Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Reviews of 2024 - Top 10 Picks

Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Reviews of 2021 – Top 10 Picks

Steaming vegetables and other foods is not only a healthier method of cooking but it actually keeps the flavors and nutrients intact in the food. When food is boiled the water sucks out a lot of the flavoring as well as the vitamins and other nutrients. The whole point of good cooking is flavor, right? Steaming food is pretty easy even if you're just starting out cooking. Investing in a bamboo steamer is something every cook should look into even if you're only cooking for one.

Bamboo steamers are one of the oldest ways to steam food. Believe it or not, they've been around for over five thousand years and they are still a highly used item for even the most novice of chefs. Not only can these bamboo steamers steam simple vegetables or dishes they can help you master cooking Asian delicacies that are traditionally steamed instead of fried or baked. Steaming protein and veggies is a healthier option than frying but still has the convenience of a one-pot meal.


Bamboo steamers are uniquely designed and have a more interesting style than basic stainless-steel steamers. If modernized kitchen appliances don't appeal to your tastes getting one of the ten best bamboo steamer baskets may be the better option for you.

What is a Bamboo Steamer?

It is a piece of kitchen equipment that has its origins in the Chinese cuisine traditions. You might be already familiar with the idea of the steamer, and the bamboo type is quite similar when it comes to the meal cooking technique.

Meaning, your food is going to get a steam treatment. It provides you with healthy food and the novelty is in the material of the cooking recipients. The bottom of the recipients, the sidewalls, as well as the top lid, are made of bamboo.

You can place the bamboo steamer over a wok or a pan, to generate the steam. The latter circulates and prepares all types of ingredients, through these bamboo strips which are interlaced.

At a Glance of Top 10 Bamboo Steamer Baskets

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Top 10 Best Bamboo Steamer Basket Reviews

Five thousand years later the bamboo steamers of today still hold the same traditional design and function but there are plenty to choose from. "Different brands offer different add-ons and some are just better than the rest. Depending on how much you're planning on using your steamer you may want to go for the best and cheapest option.

Or, if you are planning on making it a regular piece of equipment in your kitchen arsenal maybe the higher end one is going to be the best bang for your buck. No matter which one you choose out of this list you'll be sure to have a tasty dish or side dish coming out of one of the ten best bamboo steamer baskets listed below."

A really great feature of his bamboo steamer is that it has two tiers inside allowing you to steam two different foods at once! Just ready your wok with water, fill the two baskets inside with the food you want to steam, and set it on the wok. This bamboo steamer's size makes it versatile and able to fit in many pots for steaming. The top is woven to keep all the steam inside with slits cut to allow steam to reach throughout each tier. For its low price, this steamer is a great choice for the casual steaming cook.

What I like:

The woven top is great to keep the steam in and really cook the food quickly. Its size makes it easy to store when not in use and there are a variety of pots it can be placed in for cooking.

What I Didn't Like:

This steamer isn't big enough for more than two people. There is only one level to steam which makes it hard to cook different foods and sides all at once. 

This bamboo steamer comes with only one tier for steaming but is two inches bigger than the Birdrock Home bamboo steamer. You can fit more vegetables, poultry, and fish in the steamer all at once. Made of 100% bamboo this steamer is hand-wash only and great for cooks who steam sides or meat separately, but you can still stack food on top of each other and cook it all at once if you want.

What I Like:

The size makes it an advantage for increasing portion sizes to feed more than two people. The size also makes it easier to add chicken breast or fish on top of the vegetables without overcrowding. 

What I didn't Like:

Again, the single-tiered cooking space means you have to organize carefully if you want to cook veggies or rice with the meat. It takes longer for everything to be cooked properly because the food lays on top of each other. 

A two-tier bamboo steamer that allows cooks and junior cooks alike to serve family-sized meals straight out of the steamer. The multilevel basket system means you can cook two different dishes at once with enough for more than two people. One reason this is on our list of the ten best dumpling steamer baskets is that it comes with a small serving bowl for sauce and a pair of chopsticks. Anyone who wants to try out cooking delicious traditional dumplings or potstickers should look into this steamer. It's a good price, well made and easy to care for.

What I Like:

Cooking with two tiers is much easier and more reliable than stacking food. The slots in the basket ensure steam reaches both levels equally. 

What I didn't Like:

It's meant to serve multiple people and only comes with one set of chopsticks. The finishing on the wood peels easily and can catch on clothing if not taken care of properly. 

Anyone can use this steamer but if you're more than just a casual cook this steamer comes in a great variety of sizes and depth. There are two ten-inch options one with standard depth and one with extended depth. There are two sets of chopsticks, a sauce plate, and twenty wax steam liners to start out with. You'll be able to steam to your heart's content with this long-lasting bamboo steamer.

