil vertical is good for both beginners and seasoned users who have become experts. Different professionals can also benefit from its use, mainly professional chefs. However, the following categories might be of particular interest in using this Char-Broil vertical smoking appliance.


Looking at for the best smoker to use for the first time? Char-Broil vertical smoker is a form of training on its own. It comes with a user manual that is systematic enough to guide you through all the cooking steps.

Smoking enthusiasts:

Do you love smoking and are still using your conventional charcoal smoker? This cost-effective digital smoker allows for smooth transit into digital life. With its sturdy base and strong body construction, you can mount it anywhere and enjoy slow or fast smoking.

Proof that it Works

Char-Broil vertical smoker has existed on the market for a relatively long period of time. Quite a good number of users have experienced the benefits of this smoker. Apart from the positive feedback given by more than 284 users, we also have our own testimony to bear.

In our own attempts to rate it, we found out from our interview that many users actually had knowledge if this appliance. It was widely praised and applauded beyond our expectations.

Following its user manual, we were able to obtain exact results we anticipated. Our customers also testified similar results. For this reason, we ruled out that this is no counterfeit product. It is a genuine appliance. Purchasing it is not guess work. Be confident, now that you know how much it gives forth results.

Pros and Cons of Char-Broil Smoker

For the purposes of clarity, is important to outline its advantages and disadvantages so that your purchase can be informed.


  • It is a cost effective digital smoker.
  • The user manual makes it convenient for the beginners.
  • Its design makes it a long-lasting model.


  • Limited temperature control.
  • Most internal features are lightweight.


Char-Broil vertical electric smoker is an incredibly awesome product on the market for all the cooking and smoking enthusiasts. Beginners and seasoned users can benefit from this product. Its size and design seamlessly match to offer users optimum service.

The total cooking surface amounts to 505 square inches. This is a potential fulfillment of all your needs and desires. Existing evidence shows the graveness of this equipment, from the consumer reports to our own experience. 

A few customers have commented negatively on aspects such as limited temperature control and lightweight features. Nevertheless, corrective measures are underway to enhance every consumer experience.

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