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What should I look for when choosing a thermometer?

Today the best thermometer for is usually a wireless one. They allow you to set the desired temperature, meat setting, and are usually going to allow you to step away from the grill when grilling for several hours at a time. About best probe thermometer, read here.

Does brand name matter?

Yes, but only if accuracy matters to you. It is worth investing an additional $10 on a well-known manufacturer, and getting optimal accuracy when grilling with the thermometer.

Are thermometers necessary?

Although most smokers have one built in, they are more a "gauge" and not 100% accurate. The best thermometer for smokers is 100% accurate, and ensures the perfect internal temperature for any meat.

What features should I look for?

The best thermometers provide: several meat settings, dual-probe options, wireless range, alarms, and the ability to set a count up or down timer.

Wireless or wired?

Again this is up to each individual. With a wired thermometer you don't have the freedom of mobility. A wireless thermometer is usually going to give you a mobility range of about 300 feet, so you can move around, rather than standing at the grill for several hours on end.