What I Like:

The slots are thick and sturdy, able to withstand a large amount of food without bending. Available in two different depth settings and a smaller version so you're able to pick the perfect size for your cooking needs. 

What I Didn't Like:

The larger size requires a big wok to steam properly meaning an additional purchase if you don't already own one. 

A modern twist on the bamboo steamer the VonShef premium offers a two-tier bamboo steamer with a stainless steel framework that locks in the steam and baskets tight. Ten inches in diameter this bamboo steamer is great for steaming a meal for two all in one go. The strong structure allows it to work in a variety of pots, so you don't have to worry about finding a perfect fit. This steamer is on the higher end of the price range and is meant for people who want a sturdy bamboo steamer to last through a lot of usages.

What I Like:

The addition of metal makes clipping the tiers easier and more secure. Large steaming space in both tiers.

What I Didn't Like:

The steaming slots are small. It takes longer to steam bigger foods like meat and fish. Pricier for a basic bamboo steamer. 

This steamer's ten-inch size makes it a great pick for steaming multiple pieces of poultry or fish in one go. It can fit in multiple pot or wok sizes and its sturdy two-tier build allows you to pivot during steaming to ensure everything is cooked evenly. The steamer is made of BPA-free wood so there's no chance of any chemical cross-contamination during cooking. Handwashing it is easy and quick.

What I like:

This steamer comes with a cookbook which is great for anyone who is just starting out with cooking. It also comes with pre-measured wax paper to start with, so you don't have to try and cut the perfect circle the first few times you use it. Great for steaming sides sparingly. 

What I didn't Like:

Only a single tier to steam with which makes it more of a process to cook larger meals. Doesn't last very long especially under consistent use. Will need to be replaced in under a year if it is used frequently. Hand washing is tricky with the bamboo style and the grating. Needs to be washed carefully and dried out completely so the wood doesn't being to rot. 

A two-tier steamer basket designed by well-known chef Joyce Chen that aims to perfectly steam every dish placed inside. The steaming center has a smaller built-up barrier to eliminate the risk of food falling out the sides if a large amount is being steamed at once. The steamer itself comes in a beautiful gift box with instructions on how to hand wash the steamer and clean it properly. A good choice if you want a solid brand, which is one of the reasons it's on our top bamboo steamer basket list.

What I Like:

Well made with traditional decorative string to hold the bamboo together. Sturdy with a thick grate to steam food on without worrying it will split or break. Easily fits in small spaces while not being used. 

What I Didn't Like:

Two tiers are limiting even with how well it's made. Not having an option for a deeper basket or second level of steaming limits the number of people that can be served just using the bamboo steamer basket. 

Coming in two sizes, eight inches or ten inches, this bamboo steamer comes with two baskets for multiple layers of steaming. It's an ideal choice for someone who has dinner parties or has family over often. Two reusable cotton inserts are included for the baskets, so you're not stuck cutting wax paper or spending more money just to use your steamer.

What I Like:

Multilevel is always better. Two baskets mean full meals in one go or larger portions to feed multiple families. The reusable cotton liner is eco-friendly and cuts out the cost of buying wax inserts. The option of two different sizes is great for people who don't have large enough woks or pans to accommodate ten inches. The smaller steamer is a good alternative for people who don't cook often and just want the option without dropping a lot of money. 

What I Didn't Like:

The lid is a bit higher than average meaning the steam has more room to float away from the food. The vents in the baskets aren't as wide as some other bamboo steamers. Not meant to last that long. Not good for cooks who want to steam a few times a week. 

A good steamer for light use. Works well with non-stick cookware for boiling water and has two baskets for steaming. The depth is large at 12 inches, a really decent size for bigger families or parties. There is another size at 4 inches that is good for a single person or just making sides for two people to go with an already made dish.

What I Like:

Having twelve-inch depth makes this one of the bigger steamers available. Even if you don't use the whole basket often having the option is much better than trying to cram food on top of each other to make a dish for many people. The cross-stitching blends in with the color of the bamboo making it more cohesive aesthetically. 

What I Don't Like:

Despite its size, it is not extremely durable. The lid needs to be soaked before use in order to prevent breakage from the steam. The bamboo can be flimsy, so you have to be careful with it. Hand washing it can be a tricky task if the baskets are already worn down from a lot of use. Doesn't come with any liners to start with. 

This two-basket steamer is on our top-rated bamboo steamer basket list because of its unique water-resistant walls that help prolong the steamer's life expectancy. It's big enough to steal uncut vegetables and buns at the same time without worry of uneven cooking. And, it comes with twenty steamer liners which are cost-effective and you have an outline if you want to end up cutting your own wax paper. There are care instructions on the box which makes it a lot easier than guessing how to wash the steamer.

What I like:

The baskets are double enforced underneath rather than twined together which makes baskets susceptible to water damage. The steamer is handmade and it shows durability. This steamer is ideal for someone who wants to steam often and use it as a regular cooking appliance in their daily lives.

