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What makes the best combo smoker?

The best grill smoker combo is easy to use, fully functional, and will ensure even grilling throughout. Wood grilling alongside electric grilling for the best taste profile imaginable when using your combo smoker.

Should I purchase a brand name smoker?

Yes. Again you are investing in a higher priced smoker. So you want to buy the best combo smoker that is available. In order to ensure this is the case, you are going to spend a little more money on a brand name smoker. 
Although you will pay more, you are going to find the smoker is more reliable, offers more features, and it is not going to break down on you after a short period of using it for grilling purposes.

The more the better?

When it comes to choosing the best combo smoker, you can find grills featuring a 7-in-1 design. For deep fried foods, grilling, smoking, or even making pizza on your smoker. Should you go with more or less features? The answer is it depends on you, and the intended uses you have in mind for your smoker. 
If you like to experiment, then a 7-in-1 smoker may be the way to go. For those who like simplicity, rich flavor profiles, and ease of use, you might want to scale back on the design you choose when purchasing your combo smoker for outdoor use.

Fuel sources you should look for when investing in a combo smoker?

This is a personal preference for each individual. You can go with a propane fuel source for limited mess and quick grill times. If you prefer a richer, smokey taste, you might want to go with the charcoal variety. But bear in mind this is going to create more of a mess when grilling. 

It really depends on what you will use the smoker for, the flavor profiles you wish to attain, and how much clean-up work you want to do when using the smoker in an outdoor setting.

What features should you look for with a combo smoker?

The best combo smoker is going to have the features you want. A huge grilling surface, high wattage or power setting, various fuel/cook options (gas, charcoal, propane, etc.). You might want one with a deep turkey fryer built in. 
It is truly what you are looking for, the design features you want to see in place, and of course the budget you have available when investing in the combo smoker you are going to purchase. The more you expect, the higher the price you can expect to pay for the smoker you choose to invest in as well.