What I don't Like:

The diameter is decent, but you can't cook many whole veggies in there. A lot must be pre-sliced which adds to prep work and eliminates some dishes. The large size makes it difficult to fit in some pots and a wok may need to be purchased in order to use the steamer to its full potential.

Picking one of the top ten best bamboo steamer baskets doesn't have to just be for you. They make great birthday and wedding gifts too! Anyone who likes to cook will enjoy using one of these bamboo steamers. Bamboo steamers are a great way to explore your cooking skills without breaking the bank. Not only can you make your comfort foods in a single pot you'll be able to prepare traditional Asian meals the way they were meant to be cooked.

Reason for Using Bamboo Steamer Basket

Beyond any doubt, the advantage of the bamboo steamer is first of all the quality of the food you cook and then eat. The steam will preserve most of the nutritive elements within the foods. There is also a fast means of cooking. When compared with stainless steel or glass, or plastic steamers, the bamboo is more natural in the minimal chemical exchange that happens between the material and the food under the steamy heat.

Then there is also the visual effect of your food inside a bamboo recipient that might enhance your appetite.

Another reason for choosing this type of steamer is its versatility and the ease of handling it, due to the light material. The bamboo steamer lets you cook not only the traditional Chinese specialties but almost any type of food that you could dream of. We talk about meats, fish, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and also bread, cakes, dumplings, etc.

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Steamers?

Are all bamboo steamers the same? Does it matter which one you purchase? Or you might even ask if there is more than just one option out there, on the market.

Rest assured, this market is quite diverse, and there are several elements to take into account if you want to make the best acquisition for your needs.

The quality of the bamboo material used is very important. For the best results, you should always lean towards the finest ones, which will provide the best interaction with the foods. The material quality also determines a longer lifespan.

We advise you to buy a Bisphenol A (BPA) free bamboo. A substance used in some bamboo preserving techniques, which is similar to estrogen, and might influence the quality of your substance-intake.

You should also choose a product that uses only bamboo material to bring together the bamboo strips. The other products that glue these strips with other metallic or plastic materials, will not provide the full traditional taste.

You will find some brands that have metallic edges on the bamboo. On one side this grants protection to the material. On the other side, it will heat a lot, compared to the bamboo parts, and you might get burned.

Although you will find models that vary from 1 to several rows, the most balanced ones, are considered the two-tier ones. This is because you can cook several dishes, at once. At the same time, if there are more than two or three, you might risk that the upper row doesn't heat that much. You risk either remain with raw food in the upper recipient or overcooking the bottom dishes.

Is a Bamboo Steamer Better than a Metal One? 

The bamboo steamer leans somehow towards the more traditional side of cuisine. On the contrary, a metal steamer benefits from the most modern cooking technologies. This mainly translates into two benefits versus downsides.

The first benefit of a bamboo steamer, instead of the metal one, is the food that remains full of its essential nutrients. Thus, the bamboo version can provide healthier and complete meals. The bonus is that your food will also preserve more of its original, raw taste.

The bamboo wood will take in some of the moisture during cooking, thus the water drops will not condense as much and return inside the recipients. This might result in somewhat of a dryer food.

The downside, in comparison to a metal steamer, is the fact that the bamboo material impregnates with aromas and tiny pieces of food, during cooking. This means that cleaning it can prove a real nuisance sometimes. You can't simply wash it and get over it.

best bamboo food steamer

You need to dry clean it first, then wash it and then let it outside to air it, for some time. Depending on what you cooked there. If, for example, you cooked a fish dish, you have to leave it over the night to take the smell out. Otherwise, your next dish will strongly take in the fish smell.

There is another downside of the bamboo steamer. It is far more fragile than the metal one. Thus its lifespan will be shorter. Especially if you cook frequently in the bamboo boxes.

You might also find a difference in the heating level. The metal steamer gets to a higher temperature than the bamboo one since its recipients are almost completely sealed. This also determines a faster cooking time. However, it might lead to overcooking your meal and even impregnate a certain, subtle metallic taste.

Apart from these small differences, pretty much a bamboo steamer has similar results to the metallic one.

However, we could also add the fact that the bamboo material is more sustainable, eco-friendly to deal with. Plus, the bamboo version is less expensive than the metallic item.

Are Bamboo Steamers Safe?

If the bamboo material is of quality and doesn't have any other glue or metallic insertions, you will benefit from one of the safest and healthiest ways of cooking. The only inconvenience might be the fact that your current dish could take some of the smell and taste of the previous one. If you haven't cleaned and aired it very well in between.

The bamboo steamer is a great addition to your kitchen. It is cheap and can provide fast and nutritive meals, as often as you like. As long as you pay a little attention when selecting the brand, you will safely enjoy tasty meals.

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